Learning Group Leadership: An Experiential Approach / Edition 2

Learning Group Leadership: An Experiential Approach / Edition 2

by Jeffrey A. Kottler, Matt Englar-Carlson

This book is a practical and reality-focused textbook on how to conduct and lead groups in a variety of settings.See more details below


This book is a practical and reality-focused textbook on how to conduct and lead groups in a variety of settings.

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Second Edition
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Table of Contents

What This Book Will Do and What It Will Not Do
Taking an Experiential Journey
Some Legitimate Concerns
A Structure That Goes Beyond Basics
Meet Your Authors
What You Can Expect
Some Final Advice
1. The World of Groups
The Challenge of Leading Groups
The Joys of Leading Groups
The World of Groups
Kinds of Groups
Universal Therapeutic Factors in Groups
Do Groups Work?
Review of What You Learned
2. Your Behavior in Groups
A Lifetime of Group Skills: The Good News
More Good News: Group Leadership Training and Personal Growth
Now the Bad News
Practicing What You Preach
The Personal Qualities of Group Leaders
Guidelines for Group Membership and Participation
Review of What You Learned
3. Understanding Group Dynamics and Systems
Linear and Circular Causality
Systems Theory
Family of Origin and Interpersonal Issues
Interaction Patterns
What to Look For
Member Roles
For Review: High- and Low-Functioning Groups
Review of What You Learned
4. Stages of Group Development
What You Should Know About Developmental Theory and Groups
So Many Group Stages
Stages of Group Evolution
Group Stages in Action
What to Look for Over Time
Review of What You Learned
5. Multicultural Dimensions of Group Work
Helping Those Who Need It the Most
What Is a Multiculturally Competent Group Leader?
Building Strong Multicultural Alliances
Until You Have Walked in My Shoes: Exploring Discrimination in Group Settings
Start With Yourself
Common Themes to Consider in Multicultural Group Work
Review of What You Learned
6. Theories of Group Intervention
Theories and Group Leadership
Why Bother With Theories?
The Psychoanalytic Approach
The Person-Centered Approach
The Existential Approach
The Gestalt Approach
The Cognitive Behavioral Approach
The Reality Therapy Approach
Relational-Cultural Theory
The Narrative Approach
Brief Group Structures
Other Theories We Did Not Get Around To
An Integrative Model
Review of What You Learned
7. Assessment and Group Diagnostics
Knowing Where to Hit the Pipe
What Is Assessment and Diagnosis in Groups?
An Example of Diagnosis in Action
Models of Assessment and Diagnosis
Alternative Diagnostic Models
Review of What You Learned
8. Specialized Leadership Skills
Helping Skills in Groups
Soliciting Honest Feedback
Skills Adapted for Groups
Group Skills
Review of What You Learned
9. When to Intervene in Groups
It Is Not Always What You Do, but When and How You Do It
Differences of Opinion
When You Must Do Something
The Power of Language and What to Say: Group Leaders as Language Coaches
Words to Avoid in Therapeutic Groups
Review of What You Learned
10. Group Techniques and Structures
Ways to Prepare a Group
Ways to Begin a Group
Ways to Build Cohesion and Intimacy
Ways to Promote Risk Taking
Ways to Solve Problems
Ways to Facilitate Task Completion
Ways to Rehearse New Behaviors
Ways to Work Briefly
Ways to End a Group
Review of What You Learned
11. Coleadership and Supervision
Power of the Coleadership Model
Some Dangers and Limitations
Basics to Keep in Mind
How to Debrief a Coleader and Get the Most From These Sessions
Review of What You Learned
12. Critical Incidents and Difficult Group Members: Challenges and Obstacles
Common Critical Incidents
Interpersonal Conflict
Strategies for Handling Critical Incidents
Review of What You Learned
13. Ethical Issues Unique to Group Work
Special Challenges
Major Ethical Issues in Group Leadership
Slightly Unethical Behaviors That Create Deception and Moral Conundrums
Little White Lies
Making Sound Ethical Decisions
Becoming an Ethical Group Leader
Review of What You Learned
14. Advanced Group Leadership: Creative Interventions and Difficult Members
The Role of Techniques for More Experienced Leaders
Personal and Physical Considerations
Using Metaphors in Group Settings
Difficult Group Members
Why People Create Difficulties and What Can Be Done
Review of What You Learned
15. Adjunct Structures to Group Work
Therapeutic Writing
Questionnaires and Logs
Using Videos and Films
Bibliotherapy and Printed Handouts
Field Trips
Review of What You Learned
16. Group Leadership Applied to Social Justice and Social Action
Empowered to Make a Difference
Social Justice in Group Leadership
A Point and Counterpoint
The Role of Altruism
Expand Your Vision: Social Justice on the Global Stae
Shoot for Bigger Goals
The End of Our Journey: Where to Go Next?
Review of What You Learned

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