Legacy of Morevi

Legacy of Morevi

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by Tee Morris
The adventures of Naruihm's warrior-queen and England's privateer captain begin once again in Legacy of Morevi, the highly-anticipated sequel to the award-nominated debut work of Tee Morris and Lisa Lee.

Life in Morevi is hardly a "happily ever after" for privateer captain Rafe Rafton. As he deals with the animosity from the Ladies of the Blood and from his own


The adventures of Naruihm's warrior-queen and England's privateer captain begin once again in Legacy of Morevi, the highly-anticipated sequel to the award-nominated debut work of Tee Morris and Lisa Lee.

Life in Morevi is hardly a "happily ever after" for privateer captain Rafe Rafton. As he deals with the animosity from the Ladies of the Blood and from his own daughter, Ashtari, his only ally is Morevi�s First Queen, Askana Moldarin. But soon, the peace they find with each other is shattered in a single night. Now, Morevi faces a threat far greater than that of political opponents or frontier rivals. As their realm stands on the brink of a war they cannot win, Askana and Rafe must risk another Riftcrossing while sending their daughter, the future Second Queen of Morevi, into hiding.

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Legacy of Morevi [The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana Book 2] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Off the coast of Ireland, Captain Rafe Rafton sails the Defiant through 'The Graveyard of Lost Ships' that he learns is a space-time continuum they end up in the Kingdom of Morevi where he helps the ruthless First Queen Askana Moldarin against her enemies from within and from neighboring Eyrie. He succeeds, saving her life and her kingdom, and becomes consort to the Queen (see MOREVI: THE CHRONICLES OF RAFE AND ASKANA). --- Rafe and Askana initially assume happily ever after as he is a hero to her people and to her. However, as he struggles to adapt to life in Morevi, he finds the influential Ladies of the Blood want him to go home somehow they persuade his daughter Ahstari, the Second Queen, to join their cause of removing the foreign usurper. However, before he can consider what to do about his child turning against him, Rafe must lead a battle that he knows his side cannot win against the dangerous Southern Wood creatures and the deadly magic of Morevi¿s former allies the Elves of Arathelle. One mistake and Rafe will welcome death as a better outcome for him. --- This second tale contains all the exhilarating thrills and magical chills that made the first Morevi entry terrific. The superb story line hooks the audience as the adventures begin early and never slows down. Rafe, like the true champion he is, feels prepared for epic hostilities on the mundane and mystical planes, but also fears he lost his daughter to the pure blood movement that want him deported. His relationship with the First Queen is that of love, but that might not prove enough, that is if he survives the upcoming war. This is a great character driven action-packed fantasy. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Legacy is a wonerfully written piece of fiction of which I cannot wait to see what happens in book 2. I like this introduction of the familial element and the different facets of it in unfolding the story, both on the smaller and larger struggles within the plot. Talk about a family feud of colossal proportions! Tee has presented something to the reader to which they can relate to on either the semi- or sub- conscious level. Who doesn't have or know someone who has a skeleton in the family closet? That one troublesome family member who starts trouble and makes it harder to solve the smaller family crisises in comparrison to the boiling culdron they stir. This story, while woven with action, sorcery, thrills, and even a hint of suspence, is so smoothly written that it pulls the reader in by forming this almost unacknowledged emotional connection. I din't want to put it down!
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Askana Moldarin had thought her lover¿s acclimation to Morevi would be easier. After all, he had rallied the people to her side, helped repel the Eyrieners at the gates of Songkusai, and rescued Morevi¿s Queen from a revenge that spawned the darkest of magic. As a result her nation was still rejoicing in a ¿new dawn¿ of prosperity that, some prayed to the Great Mother, would know no end.¿ Rafe Rafton, admired, feared Captain of the Defiant, did not regret his choice to cross the Rift to this strange world of magic, creatures of nightmare, and female rule. Most of the time. His contributions to their victory, their freedoms, their lives meant little to the Ladies of the Blood who did not hide their disdain and animosity toward the consort of the First Queen. For Askana, Rafe put up with it, but that disdain and animosity spilled over to and influenced his own daughter, Ahstari. Even Askana¿s love could not thaw the cold of dejection caused by his daughter¿s continued refusal to accept him. And now her defiance and refusal, and a dark secret from Askana¿s past will test them, their relationship, and all of Rafe¿s and Askana¿s skills and strength. An invitation from Morevi¿s allies, the Elves of Arathelle, dark secrets, a conspiracy spanning worlds, and revenge, cast Rafe and Askana into a battle against the creatures of the Southern Wood, back onto the decks of the Defiant to brave another Rift crossing, and against the magic of the Elves, at its most dark and primitive, in both worlds, to save their child, themselves and Morevi. In our modern world, tales of sorcery and magic, the mystical and powerful, ancient religions and legends passed down through the ages of every culture have shifted to the shelves of children¿s fairytales. Author Tee Morris blends these legends and stories and shifts them back to adult adventure across time and space and genre. Legacy of Morevi sails through the ¿Rift¿ of imagination and fantasy to become for the reader an alternate reality of swashbuckling, magical adventure. True to code of honor of the Arthurian Legends, Morris gives his readers characters of the same dimensional reality that have fueled the long search and debate of literary and historical scholars: Are those legends truth or fiction? Tee Morris has the gift of the storyteller and maybe just a bit of sorcery. For a few entertaining suspense filled hours, under his spell, Morevi, Arathelle, the Defiant, and the reign Henry VIII became my reality. I crossed the ¿Rift¿ of disbelief without feeling the ripple of suspension. The plot hums beneath the surface of rich characterization, dialogue, and action. The timeline straddles time and worlds, with the same balance Rafe strides the decks of a storm tossed ship. The magic tingles the spine and terrifies. The story pulled me into the very human emotional struggles of Rafe and Askana¿s life, and yanked me into battles against inhuman creatures and magic. Cross the Rift of imagination. Step onto the decks of the Defiant. Escape into the world of Naruihm with Tee Morris¿ Legacy of Morevi: Book One of the Arathellean Wars. It¿s magic time!