Lesbian Love Two: A collection of six erotic stories

Lesbian Love Two: A collection of six erotic stories

by Cameo Brown, Fulani, Lynn Lake, Elizabeth Coldwell

Lesbian Love 2 is the second collection of sapphic stories written by some of today's best erotic authors and brought to you by Xcite Books. 

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Lesbian Love 2 is the second collection of sapphic stories written by some of today's best erotic authors and brought to you by Xcite Books. 

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Meet the Author

Fulani has been writing erotica for around ten years now, much of it dealing with BDSM and fetish, worlds he’s known for longer than he cares to remember. He has published numerous short stories, several novellas, and two novels with, among others, Xcite Books, Pink Flamingo, Renaissance Sizzler, 1001 Nights Press and Sweetmeats Press.


Find him at:
Blog: Fulani's limited attention span

And blogging with his partner Velvet Tripp at: http://deliciouslydeviant.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DelDeviant

Tumblr: http://fulanismut.tumblr.com/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4018603.Fulani


Lynn Lake’s fantasies could fill a book – and have (or, at least, parts of many, many books). Her imagination substitutes for a somewhat dreary existence in the middle of nowhere home to a particularly harsh climate. She’s a frustrated crime writer (few markets) and an unfulfilled SF author (no science background). Her erotic experiences, frankly, look better on paper, where she need not discriminate based on couplings, positionings, flogging devices, and/or binding materials. Rich, thick, wet ink spilling out of the golden nib of a finely-crafted fountain pen onto bright, white, textured paper is a form of ecstasy to her, free of STD’s.

She has a cat and an insatiable craving to express herself. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, everything, and everybody she meets or sees or visualizes, but mostly from her mind (very often early in the morning when she first wakes up). She doesn’t wait for the wet muse to tingle her in the appropriate places, however; oftentimes she just sits and stares at a blank piece of paper (Hilroy, lined, in a wire-bound notebook) until an idea strikes her and she pen-strokes it, first into a brief outline, and then into a full story (which usually goes through a, minimum, three-draft process). She’s fairly well-read and quite good at mimicking other styles, which helps in the whole process, as does her natural shyness.

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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She moaned, pressing herself closer to me, and then almost as suddenly as we’d started, she halted things.
‘Let’s go somewhere more comfy.’
I thought she meant her bedroom, but we never made it there. We got as far as the next room, and by the time we’d got to the rug in front of the wood-burner we were both naked, a trail of our clothes leading back to the kitchen.
She tugged me down onto the rug, pushed my knees apart and lowered her face to my pussy. I groaned as her tongue darted back and forth along my slit, lapping my moisture, and then flicking up to circle my clit. The sensations were awesome. Nothing compared with the flicking caress of her tongue. I gave myself up to that first orgasm with a mixture of joy and surprise. I had never come so quickly in my life.
I had a powerful urge to pleasure her too, to lift her up to the same heights of ecstasy as she’d taken me. Sitting up, I pushed her back on the rug, marvelling at the taut flatness of her belly and the way her breasts stood up pert even though she was laying flat.
I trailed my fingers down her stomach, lingering fleetingly on her belly button and then pausing at the tops of her thighs. She watched me, slit-eyed, as I parted her legs and came face to face with the cutest pussy I had ever seen. It was shaven and sopping. I slid a finger in, felt her vaginal muscles clench around it and heard her soft gasp.
I sucked on her clit, as I played with her and she came gratifyingly quickly. It was as if we were made for each other. As if we already knew what to do, how to give each other maximum pleasure.

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