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Leopard's Fury (Leopard Series #9)

Leopard's Fury (Leopard Series #9)

4.6 25
by Christine Feehan

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A ruthless criminal unleashes his most feral desires in the new Leopard novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild Cat.

Passion melts the will of an ice-cold criminal when he meets the one woman who can tame the beast inside him.

Leopard’s Fury

With her own bakery in San Antonio, Evangeline Tregre made a


A ruthless criminal unleashes his most feral desires in the new Leopard novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild Cat.

Passion melts the will of an ice-cold criminal when he meets the one woman who can tame the beast inside him.

Leopard’s Fury

With her own bakery in San Antonio, Evangeline Tregre made a new life far from the brutal lair of shifters she was born into. Though she is all too aware of her leopard-shifter blood, she never felt the sensation of a wild animal stirring inside her. Not until Alonzo Massi walked into her bakery. The powerful shifter is as irresistible as he is terrifying, but his icy demeanor tells her to keep her distance.

Alonzo knows better than to let himself get involved with someone like Evangeline. She doesn’t deserve the type of danger that follows him, or the threat of his Amur leopard. But even with his lean muscle and iron will, Alonzo isn’t strong enough to stay away from the one woman who can make him feel at peace. And when their secret lives draw a mortal threat, Alonzo unleashes the feral passion he keeps pent up inside himself.

From the Paperback edition.

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Praise for #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan and her Leopard novels

“The queen of paranormal romance…I love everything she does.”—J. R. Ward

“[A] dark and seductive paranormal romance series.”—HeroesandHeartbreakers.com

“Heart-stopping action. Crazy sexy time scenes. Tender emotions.”—Harlequin Junkie

“Hot-blooded…intense and thrilling…You don’t want to miss it!”—Joyfully Reviewed

“With a Feehan novel you know you will get well-developed characters and...a dose of sizzling sexuality...an unbeatable mix.”—RT Book Reviews

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Leopard Series , #9
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I live on the beautiful Northern California coast. I have always loved hiking, whale watching and being outdoors. My camping days are over but I might consider glamping. LOL! I am surrounded by my family, my beloved grandchildren and my pack of dogs.

From the Paperback edition.

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Leopard's Fury (Leopard Series #9) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Wow, the old Christine Feehan is finally back, she even wrote "making love". No sex until after page 200. I didn't find the storyline all that predictable as another reviewer did. I did grow tired of all the repeated self reflections on how tough their childhoods had been. The idea that all the shifters we've known are now known gangsters, no matter their reasons, was a bit flemsy. I did like the characters.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Beginning to believe that the author used cut and paste the storyline was so predictable
Joanie2016 6 months ago
Leopard’s Fury is the 9th book in Christine Feehan’s action-packed, Leopard series. The world of shifters can be brutal and exotic. For the couple in this story, Evangeline Tregre and Alonzo Massi, their childhood lairs were full of violence, brutality, and terror. Evangeline was abandoned as a baby by her parents, left to fend on her own in the swamps with only her leopard as her companion and protector. She has managed to survive to adulthood, with minimal scraps of food from her cowed, beat-down father. Now, she has fought to survive into adulthood on her own and has made her way from the Bayou swamps to the city of San Antonio, Texas. Finally free from a nightmare childhood, Evangeline has used her meager earnings to buy a small house and open her own bakery. Alonzi Massi is a man of ice, with few words, and clearly carries an aura of a cold-bloodied killer. However, there is way more to this complex, scary loner than it first appears. His brutal childhood has made him what he is. On top of an unfortunate beginnings, his leopard is one of the most rare and vicious type of cat, an Amur leopard. As a man if few words, Alonzo is clear when he begins to open up to Evangeline because, "she made him want to be more than he was.” I fell in love with this couple from the very first page. Evangeline is the type of heroine I could relate too and would want to be friends with. She is shy without being timid; when it comes to keeping what she has earned, she is firm without being acerbic. "f you want me it has to be me you want. That means you’re not gettin’ everything your way.” Alonzo is the noble, torture hero who breaks my heart. He immediately feels the connection to Evangeline and wants her to be his foundation, “I’m going to drive you crazy, but I’ll listen to what’s important to you and we’ll find a way to make it work." This is from a cold-eyed, tortured man who had never been held, never been loved, yet he was willing to listen and adjust. Leopard Fury is simply an exquisite reading experience. The story seamlessly intertwines action, adventure, and intrigue with romance. True, there are sensual elements to the story, these are two consenting adults completely in love and devoted to each other. Yet there is intricate character and relationship development. Alonzo has been visiting Evangeline’s bakery as a regular customer for over a year without making any move on her. It is only when there is a tangible threat to her that he moves to claim her. The bond with the other leopard woman takes time to form but eventually, Evangeline finds a sisterly comradery with Emma, Catalina, and Siena. Also, a new life makes an entrance into this growing community and several favorite characters make a heartwarming appearances. It was wonderful to read how this complex community of shifters fully embrace Evangeline and Alonzo as part of their world. I loved this book. Alonzo and Evangeline elevated this series and this book is as good as my second favorite leopard book, Savage Nature. Very highly recommended.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 6 months ago
4.25 stars-- LEOPARD’S FURY is the ninth installment in Christine Feehan’s contemporary, adult LEOPARD SERIES paranormal, romance series focusing on the supernatural world of the Leopard shifter. This is baker Evangeline Tregre, and businessman and Mafia Don Alonzo Massi’s story line. LEOPOARD’S FURY can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Several previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Jake and Emma, Eli and Cat, Elijah and Siena, Drake and Saria, as well as Joshua Tregre, Evangeline’s first cousin. Told from several third person perspectives LEOPARD’S FURY focuses on Mafia Don Alonzo Mazzi’s need and draw towards baker Evangeline Tregre. For close to one year Alonzo has been drawn to Evangeline, visiting her bakery, ensuring her safety and making sure no other male comes close to the woman that calms the beast within. Alonzo knows that to begin a relationship with Evangeline Tregre could place our heroine in the direct line of fire when the illegal side of his business world seeks revenge. What ensues is Alonzo’s slow seduction of Evangline, and the search for the person responsible for the threats against Evangeline’s life. Abandoned as a small child in the Louisiana swamps, Evangeline is a woman who left the Bayou in search of peace and an escape from a life of abuse and neglect. Alonzo’s backstory is heartbreaking and rife with death and destruction. Growing up in an abusive world set Alonzo’s leopard on a path of darkness and revenge. Our hero’s quiet demeanor hides a dark and lonely existence for a dangerous leopard shifter-baring his heart and his soul to Evangeline Tregre places Alonzo in a position to lose it all. LEOPARD’S FURY is a passionate story line of fated mates. I am pleased that Christine Feehan has returned to her original style of romance writing without the need for copious amounts of graphic violence and abuse against women and children. The premise is entertaining, engrossing, and compelling; the characters are charismatic, spirited but flawed. We are introduced to several new Leopard shifters including Jeremiah Wheating as well as Alonzo’s brothers and cousins-Gorya, Timur and Mitya. The romance is sensual and seductive without the need for abusive power and control.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
Never a dull moment! Plenty of action, romance, and a bit of humor to offset the serious attitudes! Love Christine's books and I always suffer while waiting for the next one! Please keep them coming!
Anonymous 6 months ago
This is another great tale by Christine Feehan. She is truly a master at telling stories.
Anonymous 6 months ago
They just keep getting better and better.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Great story.
ReadingInPajamas 6 months ago
Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: LEOPARD’S FURY (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan Publication Date: November 8, 2016 Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated: 4.5 Stars REVIEW: A hot sexy story about two leopards who have seen their share of childhood pain. Their dark and dangerous life also made the love story more beautiful, in how they were lucky enough to find each other. I got a little lost in the crime-boss and territory issues, but not enough to worry about. Despite Alonzo’s cool and dominating demeanor, I liked him. Evangeline was a complex character for a number of reasons, and that made some of her more frustrating actions, make sense. Constant action, danger and a super sexy romance made this an exciting read. *Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.
wildcatkel 6 months ago
I could not put this book down. I loved the intense emotional pull that Alonzo felt for Evangeline. I also like that their relationship wasn't rushed. That it took time, he kept coming around because he couldn't resist being away from her and the peace and calm she brought to him. That she could look at him and realize he was a dangerous man but see something so much more in him, that she had to care about him, be there for him, but at the same time not lose herself to him. She could still be strong, sassy and bold. He could not totally dominate her because her will and nature were also strong. I loved her interaction with her leopard self Bebe, their bond is strong and forged from early childhood. They look out and protect each other. The trust and bond between them was amazing. Then to watch the men close to him care for and feel protective of her too, of course that left me so very excited to see their stories unfold. One of my favorite books in Christine's leopard series. You have everything you could look for, action, suspense, romance, (sensual and emotional), drama and even laughter. You cannot go wrong with this book or this series!
dsubsits 6 months ago
Christine Feehan’s LEOPARD'S FURY is a thrilling read. Leopard shifter/bakery owner, Evangeline Tregre, left her lair in hopes of a better life. Crime boss/Amur leopard shifter Alonzo Massi life is full of danger. He doesn’t want to bring Evangeline into his lifestyle, but his leopard has other ideas. This contemporary PNR takes place in San Antonio, Texas. It is suitable for adult audiences. Christine Feehan does a great job with her character development. They are complex and interesting. Evangeline had a horrible childhood, on her own trying to stay alive. She works hard to establish her bakery and build a better life for herself. She has a big heart and a wonderful personality that wins people over. She is a strong heroine who is very likeable. Alonzo had a horrible childhood as well, being raised in a ruthless lair as a killer. He is a good leader and powerful man. He takes care of what is his. Evangeline and Alonzo both have secrets. The two complement each other well and have great chemistry. I like that they both grow throughout the story. The plot was well executed and exciting. The characters have a lot of obstacles to overcome. I enjoyed the criminal aspect to the novel. I like Alonzo’s allies. They have similar values and interests. I appreciated how the characters from the previous books from the series were integrated into this story. I also like how the leopards can sense a lie. LEOPARD'S FURY is an exciting and worthwhile read. It had interesting twists and felt believable. This is a great book for people that enjoy paranormal romances with mafia incidents. The story is full of conspiracy, danger, and romance. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Feehan keeps the Leopard's series riveting! I could barely put this book down once I started. I think each of these Leopard's books can be read individually, but Feehan has created such a rich and colorful storyline that encompasses them all, it is truly an amazing world to visit as you read them all. Be prepared for extreme realistic brutality, these leopards aren't friendly stuft animals. Feehan's greatest gift is her ability to mix facts into her fictional world! I can't wait for her next one. Plus, a sneak peek at her next Ghost walker story. I'm excited!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Might be the best so far of the series. Loved it.
Anonymous 21 days ago
ValerieStuckInBooks 5 months ago
I love shifter books. So, despite that fact that this is the 9th book in this series, I decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the other book I've read by this author and it, too, was a book I picked up mid-series. I wasn't disappointed. It was clear that there is a lot going on in this series but the parts I needed to understand to get this story were very clear. It's a complex world with shifter that are just a little different than other shifter books I've read. The human side and the animal side of these shifter are very much separate and they have a relationship with each other. Most shifter books I've read are either a combined version of the human and animal or not really a part of each other. So that aspect was interesting to me. And it was Evangeline's cat that made things very interesting. An absorbing world where shifters living among humans and are big part of the crime circuit. These shifters grew up hard and while they were certainly not good, they were trying to make things better. They killed in the name of keeping illegal guns from leaving the country to add to someones war. I actually like those kinds of bad guys. The characters are certainly interesting. Evangeline grew up in a way that I can't even begin to wrap my head around. Her cat kept her sane and alive. And then you have Alonzo. His upbringing was horrifying to say the very least and the effect on his cat was brutal. He gets no peace from him unless he is with Evangeline. I find them both endearing and I certainly cheered for them. The writing style used in this book is not one of my favorites. It's written in third person and I often struggle with that type of writing as it's hard to make those connections with the characters. However, this author does a good job of working each main characters point of view into the novel so that I did feel connected. It's not my favorite but it was effective here. The story started with a very interesting relationship developing between Evangeline and Alonzo. Months go by as they see each other without even talking to each other much but the relationship is there. And it's a strong one. I wondered what each new visit would add to things. And when the book burst out of this relationship, I was hanging on trying to keep up. It was a different kind of scheme that I really enjoyed. This book has a rich world that can spawn lots of great stories, complete characters that I cared about and a story that I enjoyed. If shifters are your thing, then check this author out.
Anonymous 5 months ago
It's so hard to pick a favorite series of Christine Feehan's these days - they are just all so good! This is a great addition to the Leopard Series overall - and might actually be my second favorite (I don't think I can ever give up Jake's story as the numero uno). I truly loved the story between Evangeline (absolutely my favorite heroine name of all CF's heroine names to date) and Fyodor (aka Alonzo). I loved how the relationship between Evangeline and Fyodor grew over time (the book takes place over the course of more than a year). CF's writes seriously hot sex scenes (and the scenes in this story are no exception), but the story telling in this story was definitely the main event! This was an action-packed sequence that had me anxiously flipping to the next page! Getting a look into what is happening with all of the Leopard couples as well was a wonderful 'icing on the cake' component. I love seeing how this extended family is evolving and growing, and I can tell that CF has many more stories to tell us about the beloved leopards. I highly recommend this story - CF's story-telling is finding new life and getting better and better!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Alonzo and his boys are great. All the characters are great. I can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
Loved this story she is a fantastic writer. I have all of her books and continue to go back and read them this is a great story and can't wait to see what happens in the next book
cherlym 6 months ago
I enjoyed booked 9 in the series. It can also be read as a stand alone, so don't let series deter you. The women are strong and the men are dominant, which is to be expected with Christine Feehan books, but bottom line, what comes through is the women are the true strength and Evangeline was spectacular. I enjoyed her as a character and was so thrilled this book was not all about sex. It was loyalty, commitment, overcoming obstacles and still loving. Thank you Christine. You leave me waiting for Timor, Gorya and Mitya story!
Anonymous 5 months ago
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Anonymous 5 months ago
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Anonymous 5 months ago
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