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Legacy of Wolves: The Inquisitives, Book 3

Legacy of Wolves: The Inquisitives, Book 3

4.3 3
by Marsheila Rockwell

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Wizards of the Coast
Publication date:
Inquisitives Series
Product dimensions:
4.22(w) x 6.86(h) x 0.88(d)

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Meet the Author

MARSHEILA (Marcy) ROCKWELL is a Rhysling-nominated poet and author of over fifty published short stories and poems. She sold her first story to Marion Zimmer Bradley back in 1995; a little over ten years later, she signed the contract with Wizards of the Coast for her first novel, Legacy of Wolves.

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Legacy of Wolves 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rockwell's biggest strength is her characters, a varied bunch of backgrounds, personalities, and talents. Each one is interesting in their own way so that when they all come together we get a band of protagonists we love to follow. Like the other Inquisitive novels Legacy is a tale centered around a mystery, and a rather solid one. While certain aspects of the murder mystery are easy enough for the reader to figure out even faster than the characters the mystery as a whole is pretty complex. It doesn't immediately settle down into 'catch bad guy A', and the heroes have to wade through a veritable sea of opposition and false leads. When it comes to the action the book delivers a solid performance. The previously mentioned varied talents mean no single encounter is alike as swordplay, magic, divine faith, natural abilities and simple wits are tested against one another. It's not necessary to be familiar with D&D in general or the Eberron in particular. Important points of the setting are explained well in-book. For Eberron enthusiasts the book offers a solid helping of Thrane, the Silver Flame, some dragonmarked shenanigans, and shifter culture. There are some flaws. Most of the main characters receive some time devoted specifically to their own backstory, either when it's outright discussed or comes back to conflict with the party. Irulan's is merely mentioned. She remains a strongly written character but lacks that extra attention. A certain character is often named and important to the plot, but is never truly met, creating a weak point in the narrative. And while the switching points of view is usually a strength of the story not every point of view is seen in the epilogue, making it seem rushed. The flaws really are minor, however, especially when you consider that this was Rockwell's first novel. Legacy is a solidly enjoyable story that leaves you wanting more of the world and the characters. That's a win.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago