Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Favourites

Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Favourites

by Leroy Anderson

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Naxos American

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  1. Serenata, for orchestra
  2. The Syncopated Clock, for orchestra
  3. The Penny Whistle Song, for orchestra
  4. The Typewriter, for orchestra (with typewriters)
  5. Saraband, for orchestra
  6. Trumpeter's Lullaby, for orchestra
  7. Fiddle-Faddle, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)
  8. Forgotten Dreams, for orchestra
  9. Blue Tango, for orchestra
  10. Jazz Legato, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)
  11. Jazz Pizzicato, for string orchestra
  12. The Phantom Regiment, for orchestra
  13. Bugler's Holiday, for orchestra
  14. The Waltzing Cat, for orchestra
  15. March of the Two Left Feet, for orchestra
  16. Promenade, for orchestra
  17. Plink, Plank, Plunk!, for string orchestra
  18. The Girl in Satin, for orchestra
  19. Sandpaper Ballet, for orchestra
  20. Belle of the Ball, for orchestra
  21. Sleigh Ride, for orchestra (or string orchestra)

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