Learning Media Design w/Adobe CS3 Student Edition / Edition 1

Learning Media Design w/Adobe CS3 Student Edition / Edition 1

by Catherine Skintik

ISBN-10: 0135044979

ISBN-13: 9780135044971

Pub. Date: 03/15/2008

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Hands-on exercises and applications provide students with a practical method to learning software skills as well as design concepts for print publications. The text is spiral bound for extra ease-of-use. KEY TOPICS: Exercises introduce basic design skills then build to integrate Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign together. Full color illustrations visually


Hands-on exercises and applications provide students with a practical method to learning software skills as well as design concepts for print publications. The text is spiral bound for extra ease-of-use. KEY TOPICS: Exercises introduce basic design skills then build to integrate Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign together. Full color illustrations visually support the concepts taught. MARKET: For anyone looking to learn the software and design concepts required for print publications.

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Table of Contents


Adobe CS3 Basics

Exercise 1

The Creative Suite Applications

Start and Exit Adobe CS3 Applications

The Adobe Design Interface

Use Menus

Work with Panels

Save and Close a Document

Exercise 2

Adjust Panel Display

Save and Load a Workspace

Change Magnifi cation

Toggle Views

Open a Document

Exercise 3

Understand File Formats

View Preferences

Restore Default Settings

Use Adobe Bridge

PART ONE: Working with

Adobe Illustrator CS3

Work with Basic

Graphic Tools

Exercise 4

About Adobe Illustrator

Create a New Drawing

Illustrator Tools

Basic Drawing Techniques

Display Rulers and Guides

Exercise 5

Select Objects

Move and Delete Objects

More Drawing Techniques

About Paths and Anchor Points

Exercise 6

Pencil Tool Basics

Paintbrush Tool Basics

Understand Fill and Stroke

Apply Fill and Stroke Color

Change Stroke Weight

Adjust a Color Using the Color Panel

Exercise 7

Adjust Shapes While Drawing

Copy Objects

Select Multiple Objects

Align and Distribute Objects

Group Objects

Position Objects

Change Stacking Order

Exercise 8

Resize Objects

Use Cutting Tools

Reshape Objects

Rotate Objects

Insert Text

Exercise 9: Summary Exercise

Exercise 10: Application Exercise

Exercise 11: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 12: Critical Thinking

Work with Paths and Layers

Exercise 13

Modify Stroke Attributes

Copy Attributes with Eyedropper Tool

Select Objects from a Group

Direct Selection Tool Techniques

Use the Scale Tool

Work in Isolation Mode

Exercise 14

About the Pen Tool

Draw Straight Lines with the Pen Tool

Draw Curved Lines with the Pen Tool

Modify Curves and Anchors

Refl ect Objects

Join Paths

Exercise 15

More about the Paintbrush Tool

Use Brush Libraries

Apply Brush Formats to Paths

Modify Brush Formats

Exercise 16

Place a File

About Tracing

Use Live Trace

Offset a Drop Shadow

Exercise 17

About Layers

The Layers Panel

Create a New Layer

Name a Layer

Select Layer Objects

Move Objects to a Layer

Move Layers to Change Stacking Order

Exercise 18

Create a Sublayer

Make Global Changes to Layer Objects

View and Hide Layers

Lock a Layer

Merge and Flatten Layers

Other Layers Menu Options

Exercise 19: Summary Exercise

Exercise 20: Application Exercise

Exercise 21: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 22: Critical Thinking

Work with Colors, Effects,

and Styles

Exercise 23

Color Models and the Color Panel

Process and Spot Colors

Add a Custom Color to the Swatches Panel

Work with the Swatches Panel

Exercise 24

Use Eyedropper to Apply Color

Modify Colors

Adjust Color Opacity

Apply a Blending Mode

Create an Opacity Mask

Use Swatch Libraries

Exercise 25

Use Live Paint to Add Color

Work with the Color Guide Panel

Work with Live Color

Exercise 26

About Gradients

Apply a Default Gradient

Adjust Gradient Angle

Create a Custom Gradient

Outline Stroke or Text

Exercise 27

Filters vs. Effects

Filters and Effects for Use in Any Drawing

Apply Effects from the Effect Gallery and Menu

Exercise 28

About Graphic Styles

Apply a Default or Library Graphic Style

Create a New Graphic Style

Modify a Graphic Style

Exercise 29

The Appearance Panel

Modify Appearance Attributes

Reorder Appearance Attributes

Add Stroke or Fill

Copy an Appearance

Apply an Appearance to a Layer

Exercise 30: Summary Exercise

Exercise 31: Application Exercise

Exercise 32: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 33: Critical Thinking

PART TWO: Working with

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Work with Drawing and

Selecting Tools

Exercise 34

About Photoshop

Create a New Image

Photoshop Tools

Choose a Foreground or Background Color

Select a Drawing Mode

Commit a Change

Exercise 35

Use the Brush

Use the Airbrush Option

Draw Lines and Shapes

Undo Changes in Photoshop

Insert Text

Exercise 36

The Photoshop Layers Palette

Move a Layer’s Content

Fill a Layer with Color, Pattern, or Gradient

Use the Eraser Tools

Exercise 37

About Selecting

Make Rectangular or Elliptical Selections

Select with the Lasso Tools

Move a Selection Marquee

Invert a Selection

Deselect a Selection

Exercise 38

Delete a Selection

Move or Copy a Selection

Transform a Selection

Feather a Selection

Fill or Stroke a Selection

Save a Selection

Load a Selection

Exercise 39

Select with the Magic Wand

Add to or Subtract from a Selection

Use the Quick Selection Tool

Fine-Tune Selection Edges

Exercise 40: Summary Exercise

Exercise 41: Application Exercise

Exercise 42: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 43: Critical Thinking

Correct and Modify Images

Exercise 44

Make Image Adjustments

Make an Automatic Correction

Correct Color Balance

Correct Brightness and Contrast

Correct Levels

Correct Hue and Saturation

Exercise 45

Fix Red Eye

Use the Healing Brush Tool

Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool

Use the Patch Tool

Use the Clone Stamp Tool

Use the History Palette

Exercise 46

Apply a Photo Filter

Correct Exposure

Correct Shadows and Highlights

Exercise 47

Dodge an Area

Burn an Area

Sponge an Area

Blur an Area

Sharpen an Area

Smudge an Area

Exercise 48

Crop an Image

Rotate the Canvas

Change the Canvas Size

Change Image Dimensions

Change Image Resolution

Exercise 49: Summary Exercise

Exercise 50: Application Exercise

Exercise 51: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 52: Critical Thinking

Explore Advanced Image


Exercise 53

Understand Paths

Work with the Paths Palette

Stroke or Fill a Path

Load a Path as a Selection

Exercise 54

Add an Adjustment Layer

Add a Fill Layer

Change Layer Blending

Apply Layer Styles

Flatten Layers

Exercise 55

Understand Filters

Apply a Filter to an Image or Layer

Apply a Filter to a Vector Object

Apply Smart Filters

Exercise 56

About Masks and Channels

Create a Quick Mask

Use Type Masks

Work with Masks in Channels Palette

Exercise 57

Create a Layer Mask

Create a Clipping Mask

Create a Vector Mask

Delete a Mask

Exercise 58

About Color Management

Change Color Profi les

Convert RGB Files for Print

Proof Colors

Exercise 59: Summary Exercise

Exercise 60: Application Exercise

Exercise 61: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 62: Critical Thinking

PART THREE: Working with

Adobe InDesign CS3

Work with Basic

Layout Tools

Exercise 63

About InDesign

Start a New Document

InDesign Tools

About Document and Ruler Guides

Insert a Text Frame

Insert a Graphic Frame

Draw a Shape

Exercise 64

Type Text in a Frame

Place Text in a Frame

Place a Graphic in a Frame

Adjust a Graphic in a Frame

Delete a Frame or Shape

Exercise 65

Apply a Fill Color to a Frame or Object

Apply Stroke Formats

Apply a Fill Color to Text

Wrap Text Around a Frame

Exercise 66

Use the Pages Panel

Add and Delete Pages

Copy a Frame

Thread Text from Frame to Frame

Change Master Page Elements

Insert Page Numbers

Exercise 67

The InDesign Layers Panel

Move Frames Between Layers

Reorder Layers to Change Stacking Order

View in Preview Mode

Exercise 68: Summary Exercise

Exercise 69: Application Exercise

Exercise 70: Curriculum Integration

Exercise 71: Critical Thinking

Work with Objects, Colors,

and Masters

Exercise 72

Reshape and Transform Objects

Use the Direct Selection Tool

Use Transform Commands

Align and Distribute Objects

Arrange Objects

Group Objects

Exercise 73

Work with Color in InDesign

Review Process and Spot Colors

Color Management in InDesign

Work with the InDesign Swatches Panel

Create a Color Swatch

Edit a Color Swatch

Change the Swatches Panel Display

Create a Tint Swatch

Create Swatches for All Used Colors

Delete Swatches

Select Unused Swatches

Create a Gradient in InDesign

Exercise 74

Apply Transparency Effects to Objects

Apply Stroke and Corner Formats

Create and Apply an Object Style

Find and Change Objects

Exercise 75

More about Master Pages

Change the Master Name

Create New Master Pages

Apply a Master to a Page

Override Master Page Elements

Exercise 86

Work with Multiple Columns in a Frame

Control Paragraph Breaks

Control Hyphenation

Exercise 87

Create Character Styles

Create Paragraph Styles

Nest Styles

Clear Manual Overrides

Exercise 88: Summary Exercise

Exercise 89: Application Exercise

Exercise 90: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 91: Critical Thinking

Work with Tables

and Graphics

Exercise 92

Create a Table

Select Parts of a Table

Modify Table Structure

Insert and Delete Rows and Columns

Adjust Cell Heights and Widths

Merge and Split Cells

Exercise 93

Table Text Alignment Options

Apply Table Strokes and Fills

Create Table and Cell Styles

Exercise 94

Place Multiple Graphic Files

Graphic Fitting Options

Adjust View Quality

Manage Graphic Links

Exercise 76: Summary Exercise

Exercise 77: Application Exercise

Exercise 78: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 79: Critical Thinking

Work with Type and Styles

Exercise 80

Text Import Options

Text Flow Options

Use the Story Editor

Find and Change Text

Check Spelling

Exercise 81

Understand Font Types and Families

Select Fonts, Font Sizes, and Font Styles

Locate or Change Missing Fonts

Exercise 82

Adjust Text Scale

Adjust Tracking

Adjust Kerning

Adjust Leading

Exercise 83

Additional Character Formats

Use Baseline Shift

Insert Special Characters

Use the Glyphs Panel

Use OpenType Features

Exercise 84

Work with Paragraph Tools

Change Paragraph Alignment

Apply Paragraph Indents

Add Space Before and After Paragraphs

Change Vertical Alignment

Exercise 85

Create a Drop Cap

Apply Paragraph Rules

Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Control Text with Tab Stops

Exercise 102

Create a Book

Synchronize Styles Between Documents

Number Pages Across Documents

Exercise 103

Create a Table of Contents

Update a TOC

Create Hidden TOC Text Markers

Exercise 104

Control the Appearance of Black

About Overprinting and Trapping

Prefl ight a Document

Preview Color Separations

Exercise 105

Print a Document or Book

Print Color Separations

Package a Document for Distribution

Export to PDF Format

Export to an EPS File

Exercise 106: Summary Exercise

Exercise 107: Application Exercise

Exercise 108: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 109: Critical Thinking

Exercise 95

Import a Graphic with Layers

Create Clipping Paths

Clip an Image Using a Photoshop Path or Channel

Use Detect Edges to Create a Clipping Path

Use the Pen Tool to Create a Clipping Path

Adjust Text Wrap Options

Manually Modify Text Wrap Points

Exercise 96

Type Text on a Path

Fill a Shape with Text

Convert Text to Outlines

Fill Outline Text with a Graphic

Exercise 97: Summary Exercise

Exercise 98: Application Exercise

Exercise 99: Curriculum Intergration

Exercise 100: Critical Thinking

Assemble and Print


Exercise 101

Rearrange Pages in a Document

Start a Document on a Verso Page

Create Sections to Change Page Numbering

Insert Jump Lines

Use Text Variables

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