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Lethal Game

Lethal Game

4.7 26
by Katie Reus

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KR Press, LLC
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Red Stone Security , #15
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Barnes & Noble
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Lethal Game 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
DebsIN 5 months ago
"Lethal Game" has everything you could want in a well written book. We had intrigue, suspense, and a second chance romance with Graysen and Isa fighting together as well as Carlito finally asking Emerson out. You get a great romance and a mini romance in one awesome read. I have missed some of this series, but reading a Katie Reus book, I have never found one I did not love. It is always sad when a series ends, but I find it is also sad when any great book is at its end. The 'Red Stone Security Series', the 'Deadly Ops Novels', 'Moon Shifter Series' and others, Katie Reus has something for everyone. Without a doubt, she will write another great series for all of us fans of her books, and we will again fall in love with the characters. If you are a reader of romantic suspense this is a series you won't want to miss. I would like to thank NetGalley and KR Press for gifting me "Lethal Game". My opinion is my own. This is mine 4.75 Stars!
booklover- 9 months ago
This is book #15 and the final book of the Red Stone Security Series. This one, as do all of them in the series, does quite well as a stand alone. Working for Red Stone Security, Isa has found peace and belonging. Graysen broke her heart a year ago and she moved clear across the country to get away from the memories. So to say she surprised to learn Gray is also working for Red Stone is quite an understatement. And even further, he's going to be her partner on the next assignment. Greysen has never forgotten Isa and he knows he never will. He's pulled in all kinds of favors to get closer to Isa.. he wants a second chance and he's will to do whatever it takes to get her back in his life. But when their next security assignment puts them in the path of dangerous Russian terrorists , they are forced to work together if they want to survive. Katie Reus is a consummate author of Romantic Suspense. Her books always contain the fast-paced action, danger, violence, and lots of spicy romance that her followers have come to know and appreciate. The characters are cleverly drawn, credible and just plain likable. I highly recommend this book, this series, this author if you are a fan of Romantic Suspense. I wish to thank the author / KR Press, LLC / Netgalley for the digital copy of Lethal Game. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
MelissaPorter32 10 months ago
Isa has had life hit her hard. With loosing family and getting her heartbroken by a man she fell in love with, she decides to start new. Working with Red Stone Security she has made new friends and feels like a family. Graysen broke Isa's heart. He wants a second chance. He will do whatever it takes to get it. Even calling in every favor that is owed to him. I love reading second chance stories. The characters have a history just makes the story that much more enjoyable.
hkmd7 11 months ago
Great Conclusion to Established Series. Lethal Game is book 15 in the Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus. It was bittersweet reading this book as it is the last of the series. This book can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading the other books in the series as you get a better understanding of Red Stone Security and some of the other characters that make appearances in the book. This book was kind of a two-for-one. You get the main story about Graysen West and Isa Harper but also the secondary story about Detective Carlito Duarte and Emerson Lincoln. Detective Duarte is one of my favorite secondary characters from the Red Stone series so I was glad that he was featured as a side story to the main characters. Graysen and Isa have a shared past. Greyson uses his former employment and the lure of a lucrative job to obtain employment at Red Stone. He does all this in an effort to get close to Isa to try and make amends for things that have happened in the past. The story and plot are solid. The characters and action are believable. The suspense is spot on. I am sad to see this series end as I enjoyed reading the individual stories and how they fit in with each other but I am looking forward to new works from this author.
blaise_zillah 11 months ago
A great addition to this series , Isa was betrayed and wasn't sure she could ever trust her heart again, not even the man she still loved. Was interesting see how Graysen handled things, had a great storyline and story flowed well.
RoseVAcademyST 11 months ago
Lethal Game is the 15th and last book in the Red Stone Security series and it goes out with a BANG! Katie Reus sure knows how to put an end to an amazing series! Lethal Game not only tells Graysen and Isa’s story but it finally gives a happy ending to Emerson and Carlito’s “friendship”. Graysen has worked hard to get back into Isa’s life and when the opportunity shows up, he is there to take it. Working undercover with her may not be ideal but he will do anything to prove to her that he is the man she has always known. But when things take an unexpected turn, Graysen and Isa will have to work together if they want to survive. While Graysen and Isa are trying to survive, Emerson suspects that something is wrong with Isa’s mission and heads to her office accompanied by Carlito. Graysen and Isa’s book was amazing!!! It was full of action, suspense and of course, romance! It’s hard to believe that the series is over but at the same time we have had some pretty amazing books the past few years and there are more to come, if you follow Reus’s other series. *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
ZR1000 11 months ago
A fitting explosive action and suspense ending to the series… This is the fifteenth book in the Red Stone Security series that can be read as a stand-alone. As this is the final book in the series we get an update on many of the characters in the epilogue. A year ago Isa Harper’s life drastically changed, her father was proved a traitor to his country and he preferred to die than be arrested and her boyfriend, the man she’d fallen in live with, was a CIA agent using her to get closer to her father, their relationship was all lies. After the fallout she ran across the country and got a job with Red Stone Security, a good group of people who made her feel welcome. Graysen West, a former CIA agent lost the woman he’d fallen in love with on a case. His identity and the reason they met were the lies but everything else was true, his feelings were real but the betrayal hurt Isa deeply. He’s not willing to let go of the best thing he’s ever known so he left the agency arranging to be hired by Red Stone Security and work with Isa on an important client he brought with him. When Isa learns who her new partner is, she’s appalled and furious, his betrayal still cuts and she wants nothing to do with him personally. She’s given an out clause by her boss, work one week with Graysen and then she can ask to be removed as his partner, being a professional she’ll do this but already knows a week is it, no matter how much she may still care for the man he can’t be trusted again. The security breaches they find at the client set off a chain of events that have them fighting for their lives against armed Russians after hours at a building in lockdown with no way to call in assistance, communications are jammed. Facing the reality of death together has a way of erasing past transgressions, will these two find each other again if they manage to survive? There was not one but two romances in this book, besides Graysen and Isa, Miami PD Detective Carlito Duarte and Emerson Lincoln, a computer programmer analyst at Red Stone Security finally cross the line turning friendship into much more. Emerson being the last person in contact with Isa went to check on her accompanied by Carlito and were pulled into the same events. Two couples fighting to survive, two men who’ll do anything to protect the women they love, a fitting explosive action and suspense ending to what has been an enjoyable romantic suspense series. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the author.
Tinkyshae28 11 months ago
OMG!!! Katie sure does know how to end a series with a bang. In this final installment we find Isa and Graysen doing what they do best protecting states secrets from bad guys. Of course things can't always go to plan and this story is no different. We also see Carlito pop up and say some very important things. This book will not disappoint you but if you have read the whole series it will make you sad to see these friends go for now. Great work Katie. Gifted ARC for review.
tsinclr 11 months ago
Graysen and Isa fell in love and it all fell apart because of his job. Isa leaves DC to make a new start in Miami. She finds a great job and even greater friends. On a high from a successful assignment, she has a meeting with her boss to meet her new partner. Little does she know that Graysen is the company's newest employee and her partner. Graysen has planned for this day since Isa left him. He never thought she would refuse to work with him so he begs for one week to prove they would make a good team. She agrees but immediately starts planning for a new partner at the end of the week. Before the end of the week, Graysen and Isa find themselves fighting for their lives. Guns, smoke bombs, and no electricity. Will Graysen and Isa be able to make it out and also save their friends? I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest unpaid review.
djones1 11 months ago
Lethal Game is the last of the Red Stone Security series. It has been one of Katie Reus' best series. I have been in love with this series since day 1. I hate to see these books end, the heroes are hot, sexy and strong. The ladies are smart, sexy and savvy. I love in these books that you get a small visit with previous characters in other books. Katie also has a great working knowledge of security. Isa and Graysen have a history from a time in the past where he betrayed and broke her heart. Her father was killed and she blamed Graysen for his death. Now they are thrown together working a job for Red Stone Security investigating a company's computer security. Graysen will not leave and give up on Isa, he wants her back and is willing to give her time to forgive him. Emerson and Carlito are another romance we get in this book. She's a crack computer analyst and he's a detective. They have been toying with each other in the last few books. In this one they find their way to each other. I received an ARC in return for an honest review.
SMH6 11 months ago
this is the final book of the series. Sad to see it go because it had some great characters. Strong women and men. I love the interaction of the characters from the past as well as the main ones. I totally enjoyed the book and would recommend it to fellow romantic suspense lovers.
KnottyGirlReviews 11 months ago
It's a Bittersweet day for Red Stone Security fans. The 15th and final book has been released. Though Katie has more exciting projects in the works, I know I'll always love the men and women of Red Stone. Isa is still heartbroken even a year after what Graysen did to shatter her. But she's now busy at Red Stone doing her job, finding the weak points in a companies security. But she gets a surprise when her boss Harrison decides to pair her up with Greysen for a job. Isa is furious, but Greyson has every intention of winning her back, even if he only has a week to do it, and also has to protect her against terrorists who are intent on ending her. This was yet, another incredible book from Katie. The perfect story, with a wonderful epilogue that gives us a peek into how the rest of the Red Stone family is doing. Just an amazing end of an era!
animation 11 months ago
Ok, so one of my favorite movies is Die Hard. This was like a shorter, sexier version of that movie. I absolutely loved it! Below a brief synopsis. The last installment in the Red Stone Security Series features Graysen and Isa. Isa is devastated after Graysen's deception a year ago. Graysen is desperate to make it up to her and be with her again. A crisis forces them to count on each other in ways they never expected. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
weluvdopey 11 months ago
This is a great book; this is the fifteenth book in the Red Stone Security series written by Katie Reus. Graysen’s betrayal nearly destroyed Isa a year ago. Now that she’s working for Red Stone Security, she’s managed to piece her life back together after a rough year and a broken heart. Then he appears back in her life and makes it clear he’s not going anywhere until she gives them a second chance. A chance she refuses to take. Graysen’s never gotten over Isa and he knows he never will. It’s his fault she walked away, but he can’t seem to let her go. He quit his job with the CIA and called in every favor he had to get hired by Red Stone Security just to be near her again. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this book. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
AMR0406 11 months ago
Lethal Game by Katie Reus is every romantic suspense lover’s dream. Hold on while reading this one because it is action packed, filled with suspense, drama, intrigue as well as passionate, sexy romance. Reus does a great job of weaving an original plot throughout the book while balancing not one, but two romances. Graysen is ex-CIA who has come to his friend and founder of Red Stone Security with a government contract and a job request. See, Graysen wants to win back the heart of Isa who also works for Red Stone, but she really doesn’t want anything to do with him. Being forced to work on a job together will require Isa to spend time with Graysen. I can’t say I fell in love with either of these characters at the beginning, however, as the story continued, I was treated to more layers of their personality and really really wanted things to work out for them. The added romance between Carlito, a police detective and Emerson, a Red Stone employee was a bonus. They were loosely tied to the overall plot connected with Emerson and Isa and while I enjoyed watching their love story unfold, I would have preferred more of Graysen and Isa. I haven’t read the last few Red Stone books so it could be that the fans wanted an Emerson story and this was the best way to include that in the final book in the series. Regardless, their story was truly engaging and heart warming. As with all of Reus’ stories, we are treated to great writing, a unique plot with descriptive action scenes, and intimate scenes that make you squirm. The best thing about a series is that many of characters from previous books make an appearance. From the owners of Red Stone Security to their wives and even discussions about other characters made for a great ending. If you like romantic suspense, definitely give Lethal Game a try.
Anonymous 11 months ago
If you haven't read this series you are missing out. Something for everyone. Thanks Katie
grandmareads102 11 months ago
Isa will never forgive Graysen for his betrayal. She gave him her heart but he used her to keep tabs on her father. The CIA knew that her father sold classified information to our enemies. He killed himself when his treachery was revealed. As a result Isa lost her job and her friends. She started over with Red Stone Security as an operative. A year later Graysen left his job and followed her. Now they are working together. Will Isa give him a chance to make up for the past? I liked that she is a strong, intelligent woman who can stand up for herself. Graysen is drawn to Isa. He cares for her and wants her in his life. They have great chemistry plus they are cool under pressure. I want them on my side when there is danger. This final book in this suspenseful series kept me on the edge of my seat. The action is non-stop. The author makes the characters come to life. I enjoyed seeing familiar people and catching up with their lives. I hate to say goodbye to Red Stone Security. I'll miss this suspenseful adventure series filled with heart stopping passionate romances. Katie Reus knows how to pull the reader in to these exciting stories.
booknooknuts 11 months ago
I am so heartbroken that this is the final installment of this wickedly good series. Alas we do get two couples and wow the action and drama is spot on. Isa works for Redstone and she is sent into a special assignment and of course Harrison didn't tell her who her partner would be. Graysen is back and looking to claim what was once his. Well first he will need to wipe the blood off his face. Then we get Carlito we have seen Carlito through many books in this series will he finally get a forever? Well you will need to grab the book and find out because I am not spilling the romance. Fantastic ending to a Fantastic series !! “I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review”
JoRead 11 months ago
Although it’s always exciting to come back to this world, this time my homecoming was bittersweet since it’s the last book in the series. Regardless, I was happy to see how it all wrapped up nicely in this story. I’ve like all books in the series for the most part but I feel this story in particular encompasses the best what every romantic suspense lover has to have in a story: heart-pounding action, suspense, a thrilling plot, relentless heroines, assertive heroes, and of course, romance. Isa and Grayson became estranged after she discovered he’d lied to her about who he was and the real reason he approached her. She now wants nothing to do with him, even if her heart is screaming that she’s still in love with him. Unfortunately for her, Grayson is back in her life and will do everything in his power to convince her they belong together but he only has one week to do it. As the week progressed, they suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives and for the love they share. Meanwhile, Isa’s friend Emerson and her long-time pal Carlito, decide that it’s well past time to move from just friends to something more. All while trying to escape from some serious hostage situation. Being that it's a romantic suspense I knew there was going to be a HEA but that didn't take away from the suspense and nail-biting moments. What’s more, the fact that there is more than one romantic sub-plot didn’t detract from the main characters either, if anything it just added to the drama. As an added bonus we get a glimpse of what’s been going on with other characters from the series making me feel as if it was a farewell to the security team in the form of an epilogue. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense then the complete series is the right read for you.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 11 months ago
4.25 stars--LETHAL GAME is the fifteenth and final installment in Katie Reus’s contemporary, adult RED STONE SECURITY romantic, suspense series focusing on the men and women of Red Stone Security. LETHAL GAME focuses on two relationships, a terrorist plot, and a man desperate enough to start a new life leaving mayhem and death in his wake. This is former CIA agent Graysen West, and Red Stone Security computer expert Isa Harper’s second chance storyline; and RSS computer programmer/analyst Emerson Lincoln, and Detective Carlito Duarte’s friends to lovers romance. Told from several third person points of view LETHAL GAME focuses on the hunt for the person(s) responsible for the infiltration and leak of classified information at the Raptor Aeronautical Firm. Fourteen months earlier while on assignment, CIA Agent Greysen West fell in love with Isa Harper-an assignment that ended with the death of Isa’s father, and the revelation that the two men that Isa loved had lied to her all along. Fast forward to present day, wherein Red Stone Security Agency has been hired by Raptor Aeronautical in the hopes of ferreting out the source of some compromised information. Enter Greysen West, Red Stone Security’s newest agent, and the man with whom Isa will have to work undercover. What ensues is the rekindling relationship between Isa and Greysen- a love that had never waivered in the face of betrayal and lies; and the struggle to stay safe when their positions had been compromised. For six months RSS computer programmer Emerson Lincoln has lusted after Miami Police Detective Carlito Duarte- an attraction she believes is one sided; and has squarely landed her in the friend zone. But when Isa misses a meeting with Emerson at Red Stone Security, Carlito and Emerson begin an investigation of their own that ends with our couple trapped together at gun point when their lives are threatened by a terrorist organization. LETHAL GAME is a story of suspense; of romance; second chances; and happily ever afters. Several of the previous story line couples play secondary and supporting roles revealing a little bit of history and backstory to the final chapters of Katie’s Red Stone Security romantic suspense series. The epilogue fast forwards the story a few months where we get a glimpse into the lives of the men and women at Red Stone Security, and the possibility of new relationships and growing families. The premise is intriguing, entertaining and exciting; the characters are sensual and inspiring; the romances are passionate and tender. Saying good bye to Katie Reus’s RED STONE SECURITY series is like saying good bye to a friend-there is always the hope you will see one another again but in the end, it was a pleasure going along for the ride.
gigiluvsbooks 11 months ago
He broke her heart. Graysen’s betrayal nearly destroyed Isa a year ago. Now that she’s working for Red Stone Security, she’s managed to piece her life back together after a rough year and a broken heart. Then he appears back in her life and makes it clear he’s not going anywhere until she gives them a second chance. A chance she refuses to take. Now he’s back to claim what’s his. Graysen’s never gotten over Isa and he knows he never will. It’s his fault she walked away, but he can’t seem to let her go. He quit his job with the CIA and called in every favor he had to get hired by Red Stone Security just to be near her again. But Isa doesn’t care that he’s desperate to make things right between them—she wants nothing to do with him. He doesn’t blame her, but he’s not willing to give her up. When they’re cornered by lethal terrorists, everything changes. Graysen and Isa will have to find a way to work together if they want to survive. Only then will he be able to convince her to claim the chance at happiness the past stole from them. Review: An action-packed second chance romance. Love Ms. Reus and her books. This is the, WOW 15th installment in this series, I cannot believe we are at book 15. In this story we are focused mainly on Graysen and Isa who blew apart about a year ago. Now, Graysen is back to get the woman he loves. They are a great couple and the case they are working on is super exciting and dangerous to keep the story moving at a fast pace. I loved that they could work out their issues, it was done in a way that is believable and make sense for the characters. There is the other love story in here, Carlito and Emerson. They have a little action too, but their part to me was much more romantic. I just wanted to go "awe" when I reading about these two. These stories are not hard to read out of order, so if you start with this one you should not be confused in any way. Besides the action, you get a nice dose of sexy in each of these stories too. Another winner, from one of my go-to-authors. 4.5Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the Author.*
bouncyberthaCR 11 months ago
4.5 - "I'm not giving up on us." Stars! Katie Reus returns with the fifteenth and final (for now anyway) instalment in the Red Stone Security Series. This one reminded me in a good way, a little of the first Die Hard film. Lethal Game is a book that gives two more couples their happily ever afters while dealing with a little corporate theft and investigation, as well as a game of cat & mouse with some terrorists in an office block. She had to forgive him. He couldn’t live with anything less. Graysen and Isa are trying to stay alive whilst hiding out in an office building they are working undercover in. It’s not the best time for reconciling as a couple, but Graysen is determined to have Isa back in his life again, after she left him twelve months previously for not being the person she thought he was. If it was the last thing he did, he was going to make things right between them. Meanwhile Emerson and Carlito finally take the step from best friends to lovers after six months of pretending they aren’t attracted to each other, whilst trying to help them out. "We’ve got a lot of time to make up for." It’s getting hard to come up with new ways to say that I love this author’s work, and that everything she writes is just awesome-sauce! We all have writers that hit the spot time and time again, and Katie is definitely that for me. This may be a series, but I have read most of the books from it out of sequence and not once did I struggle to work out what was going on and who was who, they are all pretty quick reads as well with a bit of action and suspense thrown in around the romantic aspect, so a great way to spend a couple of hours reading. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
MBurton 11 months ago
Talk about an epic ending to the series! I absolutely love this series and I'm sad to see this will be the last one. I am actually thankful I haven't read all of them yet because this last book has made me want to do a binge read from 1 to 15. Katie Reus writes the best Hero's in her stories. They are pure Alpha, and extremely protective. I've loved every single one I have had the pleasure to read so far. We are lucky and get two couples story in this finale. The main couple is Isa and Graysen, but then we also get Carlito and Emerson. On top of getting to read about these two couples, there is an awesome suspense scene involving these two men doing whatever they can to protect their women. I devoured this book in one sitting. To say the least, I highly recommend this series. ARC provided by NetGalley.
Barbara_Jones 11 months ago
Final installment to a fabulous series! A must-read! Lethal Game, Red Stone Security (RSS), Book 15 is sadly the series finale. I have loved the Caldwell brothers and the extended family they call RSS since book 1, No One to Trust, and I will greatly miss them all. That said, Ms. Reus delivers again! Lethal Game gives us not one, but two HEAs (Graysen & Isa and Carlito & Emerson)! Loaded with action, suspense, intrigue, super smexy times, and a visit with some of our favorite RSS characters, make Lethal Game a must-read! And, makes the Red Stone Security series a definite must for your TBR list! While best enjoyed as a series, each book may be read as a stand-alone. Highly recommended!! *ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
Peachey04 11 months ago
Another fantastic addition to the Red Stone Security series! The story line is full of mystery and suspense as well as strong characters with amazing connections. Loved the story and highly recommend you don't miss out on on this one or the series. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. all opinions expressed are my own.