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Learning Computer Applications: Projects and Exercises / Edition 3

Learning Computer Applications: Projects and Exercises / Edition 3

by Lisa Bucki

ISBN-10: 0131856006

ISBN-13: 9780131856004

Pub. Date: 12/02/2004

Publisher: Prentice Hall

This textbook helps students develop their word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, integration, and Internet skills. The CD-ROM contains data files, a keyboarding course, and typing tests. Wire spiral binding. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


This textbook helps students develop their word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, integration, and Internet skills. The CD-ROM contains data files, a keyboarding course, and typing tests. Wire spiral binding. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Product Details

Prentice Hall
Publication date:
DDC Learning Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
8.20(w) x 11.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

I.Introduction to Computers and Applications
Computer Basics1
Types of Applications4
Understanding Features of Windows and Windows Applications6
Understanding Features of Macintosh and Macintosh Applications12
II.Word Processing
Lesson 1Getting Started with Word Processing20
Create new documents
Save new documents
Close an open document
Move the insertion point in the document
Check spelling in a document
Lesson 2Basic Editing31
Open an existing document
Insert and delete text
Work with proofreader's marks
Print an open document
Preview an open document
Mark edits in a document
Accept or reject edits
Lesson 3Formatting Basics44
Align text in a document
Center text in a document
Apply text attributes
Work with fonts and font sizes
Use superscript, subscript, and symbols
Insert bullets
Correct errors with the Undo feature
Lesson 4Advanced Formatting63
Set margins and indent text
Adjust line spacing
Set tabs
Copy format in a document
Copy and move text in a document
Lesson 5Improving Organization, Appearance, and Word Choice79
Create and edit an outline
Work with styles
Use the thesaurus
Find and replace text in a document
Lesson 6Working with Multiple-Page Documents95
Create page and section breaks in a document
Work with multiple-page letters and reports
Enhance a document with headers, footers, and page numbers
Add headers and footers to multiple-page documents
Use endnotes
Add comments to a document
Practice moving and copying text in multiple-page documents
Lesson 7Creating Columns and Tables127
Work with newspaper-style columns
Set custom widths in columns
Table basics
Format and edit a table
Sort information in a table
Lesson 8Creating Documents with Merge152
Merge Basics
Work with main and data documents
Create envelopes and labels
Lesson 9Advanced Word Processing171
Copy and move text between documents
Work with automatic text entries
Create and run macros
Insert a file into a document
III.Desktop Publishing
Lesson 10Enhancing Documents with Graphics, Rules, and Boxed Text187
Get started with clip art
Enhance a document with lines, borders, and shading
Work with text and graphics
Create a graphic with a caption
Lesson 11Mastering the Drawing Tools208
Work with shapes
Create different effects with layered shapes
Enhance drawing lines with width and color
Compose grouped objects
Lesson 12Advanced Tools and Effects225
Work with text design, reverse text, and letter spacing
Create drop capitals in newsletters
Enhance a document with watermarks
Format text with pull quotes
Lesson 13Getting Started with Spreadsheet Basics250
Create a spreadsheet
Move within a spreadsheet
Enter information in a spreadsheet
Print a spreadsheet
Save and close a spreadsheet file
Lesson 14Entering Formulas and Formatting a Spreadsheet264
Work with formulas and quick sums
Format a spreadsheet
Apply number and date formats
Lesson 15Spreadsheet Enhancements275
Adjust column width in a spreadsheet
Add borders and shading to a spreadsheet
Work with copy and move features
Use the fill feature
Enhance a spreadsheet with automatic formats
Lesson 16Printing Options and Working with Functions289
Function basics
Set up print options
Work with headers and footers
Preview a spreadsheet
Lesson 17Getting Started with Database Basics312
Plan a database
Create a database
Enter information into a database
Save a database
Work with forms
Lesson 18Basic Database Editing and Printing329
Work with forms and tables
Adjust column and field width
Preview and print a database
Lesson 19Formatting a Database343
Work with fonts and font attributes
Adjust margins in a data table
Practice inserting and deleting records
Apply filters
VI.Presentation Graphics
Lesson 20Getting Started with Presentation Graphics364
Create a presentation
Work with views
Add speaker notes to a presentation
Print a presentation
Save and close a presentation
Lesson 21Editing and Formatting a Presentation375
Add slides to a presentation
Enhance a presentation with clip art and design templates
Format slide text with decorative fonts and text alignments
Work with charts and tables on slides
Design a slide master
Lesson 22Setting Up a Slide Show395
Work with transitions, builds, and animation
Run a slide show
VII.Integration and Internet Features
Lesson 23Application Integration404
Integrate a word processing outline and a presentation
Add a spreadsheet to a word processing document
Add a spreadsheet to a presentation
Use a database to create a merge document
Import information from a spreadsheet to a database
Lesson 24Using Internet Features423
Find help and information on the Web
E-mail from an application
E-mail a file
Save a word processing document as a Web page
Save a spreadsheet as a Web page
Save a presentation as a Web page
View database information in Web format
Insert and use hyperlinks
Appendix ASpreadsheet Grid444
Appendix BDatabase Planning Worksheet446
XI.Bonus Lessons on CD
Lesson 25Supplementary Word Processing Exercises
Use templates to create documents
Create a resume
Format a bibliography and news release
Lesson 26Creating Charts in a Spreadsheet
Chart basics
Present data using bar charts and pie charts
Add labels to a chart
Create stacked bar charts
Lesson 27Finding Records and Querying a Database
Find matching records one at a time
Create a query
Use operators to create a more powerful query
Lesson 28Sorting a Database and Creating Reports
Master the sort feature
Present information in a report
Enhance and print a report
Work with grouped data

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