Parfums de Paris

Les Parfums de Paris


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High Note Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Harold Ousley   Tenor Saxophone
Duke Levine   Guitar
Billy Novick   Saxophone
Diederik Wissels   Piano
Michael Creber   Piano
Lionel Girardeau   Bass Guitar
Gerald Hayes   Alto Saxophone
Steve Kaiser   Bass
Rudy Lawless   Drums
Jay Lawrence   Percussion
Alain Mallet   Piano
Paolo Radoni   Guitar
Nigel Gavin   Guitar
Mike Downes   String Bass
Jane Fair   Flute
Rick Germanson   Piano
Laurent Medelgi   Guitar
Bartosz Hadala   Keyboards
David Sinclair   Dobro
Chris O'Connor   Drums
Tedd Firth   Piano
Milo Buehler   Drums
Francis Covan   Basse
Kenyatta Beasley   Trumpet
Hélène Leone   Vocals
Pauline le Bel   Vocals
Yutaka Uchida   Drums
Carolina Moon   Vocals
Lamiela   Vocals
Roberto Cassan   Accordion
Danny Zanker   Bass
Eric Lemon   Bass
Arthur Blume   Background Vocals
Roger Manins   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Dubois   Double Bass
Matt Larson   Basse
Oliver Holland   Acoustic Bass
Kevin Field   Piano
Abdus Sabor   Percussion,Conga
Steve Keen   Piano
Jair Morera   Percussion
Kyler Blume   Background Vocals
Frank Falco   Piano
Valerie Ahneman   Vocals
Alec Mansion   Keyboards
Mimi Verderama   Guitar
Jean-Paul Steffens   Strings

Technical Credits

Isabelle Antena   Producer
Edith Piaf   Composer
Serge Gainsbourg   Composer
Charles Trénet   Composer
Pierre Delanoé   Composer
Alain Goraguer   Composer
Alain Mallet   Arranger,Producer
Dave Pickell   Composer
Jacques Prévert   Composer
Léo Ferré   Composer
Michel Fugain   Composer
Joseph Kosma   Composer
Eddy Marnay   Composer
Henri Salvador   Composer
Charles Dumont   Composer
Jean Claudric   Composer
David Sinclair   Arranger
Maurice Pon   Composer
Annie Royer   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Luce Black   Arranger
Louis Louiguy   Composer
Gilbert Lederman   Engineer
Gary Phun   Executive Producer
Kenneth Phun   Arranger
Jacques Lawrence   Composer
Steve Keen   Arranger
Aurore Carding   Composer
Georges Pazman   Composer
Yves Bruyere   Composer
Alec Mansion   Programming

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