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Learning to Create a Web Page with Office 2000 / Edition 1

Learning to Create a Web Page with Office 2000 / Edition 1

by Chris Katsaropoulos, Catherine Skintik

ISBN-10: 1562437461

ISBN-13: 9781562437466

Pub. Date: 07/01/1999

Publisher: DDC Publishing

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DDC Publishing
Publication date:
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
8.34(w) x 10.02(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

Log of Exercisesviii
Lesson 1Create a Web page with Word 20002
The Internet
The World Wide Web
Word 2000 Web Page Authoring Features
Exercise 16
Choose the Right Office Tool for the Job
Web Site Basics
Word 2000 Web Page Templates
Create a Basic Home Page
Exercise 212
Enter New Text in a Web Page
Work with Tables
View Table Borders
Insert Table Rows or Columns
Exercise 318
Apply a Theme
Change Character Formats
Adjust Paragraph Formats
Use Word Styles
Use Web Layout View
Use Web Page Preview
Exercise 426
Save a Document as a Web Page
Insert Picture Bullets
Create a Numbered List
Work with Horizontal Lines
Exercise 534
Create and Insert Hyperlinks
Edit Hyperlinks
Exercise 640
Copy Hyperlinks
Paste as Hyperlink
Exercise 744
Use Word's Web Page Template to Create a New Web Page
Create a New Table
Merge and Split Cells
Exercise 850
Format a Table
Add a Background
Exercise 956
Create a Frames Page
Insert Documents in Frames
Add a Background to a Frame
Change Frame Properties
Insert a Hyperlink on a Frames Page
Exercise 1064
Use Web Tools to Create a Form
Work in Design Mode
Insert Controls in Forms
Modify Controls and Control Properties
Exercise 1172
Insert Graphics Files
Use the Clip Gallery
Supply Alternate Text
Exercise 1278
Insert Scrolling Text
Add Animated Graphics
Exercise 1382
Insert Movies
Add Background Sound
Exercise 1486
Use the Web Page Wizard to Create a Web Site
Select Navigation Options
Add and Remove Pages
Organize Pages
Format Frames on the Web Site
Lesson 2Create a Web Page with PowerPoint 200096
PowerPoint 2000 Web Page Authoring Features
Exercise 198
Create a New Presentation
Insert Slide Text
Add New Slides
Change Views
Apply a Design Template
Save a Presentation as a Web Page
Exercise 2106
Insert Graphics
Add Movies and Sounds
Insert Hyperlinks
Exercise 3112
Add Animation Effects
Add Transition Effects
Create Action Buttons
Customize Action Settings
Exercise 4122
View a Presentation in a Browser
View and Hide the Outline
Use Navigation Controls
Publish a Presentation to the Web
Edit a Web Presentation from the Browser
Lesson 3Create a Web Page with Excel 2000130
Excel 2000 Web Page Authoring Features
Exercise 1132
Build an Excel Worksheet
Format a Worksheet
Create a Chart
Save a Worksheet as a Web Page
Exercise 2140
Publish a Worksheet with Spreadsheet Functionality
Publish a Chart with Chart Functionality
Insert Hyperlinks
Edit a Worksheet from the Browser
Exercise 3150
Insert a Formula on an Interactive Worksheet
Format Data in an Interactive Worksheet
Export Data from a Web Page
Insert Worksheet Data on an Existing Web Page
Lesson 4Create a Web Page with Access 2000158
Access 2000 Web Page Authoring Features
Exercise 1160
Understand Databases
Create Databases and Database Objects
Export an Access Table as an HTML Document
Export an Access Report as an HTML Document
Insert Hyperlinks
Exercise 2172
Understand Data Access Pages
Create a Simple Data Access Page Using AutoPage
Use Tools on the Record Navigation Bar
Add Records to a Database Using the Data Access Page
Exercise 3178
Create a Grouped Data Access Page Using a Wizard
Work with Grouped Items
Work in Design View
Insert a Page Title
Exercise 4184
Modify Page Control Properties in Design View
Add a New Control to a Page
Insert a Hyperlink on a Page
Insert Objects on a Page
Add a Background to a Page
Exercise 5192
Open Existing Web Pages in Access
Edit Existing Web Pages in Design View
Add Fields to a Data Access Page
Challenge Exercise199
Build a Complete Web Site
Appendix A202
Post Web Sites to a Server
Save All Your Web Site Files in One Folder
Use Relative Hyperlinks
Contact Your Internet Service Provider
Use Personal Web Server
Appendix B205
Appendix C209
Modifying Office 2000 Web Pages in FrontPage
Visual Reference219
Open a Document221
New Document223
Move Around in the Document225
Move Insertion Point227
Select Text230
Copy Information232
Cut/Move Information233
Align Text236
Create a Table240
Opening Dialog Box243
PowerPoint Screen in Normal View244
Design Templates246
Slide Sorter View248
Slide Layout252
Draw Objects254
Group Objects256
Save as Web Page257
Web Page Preview261
Preset Animation263
Slide Show Viewing265
About the Excel Window268
About Cells270
Select Cells, Columns, and Rows272
Adjust and Hide Columns274
Align Data in Cells276
Clear Cell Contents278
Copy Cell Contents280
Delete Cells, Columns, or Rows282
Edit Cell Data284
Enter Cell Data286
Format Numbers288
About Formulas290
Create Formulas (Simple)292
Create Functions294
Edit Formulas296
Print Workbook Data298
Create a Chart300
Display Objects in the Database Window304
Create a Database Using a Wizard306
Open a Database310
Create a Table Using a Wizard312
Add a Field to a Table314
Create a Simple Select Query316
Enter Data in a Datasheet, Form, or Page318
Navigate in a Datasheet, Form, or Page320
Filter Records in a Datasheet or Form321
Sort the Data in a Datasheet or Form323
Create a Form Using a Wizard325
Create a Report Using a Wizard327
Create a Data Access Page Using a Wizard329

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