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Lesbian Culture: An Anthology

Lesbian Culture: An Anthology

by Julia Penelope

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Whitney Scott
This is a weighty, far-reaching anthology whose time has definitely come. It is divided into three parts: "Women Who Did Stand Alone," "We Are Not As They Say," and "New Ground." Lesbian "herstory," excerpts from such ground-breaking early works as Radclyffe Hall's "Well of Loneliness", and recollections of the butch-femme relationships and politics of the 1950s are in the first part; photographs by JEB, cartoons by Alison ("Dykes to Watch Out For") Bechdel, and essays on class distinctions, prostitution, and lesbian sex are in the second part; and forthright poetry, writing on black lesbian filmmakers, more cartoons and photos, interviews with and articles by some of the makers of women's music (Kay Gardner, Sue Fink, etc.), and pieces on consumerism, lesbian conferences, and politically correct food are in the big third part. These contents, including writings by such luminaries as Audre Lorde, Elsa Gidlow, Lee Lynch, Pat Parker, and Valerie Miner, not only span many years of underground cultural development but also exemplify the new lesbian openness and pride. Collections strong in feminism, lesbian studies, or counterculture materials should consider this tapestry of many colors, sights, and sounds a must.

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