Learning Web Design w/Adobe CS5

Learning Web Design w/Adobe CS5

by Katherine Murray, Emergent Learning LLC

ISBN-10: 0138024901

ISBN-13: 9780138024901

Pub. Date: 09/01/2010

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Hands-on exercises and applications provide students with a practical method to learning software skills as well as web design concepts. Exercises introduce basic skills then build to integrate Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks together. The full color illustrations visually support the concepts taught. The text is spiral bound for extra ease-of-use.

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Hands-on exercises and applications provide students with a practical method to learning software skills as well as web design concepts. Exercises introduce basic skills then build to integrate Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks together. The full color illustrations visually support the concepts taught. The text is spiral bound for extra ease-of-use.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Get Started with Dreamweaver 1
Exercise 1 [Dreamweaver]
About Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 3
Start Dreamweaver 3
Open a Web Page 4
Dreamweaver Workspace 5
Ï Property Inspector 5
Ï Application Bar and Document Toolbar 6
Ï Status Bar 7
Work with Panels and Panes 8
Close and Exit Dreamweaver 8
Exercise 2 [Dreamweaver]
Create a New Site 11
Ï Select a Server Technology 12
Ï Where to Store Your Web Site 13
Ï Test Your Web Site 13
Ï Select a Remote Server 14
Ï Check In/Check Out Feature 15
Ï Finish the Site Setup 15
Create Web Pages 16
View Site Files 18
Web Design Guidelines 18
Exercise 3 [Dreamweaver]
About HTML and XHTML 23
HTML Document Structure 24
HTML Tags 24
Ï Attributes and Values 25
Ï Common HTML Tags 25
Ï HTML vs CSS 26
About XML 26
Add Keywords to a Web Site 27
Enter Text on a Web Page 28
Use Paragraph and Heading Tags 29
Use Code and Design Views 29
Open a Different Web Site 30
Exercise 4
Summary Exercise 35
Exercise 5
Application Exercise 37
Exercise 6
Curriculum Integration 39
Exercise 7
Portfolio Builder 40
Exercise 11 [Dreamweaver]
Adjust Paragraph Alignment 70
Change Paragraph Indentation 70
Create Lists 71
Insert a Date 72
Use the History Panel 72
Exercise 12 [Dreamweaver]
About Dreamweaver’s HTML Code Features 77
Use the Code Inspector 78
Display Head Content 79
Use Code Hints and the Tag Chooser 80
Use the Tag Inspector 81
Insert Snippets 81
Clean Up XHTML Code 81
Find and Replace Code 82
Exercise 13
Summary Exercise 87
Exercise 14
Application Exercise 89
Exercise 15
Curriculum Integration 90
Exercise 16
Portfolio Builder 91
Lesson 2: Working with Text Using CSS Styles and HTML 41
Exercise 8 [Dreamweaver]
Insert Text from Office Documents 43
Ï Importing or Copying Office Text 43
Ï Create a Link to an Office Document 44
Ï Opening Office HTML Files 44
Modify Font Formats 45
Ï Select New Font Combination 45
Ï Add Fonts to the Font List 46
Ï Apply Font Styles 46
Ï Change Font Size 46
Ï Apply Font Color 47
Insert Special Characters 47
Check Spelling 48
Find and Replace Text 48
Save Edits 49
Exercise 9 [Dreamweaver]
About Styles and Style Sheets 54
Use the Property Inspector to Create Internal CSS Styles 54
Use the CSS Styles Panel to Create Internal CSS Styles 55
Ï Define a New Class Style 56
Ï Redefine HTML Tags 57
Apply Internal CSS Styles 57
Edit Internal CSS Styles 57
Dreamweaver CSS Reference 58
Exercise 10 [Dreamweaver]
Create an External Cascading Style Sheet 61
Ï Save New External Style Sheet 62
Ï Attach External Style Sheet to Existing or New Web Document 62
Dreamweaver CSS Layouts and Samples 63
Ï Use a CSS Layout 63
Ï Use a Dreamweaver Sample Style Sheet 65
About Inline Styles 65
Manage Styles 66
Learning Web Design with Adobe CS5 Table of Contents v
Lesson 4: Work with Graphic Elements and Templates 117
Exercise 24 [Dreamweaver]
Change the Page Background Color 119
Insert Horizontal Rules 121
Use Web-Safe and Custom Colors 121
Exercise 25 [Fireworks]
About Adobe Fireworks 126
About Bitmap and Vector Images 126
Start Fireworks and Create a New Document 126
Learn the Fireworks Window and Tools 127
Understand the Select Tools 127
Learn the Bitmap Tools 129
Understand Vector Tools 129
Change the View 130
Fit the Canvas 130
Exercise 26 [Fireworks]
Learn about Bitmap Objects 134
Select the Drawing Colors 134
Draw with the Brush Tool 134
Draw with the Pencil Tool 134
Select Bitmap Objects 135
Copy and Paste Bitmap Objects 136
Exercise 27 [Fireworks]
Adjust Brightness and Contrast 140
Apply Filters 140
Sharpen and Blur an Image 141
Use the Burn and Dodge Tools 142
Use the Rubber Stamp Tool 142
Use the Smudge Tool 142
Lesson 3: Adding and Managing Links and Previewing Pages 93
Exercise 17 [Dreamweaver]
About Links 95
Create Text Links 95
Link to Named Anchor 96
Link to E-Mail Address 97
Other Ways to Link 98
Exercise 18 [Dreamweaver]
Preview a Site in a Browser 101
Preview a Site in Device Central 102
Work in the Files Panel 103
Ï Displaying Files in the Files Panel 103
Ï Basic Files Panel Operations 103
Exercise 19 [Dreamweaver]
Check Browser Compatibility 107
Understand Browser Compatibility Issues 108
Check and Modify Links 108
Ï Check Links 109
Ï Repair Links 110
Exercise 20
Summary Exercise 113
Exercise 21
Application Exercise 114
Exercise 22
Curriculum Integration 115
Exercise 23
Portfolio Builder 116
Exercise 31 [Dreamweaver]
About Adobe Bridge 166
Insert an Image on a Page in Dreamweaver 166
Modify Image Properties 169
Ï Resize Image 170
Ï About Image Borders 170
Position an Image on a Page 170
Ï Position a Standalone Image 170
Ï Wrap Text around an Image 170
Ï About Spacing around Images 171
Ï Use Rulers and Guides to Help Position Graphics 172
Edit Graphics within Dreamweaver 172
Insert and Edit a Fireworks Image 173
Manage Graphic Files 174
Exercise 32 [Dreamweaver]
Insert a Background Picture 181
Create Image Maps 181
About Rollover Images 183
Ï Insert a Rollover Image 183
Ï Insert a Navigation Bar 183
Use the Assets Panel 185
Exercise 33 [Dreamweaver]
About Templates 190
Create a New Template 190
Apply a Template 192
Edit a Template and Update Pages 193
Exercise 34 [Dreamweaver]
Use the Library 198
Ï Add Items to the Library 198
Ï Insert Library Item on Page 199
Ï Modify Library Item and Update Pages 199
Use Design Notes 199
Ï Viewing Design Notes 200
Exercise 28 [Fireworks]
Learn about Vector Objects 145
Draw Lines 146
Draw Rectangles 146
Draw Ellipses 146
Create Polygons 146
Scale Vector Objects 147
Draw Using the Vector Path Tool 147
Use the Pen Tool to Create Paths 147
Add, Change, and Delete Points 148
Apply a Stroke to a Vector Path 148
Add a Fill to a Path 148
Exercise 29 [Fireworks]
Create a Text Block 152
Add Text 152
Choose a Font 152
Set Text Size 153
Add Fills to Text 153
Make Text Follow a Path 154
Exercise 30 [Fireworks]
Add Layers 157
Place Objects on Layers 158
Hide and Display Layers 158
Create a Vector Mask 159
Create a Bitmap Mask 159
Convert an Object to a Mask 160
Add a Blend 160
Set Opacity 160
Set a Blending Mode 161
Learning Web Design with Adobe CS5 Table of Contents vii
Exercise 41 [Dreamweaver]
About Forms 230 230
Create a Form230 230
Ï Handle Accessibility Issues 231 231
Ï Insert Single-Line Text Fields232 232
Ï Insert Radio Buttons232 232
Ï Insert Radio Groups 233 233
Ï Insert Checkboxes234 234
Ï Insert Lists and Menus 234 234
Ï Insert Multiple-Line Text Fields 236 236
Insert Buttons 237 237
Ï About Spry Form Fields237 237
About Validating a Form237 237
Test a Form238 238
About Dynamic Data238 238
About Form Handling238 238
Exercise 42 [Dreamweaver]
About Frames Pages 243
Create a Frameset 243
Ï Insert Frames Manually 243
Ï Use a Frameset Page Design 245
Work with Frames 245
Ï Activate or Select a Frame 245
Ï Name a Frame 245
Ï Save Framesets and Frames 246
Add Content to Frames 246
Ï Set Frame Source 247
Add Frame Borders 248
Resize Frames 248
Set Frame Target for Links 248
Exercise 43
Summary Exercise 253
Exercise 44
Application Exercise 255
Exercise 35
Summary Exercise 206
Exercise 36
Application Exercise 208
Exercise 37
Curriculum Integration 210
Exercise 38
Portfolio Builder 212
Lesson 5: Create Tables, Forms, and Frames
Exercise 39 [Dreamweaver]
About Tables 214
Create a Table 215
Insert Text and Images in Table Cells 216
Adjust Table Structure 216
Ï Select Table Elements 217
Ï Change Cell Width and Height 217
Ï Insert and Delete Rows and Columns 217
Ï Split and Merge Cells 218
Ï Span Rows and Columns 218
Exercise 40 [Dreamweaver]
Modify Table Borders and Backgrounds 223
Ï Set Border Colors 223
Ï Add Background Color to Cells 224
Ï Insert Background Image in Cell 224
Import Table Data 224
Sort Table Data 225
Insert Table-Related Tags 225
Use Expanded Tables Mode 225
Learning Web Design with Adobe CS5 Table of Contents viii
Exercise 45
Curriculum Integration 256
Exercise 46
Portfolio Builder 256
Lesson 6: Create Dynamic and Interactive Pages 259
Exercise 47 [Dreamweaver]
About the Spry Framework 261
About Spry Widgets 261
Insert Spry Validation Widgets 262
Ï Insert Spry Validation Widgets 262
Ï Set Properties and Validation 262
Create a Spry Menu Bar 264
Ï Insert a Menu Bar Widget 264
Ï Specify Menu Bar Entries 264
Create a Spry Collapsible Panel 265
Create a Spry Accordion 266
Other Spry Elements 266
Exercise 48 [Flash]
About Flash271 271
Start Flash and Create a New Document 272
Ï Explore the Flash Window 273
Ï Understand the Timeline 274
Ï Learn about the Tools Panel 274
Set Document Properties 275
Enter Content on the Stage 275
Change the Stage View 275
Exercise 49 [Flash]
Draw Basic Shapes in Flash 279
Select Objects 280
Position Objects on the Stage 280
Transform Objects 281
Arrange the Stack Order 281
Group and Ungroup Objects 282
Exercise 50 [Flash]
About Animation 287
About Frames and Keyframes 287
Work with Frames and Keyframes 287
View Frames with the Timeline 287
Preview an Animation 288
Exercise 51 [Flash]
About Layers 292
Work with Layers 293
Create Graphic Symbols 293
Add a Symbol Instance 294
Classic Tweening 294
Classic Tween Settings 294
Motion Tweening 295
Shape Tweening 295
Exercise 52 [Flash]
Test a Movie 300
Test Download Performance 300
Publish a Flash Application 300
Publish Settings 301
Preview a Published Application 302
Export Flash Content 302
Exercise 53 [Dreamweaver]
About Multimedia Files 307
Insert a Flash Movie 308
Modify and Play a Movie 308
Other Multimedia Plugins 310
Exercise 54 [Fireworks]
About Buttons 313
Create Up and Down States 315
Create Over and Over While Down States 315
Edit Buttons 315
Add a URL to a Button 316
Exercise 55 [Fireworks]
About Slices 319
Draw Slices with the Slice Tool 319
Modify Slices 320
Add Rollovers to a Slice 320
Add a Disjoint Rollover 321
Remove a Rollover 321
Exercise 56
Summary Exercise 325
Exercise 57
Application Exercise 327
Exercise 58
Curriculum Integration 329
Exercise 59
Portfolio Builder 330
Lesson 7: Advanced Graphics and Animation 331
Exercise 60 [Fireworks]
Choose an Output Format 332
Select the Palette 333
Choose the Right Number of Colors 333
Use the Color Palette 333
Exercise 61 [Fireworks]
Compress GIF Files 336
Make Transparent GIFs 337
Use Interlacing GIFs 338
Exercise 62 [Fireworks]
Adjust JPEG Quality 341
Use Selective JPEG Compression 342
Adjust Detail Sharpness 343
Create Progressive JPEGs 343
Exercise 63 [Flash]
Create a Movie Clip Symbol 346
Exercise 64 [Flash]
Use the Movie Explorer 350
Use Motion Presets 351
Use the Motion Editor 352
Exercise 65
Summary Exercise 325
Exercise 66
Application Exercise 327
Exercise 67
Curriculum Integration 329
Exercise 68
Portfolio Builder 330
Learning Web Design with Adobe CS5 Table of Contents x
Lesson 8: Manage and Publish a Web Site 363
Exercise 69 [Dreamweaver]
Run Dreamweaver Reports 364
Validating Web Pages 365
Exercise 70 [Dreamweaver]
Publish a Web Site on a Server 368
Ï Associating an FTP Server
with a Web Site 369
Ï Putting the Web Site on the
FTP Server 370
Ï Associating a WebDAV Connection
(HTTP server) with a Web Site 371
Ï Associating a Local or Network
Server with a Web Site 372
Check Files In and Out 372
Copy Files from a Remote Server 374
Exercise 71
Summary Exercise 377
Exercise 72
Application Exercise 378
Exercise 73
Curriculum Integration 379
Exercise 74
Portfolio Builder 380
Index 381

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