Legislative Politics in Latin America / Edition 1

Legislative Politics in Latin America / Edition 1

by Scott Morgenstern

This study, first published in 2002, explores legislative politics in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.See more details below


This study, first published in 2002, explores legislative politics in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

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Cambridge University Press
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Studies in Comparative Politics
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New Edition
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Tables and figures; Contributors; preface and acknowledgements; Party names and other acronyms and abbreviations; 1. Towards a model of Latin American legislatures Scott Morgenstern; Part I. Executive-Legislative Relations: 2. Oscillating relations: president and congress in Argentina Anna María Mustapic; 3. Presidential cabinets, electoral cycles and coalition discipline in Brazil Octavio Amorim Neto; 4. Exaggerated presidentialism and moderate presidents: executive-legislative relations in Chile Peter M. Siavelis; 5. Executive-legislative relations: the case of Mexico (1946–97) Ma. Amparo Casar; Part II. Political Parties and Legislative Structure: 6. Explaining the high level of party discipline in the Argentine congress Mark P. Jones; 7. Party discipline in the chamber of deputies Barry Ames; 8. Parties, coalitions and the Chilean congress in the 1990s John M. Carey; 9. Understanding party discipline in the Mexican chamber of deputies: the centralized party model Benito Nacif; Part III. Legislatures and the Policy Process: 10. Fiscal policy making in the Argentine legislature Kent H. Eaton; 11. Progressive ambition, federalism and pork-barreling in Brazil David Samuels; 12. Appointment, re-election and autonomy in the senate of Chile John Londregan; 13. The legal and partisan framework of the legislative delegation of the budget in Mexico Jeffrey A. Weldon; Part IV. Conclusions: 14. Explaining legislative politics in Latin America Scott Morgenstern; 15. Epilogue: Latin America's reactive assemblies and proactive presidents Gary W. Cox and Scott Morgenstern; References; Author index; General index.

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