Legally Blonde [Original Broadway Cast]

Legally Blonde [Original Broadway Cast]

by Laura Bell Bundy

Another successful migration from the movie house to the Broadway stage, Legally Blonde: The Musical stars Laura Bell Bundy as sorority queen Elle Woods, the not-so-ditzy blonde bombshell who pockets her credit cards and cracks open the law books just to win back her boyfriend. With music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe (Batboy) and Nell BenjaminSee more details below


Another successful migration from the movie house to the Broadway stage, Legally Blonde: The Musical stars Laura Bell Bundy as sorority queen Elle Woods, the not-so-ditzy blonde bombshell who pockets her credit cards and cracks open the law books just to win back her boyfriend. With music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe (Batboy) and Nell Benjamin (Sarah, Plain and Tall), and with a book by Heather Hach (Freaky Friday), Legally Blonde segues from the sorority house to the halls of Harvard, driven by sheer blonde ambition and some high-spirited girl power. The verdict? A perfectly coiffed dose of frothy fun.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Matthew Chisling
From the opening lines of the first song of this bubbly musical, "Omigod You Guys," Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin make it clear that Legally Blonde: The Musical is not the next An Inconvenient Truth. Rather, the two composers, thanks to the aid of the performers, opted to create the most accessible flexible songbook in a long time for a new musical. Following the same vein of the movie of the same name that inspired the transition to Broadway, Legally Blonde allows for many vibrant, upbeat numbers that are complemented by a handful of ballads and heavy tracks. The album is carried in its entirety by Laura Bell Bundy, whose portrayal of main character Elle Woods, even on CD, displays buckets of personality and character through her pop voice and light nature. Her booming voice sails over the tracks that elevate her to stardom. The supporting cast, which consists mostly of newcomers Christian Borle, Orfeh, and others, brings awkward charm and supple tones to the cast recording, which thanks to the inclusion of dialogue during vamps, allows for the characters to seamlessly make the transition from stage to disc. From start to finish, inspirational uplifting pop theatrics force the listener to hum along. The sound borrows elements from musicals such as The Wedding Singer and A Chorus Line, and allows for many soaring numbers of the sort that one might find in Wicked or Hairspray, which is where Bundy got her jump-start to fame portraying the roles of Glinda and Amber Von Tussle, respectively. Tracks like "What You Want," "Chip on My Shoulder," and "So Much Better" are show-stopping cast numbers that will make even the most casual listener clap along and smile. Numbers like "Ireland," a solo effort by the zany gawky Orfeh, is a hilarious power tune that epitomizes the tone on the album -- lighthearted fun music, buoyed by lyrics of hilarity even when brought into more serious territory. The album wraps up with the show-stopping numbers "Legally Blonde Remix" and "Find My Way," which boast big voices (especially those of Kate Shindle and Orfeh), aggressively catchy tunes, and the ability to paint the picture that you are sitting in the front row watching the magic for yourself, something that few cast albums are able to do these days. Overall, listening to the album several times is an experience akin to witnessing the stage production first-hand, cutting no pink sugary corners away. The musical and the cast recording really do make it clear that "blondes have more fun."
San Francisco Chronicle - Robert Hurwitt
Delightful.... Laura Bell Bundy [is] a perky, bright-voiced dynamo on her best numbers.

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  1. Act 1. Omigod You Guys  - Laura Bell Bundy
  2. Act 1. Serious  - Laura Bell Bundy
  3. Act 1. What You Want  - Laura Bell Bundy
  4. Act 1. The Harvard Variations  - Laura Bell Bundy
  5. Act 1. Blood In The Water  - Laura Bell Bundy
  6. Act 1. Positive  - Laura Bell Bundy
  7. Act 1. Ireland  - Laura Bell Bundy
  8. Act 1. Ireland (Reprise)  - Laura Bell Bundy
  9. Act 1. Serious (Reprise)  - Laura Bell Bundy
  10. Act 1. Chip On My Shoulder  - Laura Bell Bundy
  11. Act 1. So Much Better  - Laura Bell Bundy
  12. Act 2. Whipped Into Shape  - Laura Bell Bundy
  13. Act 2. Take It Like A Man  - Laura Bell Bundy
  14. Act 2. Bend And Snap  - Laura Bell Bundy
  15. Act 2. There! Right There!  - Laura Bell Bundy
  16. Act 2. Legally Blonde  - Laura Bell Bundy
  17. Act 2. Legally Blonde Remix  - Laura Bell Bundy
  18. Act 2. Find My Way / Finale  - Laura Bell Bundy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Laura Bell Bundy   Primary Artist,Vocals
Martin Agee   Violin
Hollis "Bud" Burridge   Trumpet
Jason DeBord   Keyboards
Jeanne LeBlanc   Cello
Keith O'Quinn   Trombone
John Putnam   Guitar
Roger Wendt   French Horn
Mineko Yajima   Violin
Michael Rupert   Vocals
Manuel Herrara   Vocals
Antoine Silverman   Concert Master
Liuh-Wen Ting   Viola
Deborah Assael   Cello
Dave Trigg   Trumpet
Dan Willis   Reeds
Kenny Brescia   Guitar
Jason Gillman   Vocals
Kate Shindle   Vocals
Jonathan Dinklage   Viola
Mark Vanderpoel   Bass
Dequina Moore   Vocals
Christian Borle   Vocals
Tracy Jai Edwards   Vocals
Sean Carney   Violin
Andy Karl   Vocals
Michelle Kittrell   Vocals
Peter Sachon   Cello
Gaelen Gilliland   Vocals
James Sampliner   Conductor,Keyboards
Pablo Rieppi   Percussion
Annaleigh Ashford   Vocals
April Berry   Vocals
Paul Canaan   Vocals
Lindsay Nicole Chambers   Vocals
Beth Curry   Vocals
Vincent DellaRocca   Reeds
Amber Efe   Vocals
Becky Gulsvig   Vocals
Rod Harrelson   Vocals
Kevin Pariseau   Vocals
Matthew Risch   Vocals
Jason Patrick Sands   Vocals
Nikki Snelson   Vocals
Richard H. Blake   Vocals
Greg Joseph   Drums
Nick Kenkel   Vocals
Legally Blond Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus
Noah Weissberg   Vocals
Natalie Joy Johnson   Vocals
Budd Burridge   Trumpet
Keith O'Quin   Trombone
Manuel Herrera   Vocals
Matt Gallagher   Keyboards
Kate Wetherhead   Vocals
Chad Smith   Reeds
Rusty Mowery   Vocals
David Trigg   Trumpet
Leslie Kritzer   Vocals

Technical Credits

Joel Moss   Producer,Audio Production,Engineering
Steve Norman   Audio Production
Laurence O'Keefe   Audio Production
Bill Rosenfield   Executive Producer
Scott Hull   Mastering
Jerry Mitchell   Director,Choreographer
Kate Turning   Cover Photo
Jan Folkson   Engineer,Engineering
Kimberly Kelley   Company Manager
Noah Cornman   Audio Production
Kurt Deutsch   Producer,Executive Producer,Audio Production
William Berloni   Contributor
Zan Sabini   Audio Production
James Sampliner   Arranger,Music Direction
Kristin Caskey   Producer
Colleen Eagan   Audio Production
Heather Hach   Liner Notes,Book
Nell Benjamin   Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Audio Production
Laurence O'Keefe   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Randy Merrill   Mastering Associate
Bonnie L. Becker   Production Stage Manager
Johnna Jackson   Audio Production
Sarah Marcus   Audio Production

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