Legacy [Capitol]

Legacy [Capitol]

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by Rick Nelson

This handsomely packaged, smartly annotated four-CD, 100-track box set offers a thorough overview of Ricky (later Rick) Nelson’s prolific -- and underrated -- 30-year recording career, beginning with his ‘50s superstardom as a teen-idol pop-rockabilly crooner, through his late-‘60s comeback as a Dylan-influenced folk-rocker, to his later years as a seasoned showbiz… See more details below


This handsomely packaged, smartly annotated four-CD, 100-track box set offers a thorough overview of Ricky (later Rick) Nelson’s prolific -- and underrated -- 30-year recording career, beginning with his ‘50s superstardom as a teen-idol pop-rockabilly crooner, through his late-‘60s comeback as a Dylan-influenced folk-rocker, to his later years as a seasoned showbiz pro who could still summon up a rocker’s passion when the inspiration hit him. In the ‘50s, Nelson’s boyish looks and Hollywood background (he got his start costarring in his parents’ long-running TV sitcom, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, which is where he first sang rock ‘n’ roll) led many to dismiss him as a pop prettyboy. But, unlike the Frankies and Fabians of his era, Nelson was a credible, if reserved, rock ‘n’ roller as well as a convincing ballad singer, and his vintage hits -- “A Teenager’s Romance,” “Be Bop Baby,” “Stood Up,” “Waitin’ in School,” “Believe What You Say,” “Poor Little Fool,” “Lonesome Town,” “It’s Late,” “Hello Mary Lou,” “Fools Rush In” and the reflective “Teenage Idol,” all of them included here along with a nice assortment of previously unreleased tracks -- have a sense of integrity and emotional investment that’s still compelling. There’s also considerable pleasure to be found in material from Nelson’s country-rocking late-‘60s comeback, exemplified by his wry protest hit “Garden Party” and such evocative original compositions as “Palace Guard” and “Gypsy Pilot.” Though Nelson eventually faded from the charts and was driven to the oldies circuit that he’d sworn off on “Garden Party,” the later recordings that comprise Disc Four (including previously unheard readings of Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” and John Hiatt’s “Doll Hospital”) indicate that he never lost hiis ability to rock.

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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Richie Unterberger
As a four-CD set spanning Rick Nelson's entire career, this will likely stand as the most thorough overview of the singer's music ever issued. This doesn't mean, though, that it's the best anthology of his work, unless you subscribe to the viewpoint that his post-mid-'60s records were about as good as his pre-mid-'60s ones, since a full two discs (or half) of this package is devoted to that post-mid-'60s output. Basically, it illustrates his trajectory in phases: disc one, as a good-to-great pop-rockabilly singer; disc two, as a still-good but not quite as vital teen idol in the late '50s and early '60s; disc three, as a fair but not great country-rocker; and disc four, as a has-been playing out the string with uninspired adult contemporary and revival tracks during his final years. The album is an impressive feat of cross-licensing, though, starting with three songs from his first singles (for Verve, and never easy to find on reissues), drawing a lot from his creative peak at Imperial, and then from his spottier efforts for Decca and other labels. All of his Top 40 hits are here, along with a dozen or so previously unreleased tracks, none too remarkable, as well as the 45-single versions of a few early hits. The song selection is very good, but not infallible: The absence of the moody "Mean Old World," which was about the best thing he did in the mid-'60s, is inexplicable. If you are a big fan and do like Nelson's country-rock phase, this is a reasonable investment, but if you don't, you should stick to those collections that focus on his 1957-1965 recordings.

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Disc 1

  1. I'm Walkin'  - Rick Nelson
  2. You're My One and Only Love  - Rick Nelson
  3. A Teenager's Romance  - Rick Nelson
  4. Be-Bop Baby  - Rick Nelson
  5. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You  - Rick Nelson
  6. If You Can't Rock Me  - Rick Nelson
  7. Stood Up  - Rick Nelson
  8. Waitin' in School  - Rick Nelson
  9. Believe What You Say  - Rick Nelson
  10. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It  - Rick Nelson
  11. Shirley Lee  - Rick Nelson
  12. My Babe  - Rick Nelson
  13. Poor Little Fool  - Rick Nelson
  14. There Goes My Baby  - Rick Nelson
  15. Lonesome Town  - Rick Nelson
  16. I Got a Feeling  - Rick Nelson
  17. Cindy  - Rick Nelson
  18. It's Late  - Rick Nelson
  19. One of These Mornings  - Rick Nelson
  20. Gloomy Sunday  - Rick Nelson
  21. Brand New Girl  - Rick Nelson
  22. Never Be Anyone Else But You  - Rick Nelson
  23. Just a Little Too Much  - Rick Nelson
  24. Sweeter Than You  - Rick Nelson
  25. I've Been Thinkin'  - Rick Nelson
  26. I Wanna Be Loved  - Rick Nelson
  27. Mighty Good  - Rick Nelson
  28. Hey Pretty Baby  - Rick Nelson
  29. Lonesome Town  - Rick Nelson
  30. Just a Little Too Much  - Rick Nelson
  31. My Rifle, My Pony and Me  - Rick Nelson

Disc 2

  1. Young Emotions  - Rick Nelson
  2. Glory Train  - Rick Nelson
  3. I'm Not Afraid  - Rick Nelson
  4. You Are My Sunshine  - Rick Nelson
  5. Ain't Nothin' But Love  - Rick Nelson
  6. Yes Sir, That's My Baby  - Rick Nelson
  7. You Are the Only One  - Rick Nelson
  8. Milk Cow Blues  - Rick Nelson
  9. Travelin' Man  - Rick Nelson
  10. Hello Mary Lou  - Rick Nelson
  11. Today's Teardrops  - Rick Nelson
  12. Everlovin'  - Rick Nelson
  13. A Wonder Like You  - Rick Nelson
  14. Sweet Little Lovable You  - Rick Nelson
  15. Young World  - Rick Nelson
  16. It's up to You  - Rick Nelson
  17. Teenage Idol  - Rick Nelson
  18. I Got a Woman  - Rick Nelson
  19. String Along  - Rick Nelson
  20. Gypsy Woman  - Rick Nelson
  21. I Rise, I Fall  - Rick Nelson
  22. Fools Rush In  - Rick Nelson
  23. For You  - Rick Nelson
  24. The Very Thought of You  - Rick Nelson
  25. There's Nothing I Can Say  - Rick Nelson
  26. I'm a Fool  - Rick Nelson
  27. I'm Talking About You  - Rick Nelson
  28. The Christmas Song  - Rick Nelson
  29. Jingle Bells  - Rick Nelson

Disc 3

  1. Louisiana Man  - Rick Nelson
  2. Night Train to Memphis  - Rick Nelson
  3. You Just Can't Quit  - Rick Nelson
  4. Alone  - Rick Nelson
  5. Mystery Train  - Rick Nelson
  6. Suzanne on a Sunday Morning  - Rick Nelson
  7. Promenade in Green  - Rick Nelson
  8. She Belongs to Me  - Rick Nelson
  9. Easy to Be Free  - Rick Nelson
  10. Come on In  - Rick Nelson
  11. Bye Bye Love  - Rick Nelson
  12. Look at Mary  - Rick Nelson
  13. Life  - Rick Nelson
  14. Thank You Lord  - Rick Nelson
  15. Last Time Around  - Rick Nelson
  16. Gypsy Pilot  - Rick Nelson
  17. Love Minus Zero/No Limit  - Rick Nelson
  18. Garden Party  - Rick Nelson
  19. Palace Guard  - Rick Nelson
  20. Are You Really Real?  - Rick Nelson

Disc 4

  1. One Night Stand  - Rick Nelson
  2. Legacy  - Rick Nelson
  3. Truck Drivin' Man  - Rick Nelson
  4. Wings  - Rick Nelson
  5. One X One  - Rick Nelson
  6. Stay Young  - Rick Nelson
  7. Carl of the Jungle  - Rick Nelson
  8. Mama, You Been on My Mind  - Rick Nelson
  9. Dream Lover  - Rick Nelson
  10. Tired of Toeing the Line  - Rick Nelson
  11. Almost Saturday Night  - Rick Nelson
  12. Believe What You Say  - Rick Nelson
  13. Back to Schooldays  - Rick Nelson
  14. Rave On  - Rick Nelson
  15. The Loser Babe, Is You  - Rick Nelson
  16. Call It What You Want  - Rick Nelson
  17. Doll Hospital  - Rick Nelson
  18. Give 'Em My Number  - Rick Nelson
  19. Do You Kow What I Mean  - Rick Nelson
  20. True Love Ways  - Rick Nelson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rick Nelson   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Clarence White   Guitar
Ron Elliott   Guitar
Joe Maphis   Guitar
Ray Kelley   Cello
Dean Martin   Vocals
Jordanaires   Vocals
Michael McDonald   Piano
Randy Meisner   Bass,Vocals
Leon Russell   Organ,Piano
Frank Capp   Drums
Victor Feldman   Percussion
Plas Johnson   Tenor Saxophone
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Red Mitchell   Bass
Bill Perkins   Reeds,Saxophone
Don Randi   Piano
Paul Smith   Piano
Don Bagley   Bass
Pete Jolly   Piano
Jerry Cole   Bass
Jack Marshall   Guitar
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Keith Allison   Guitar
Skip Battin   Bass
James Burton   Guitar
Mike Deasy   Guitar
Don Everly   Track Performer
Keith Moon   Drums,Vocals
Red Rhodes   Steel Guitar
Joanie Sommers   Vocals
Bob Bain   Guitar
Dave Morgan   Piano
Billy Strange   Guitar
Sweet Inspirations   Vocals
Jim Gordon   Drums
Walter Brennan   Vocals
Murray Adler   Violin
John Audino   Trumpet
Israel Baker   Violin
Jeff Baxter   Guitar
John Beland   Guitar,Viola
John Boylan   Guitar
Tom Brumley   Steel Guitar
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Dave Burgess   Vocals
Roger Bush   Bass
Roy Caton   Trumpet
Tim Cetera   Bass,Vocals
Gene Cipriano   Reeds
David Cohen   Guitar
Gary Coleman   Drums
Irving Cottler   Drums
Marshal Cram   Trombone
Glen D. Hardin   Piano
Frank DeVito   Drums
Jay DeWitt White   Bass,Vocals
Harold Dicterow   Violin
Assa Drori   Violin
Steve Duncan   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Teddy Edwards   Saxophone
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Don Ferris   Piano
Richard Frost   Drums
James Getzoff   Violin
Bob Glaub   Bass
Bill Green   Flute
Ty Grimes   Drums
Milt Holland   Percussion
Jim Horn   Reeds,Saxophone
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Harry Hyams   Viola
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Ray Johnson   Piano
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Earl Palmer   Drums
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Don Preston   Guitar
Morris Repass   Trombone
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Dick Rosmini   Guitar
John Rotella   Clarinet,Saxophone
Michel Rubini   Harp
Sid Sharp   Violin
Jack Shulman   Violin
Ray Siegel   Bass
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Tiny Timbrell   Bass
Eddie Tuduri   Drums
Pat Upton   Vocals
Leroy Vinnegar   Bass
Tibor Zelig   Violin
Allen Harris   Piano
Jimmy Bond   Bass
Dick Hyde   Trombone
Dr. John   Piano
Anthony Terran   Trumpet
Doug Altman   Drums
Joseph Ditullio   Cello
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John Anderson   Trumpet
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Rick Intveld   Drums
Gloria Wood   Vocals
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Jerry Fuller   Vocals
Joe Osborn   Bass
Roger Renner   Piano
Chuck   Bass
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Holly Humphreys   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Kokomo Arnold   Composer
Willie Dixon   Composer
Little Walter   Composer
Jimmy Reed   Composer
Doug Kershaw   Composer
Roy Acuff   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
John Hiatt   Composer
Buddy Holly   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Kooper   Original Album Producer
Curtis Mayfield   Composer
Graham Parker   Composer
Gene Pitney   Composer
Conte Candoli   Contributor
Barney Kessel   Composer,Original Album Producer
Don Randi   Arranger
Mel Tormé   Composer
Jacques Brel   Composer
Jack Marshall   Composer
Ozzie Nelson   Original Album Producer
Tracy Nelson   Liner Notes,Photo Courtesy
Rocky Burnette   Composer
James Burton   Composer
Trade Martin   Arranger
Norman Petty   Composer
Dorsey Burnette   Composer
Ronald Coleman   Composer
John Andino   Contributor
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Jack Lewis   Composer
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Richard Schlosser   Contributor
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Traditional   Composer
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