Let the Picture Paint Itself/Jewel of the South

Let the Picture Paint Itself/Jewel of the South

by Rodney Crowell

Let the Picture Paint Itself and Jewel of the South, packaged in this two-fer, are Rodney Crowell's last albums in the 20th century.See more details below


Let the Picture Paint Itself and Jewel of the South, packaged in this two-fer, are Rodney Crowell's last albums in the 20th century.

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  1. Let the Picture Paint Itself  - Rodney Crowell
  2. Give My Heart a Rest  - Rodney Crowell
  3. Stuff That Works  - Rodney Crowell
  4. Big Heart  - Rodney Crowell
  5. Loving You Makes Me Strong  - Rodney Crowell
  6. The Best Years of Our Lives  - Rodney Crowell
  7. I Don't Fall in Love So Easy  - Rodney Crowell
  8. That Ol' Door  - Rodney Crowell
  9. The Rose of Memphis  - Rodney Crowell
  10. Once In a While  - Rodney Crowell
  11. Say You Love Me  - Rodney Crowell
  12. Candy Man  - Rodney Crowell
  13. Please Remember Me  - Rodney Crowell
  14. The Ballad of Possum Potez  - Rodney Crowell
  15. Thinking About Leaving  - Rodney Crowell
  16. The Ladder of Love  - Rodney Crowell
  17. Just Say Yes  - Rodney Crowell
  18. Storm of Love  - Rodney Crowell
  19. Love to Burn  - Rodney Crowell
  20. Jewel of the South  - Rodney Crowell
  21. Que' Es Amor  - Rodney Crowell

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rodney Crowell   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Patty Loveless   Vocal Harmony
Trisha Yearwood   Vocal Harmony
Albert Lee   Electric Guitar
John Jorgenson   Guitar,Mandolin,Slide Guitar
Matt Rollings   Piano
Max Carl   Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Kenny Aronoff   Percussion,Drums
Eddie Bayers   Drums
Barry Beckett   Piano,Hammond B3
Richard Bennett   Guitar
Rosemary Butler   Background Vocals
Mike Clarke   Drums
Jim Cox   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano
Hank DeVito   Acoustic Guitar
Stuart Duncan   Fiddle
Béla Fleck   Banjo
Kim Fleming   Background Vocals
Paul Franklin   Dobro,Pedal Steel Guitar
Vince Gill   Vocal Harmony
Bob Glaub   Bass
Mike Haynes   Trumpet
Jim Horn   Saxophone
Mark Luna   Vocal Harmony
Raul Malo   Vocal Harmony
Liana Manis   Vocal Harmony
Brent Mason   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Steve Nathan   Organ,Piano,Harmonium,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Hammond B3
Herb Pedersen   Vocals
Alison Prestwood   Bass
Carmella Ramsey   Vocal Harmony
Michael Rhodes   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Fretless Bass Guitar
Kim Richey   Vocal Harmony
Steuart Smith   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Tommy Spurlock   Steel Guitar
Harry Stinson   Vocals
Kenny Vaughan   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Billy Joe Walker   Electric Guitar
Willie Weeks   Bass
Marty Williams   Overdubs
Glenn Worf   Bass
Charlie McCoy   Harmonica
Michael Utley   Piano,Hammond B3
Bill Owsley   Vocal Harmony
Tim Lauer   Accordion
Claudia Church   Background Vocals
Dan Huff   Electric Guitar
Jonathan Carroll   Organ,Piano
Chris Rodriguez   Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Chuck Ainley   Overdubs

Technical Credits

Rodney Crowell   Composer,Producer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Jeff Balding   Engineer
Tony Brown   Producer
Donivan Cowart   overdub engineer
Steve Marcantonio   Engineer
Brent Rowan   Guitar Overdubs
Billy Sanford   Guitar Overdubs
Marty Williams   overdub engineer
Chris Musto   Repackaging Design
Twang Gang   Instrumentation
Nick Dalton   Liner Notes
Fredericks   Composer
Chuck Ainley   Engineer

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