Let the Light in

Let the Light in

by Karen Taylor-Good

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Cd Baby

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  28. If Not Now When?  - Karen Taylor-Good
  29. It's What I Do  - Karen Taylor-Good
  30. Hands  - Karen Taylor-Good

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Karen Taylor-Good   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Joe Henry   Composer
Freebo   Composer
Dennis Good   Composer
Tim Good   Composer
David Kopatz   Composer
J.D. Martin   Composer
Tammy Rogers   Composer
Karen Taylor-Good   Composer
Jason Blume   Composer
Lisa Aschmann   Composer
Jim Daddario   Composer
Tania Hancheroff   Composer
Tammy Hyler   Composer
Faith Rivera   Composer
Bill Whyte   Composer
Karen Drucker   Composer
Jan Garrett   Composer
Daniel Nahmod   Composer
Jennifer Adan   Composer
Lisa Hentrich   Composer
Thalia Kalodimos   Composer
Taylor Sparks   Composer
Sue K. Riley   Composer
Monty Kimble   Composer
Dawn Wilder   Composer

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