Leroy Anderson Greatest Hits

Leroy Anderson Greatest Hits

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by Arthur Fiedler

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  1. Fiddle-Faddle, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)  - Leroy Anderson
  2. Blue Tango, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  3. Sleigh Ride, for orchestra (or string orchestra)  - Leroy Anderson
  4. Trumpeter's Lullaby, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  5. The Waltzing Cat, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  6. Jazz Pizzicato, for string orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  7. Jazz Legato, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)  - Leroy Anderson
  8. Saraband, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  9. The Typewriter, for orchestra (with typewriters)  - Leroy Anderson
  10. The Syncopated Clock, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  11. Classical Jukebox, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  12. Plink, Plank, Plunk!, for string orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  13. Belle of the Ball, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  14. Serenata, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  15. Chicken Reel, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  16. Bugler's Holiday, for orchestra  - Leroy Anderson
  17. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: The Irish washerwoman  - Leroy Anderson
  18. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: Minstrel Boy  - Leroy Anderson
  19. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: Rakes of Mallow  - Leroy Anderson
  20. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: Wearing of the Green  - Leroy Anderson
  21. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: Last Rose of Summer  - Leroy Anderson
  22. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra: Girl I Left Behind Me  - Leroy Anderson

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Anderson: Sleigh Ride; Bugler's Holiday 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was Arthur Fiedler who first hired Leroy Anderson in 1936 as an arranger for the Boston Pops. When Anderson began writing original compositions, Fiedler was the first to perform the pieces. Fiedler's tempi cloely match the composer's own. The fine musicians of the Boston Pops under Fiedler's demanding leadership never disappoint. Along with any recording by conductor Leonard Slatkin, this is one of the very best. While Fiedler recorded many Anderson compositions on numerous compilation discs, this is the only Boston Pops recording with any conductor to consist exclusively of Anderson's works. Add this fine disc to your Leroy Anderson collection.