Learning and Expanding with Activity Theory

Learning and Expanding with Activity Theory

by Annalisa Sannino

This book provides researchers with an accessible text that also supports the use of the classic tradition of activity theory.See more details below


This book provides researchers with an accessible text that also supports the use of the classic tradition of activity theory.

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1. Activity theory between historical engagement and future-making practice Annalisa Sannino, Harry Daniels and Kris Gutierrez; Part I. Units of Analysis: 2. Cultural-historical activity theory and organization studies Frank Blackler; 3. Uses of activity theory in written communication and research David R. Russell; 4. On the inclusion of emotions, identity, and ethico-moral dimensions of actions Wolff-Michael Roth; Part II. Mediation and Discourse: 5. Mediation as a means of changing collective activity Vladislav A. Lektorsky; 6. Digital technology and mediation: a challenge to activity theory Georg Rückriem; 7. Contextualizing social dilemmas in institutional practices: negotiating objects of activity in labour market organizations Åsa Mäkitalo and Roger Säljö; Part III. Expansive Learning and Development: 8. The concept of development in cultural-historical activity theory: vertical and horizontal Michael Cole and Natalia Gajdamashko; 9. Two theories of organizational knowledge and creation Jaakko Virkkunen; 10. Contradictions of high technology capitalism and the emergence of new forms of work Reijo Miettinen; 11. Spinozic re-considerations on the concept of activity: politico-affective process and discursive practice in the transitive learning Shuta Kagawa and Yuji Moro; Part IV. Subjectivity, Agency, and Community: 12. From the systemic to the relational: relational agency and activity theory Anne Edwards; 13. Expansive agency in multi-activity collaboration Katsuhiro Yamazumi; 14. The communicative construction of community: authority and organizing James R. Taylor; 15. Research leadership: productive research communities and the integration of research fellows Sten Ludvigsen and Turi Øwre Digernes; Part V. Interventions: 16. Who is acting in an activity system Ritva Engeström; 17. Past experiences and recent challenges in participatory design research Susanne Bødker; 18. Clinic of activity: the dialogue as instrument Yves Clot; 19. Epilogue: the future of activity theory Yrjö Engeström.

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