Let's Get It On [Deluxe Edition]

Let's Get It On [Deluxe Edition]

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by Marvin Gaye

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This Deluxe Edition is a two-disc celebration of the hedonistic R&B masterpiece Let's Get It On. The album is Marvin Gaye's follow-up to the groundbreaking social statement he made on What's Going On, which can also be thoroughly examined on the likewise expanded What's Going On [Deluxe Edition]. The two-and-a-half-hour package is divided into…  See more details below


This Deluxe Edition is a two-disc celebration of the hedonistic R&B masterpiece Let's Get It On. The album is Marvin Gaye's follow-up to the groundbreaking social statement he made on What's Going On, which can also be thoroughly examined on the likewise expanded What's Going On [Deluxe Edition]. The two-and-a-half-hour package is divided into four sections, beginning with a complete sonic resurrection of the original eight-song album, which now boasts a 24-bit digital transfer exclusive to this collection. A nine-track sessions segment follows consisting of entirely unissued materials. These exist in the form of instrumentals and undubbed and alternate versions of previously issued songs. This is continued throughout the third section, which contains demos, alternate mixes, and more, ending with a further ten alternate mixes and unissued pieces in various states of completion. These are in effect the recordings that connect such diametric and otherwise polar opposite musical sentiments as What's Going On with Let's Get It On. The sound is uniformly breathtaking. The often-jarring and always harsh and brittle sonics that previously plagued the high frequencies throughout the original disc -- most specifically the tambourine and other percussion during "Distant Lover," for instance -- is now organic and unprocessed. The copious bonus material sounds opulent considering it spans over five years. Any slight audio anomaly should be regarded as proof of authenticity. The laid-back strings on "Cakes," "Symphony," and "Song #3" observe a new side of Gaye's talents that rivals the likes of Barry White in terms of swinging soul arrangements. The inclusion of various works-in-progress and other related productions -- such as the Miracles' ("I Love You Secretly") as well as the Originals (1968) and the Monitors' (1970) respective renditions of "Just to Keep You Satisfied" -- examine the close-knit influence that Motown had among its own ranks. Accompanying the two discs -- which are housed in a cardboard digipack -- is a 24-page booklet replete with previously unpublished photos as well as essays from Gaye biographers David Ritz, Ben Edmunds, and Harry Weinger, producer and annotator of Let's Get It On [Deluxe Edition].

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Disc 1

  1. Let's Get It On
  2. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
  3. If I Should Die Tonight
  4. Keep Gettin' It On
  5. Come Get to This
  6. Distant Lover
  7. You Sure Love to Ball
  8. Just to Keep You Satisfied
  9. Song #3
  10. My Love Is Growing
  11. Cakes
  12. Symphony
  13. I'd Give My Life for You
  14. I Love You Secretly  -  Miracles
  15. You're the Man
  16. You're the Man
  17. Symphony

Disc 2

  1. Let's Get It On
  2. Let's Get It On, Pt. 2
  3. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
  4. If I Should Die Tonight
  5. Come Get to This
  6. Distant Lover
  7. You Sure Love to Ball
  8. Just to Keep You Satisfied
  9. Just to Keep You Satisfied
  10. Just to Keep You Satisfied  -  Monitors
  11. Where Are We Going?
  12. The World Is Rated X
  13. I'm Gonna Give You Respect
  14. Try It, You'll Like It
  15. You Are That Special One
  16. We Can Make It Baby
  17. Running from Love
  18. Mandota
  19. Running from Love
  20. Come Get to This

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marvin Gaye   Primary Artist,Percussion,Piano,Celeste,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Monitors   Track Performer
Buddy Collette   Flute,Saxophone
Leslie Drayton   Conductor
Johnny Griffin   Piano,Celeste
Joe Sample   Piano,Keyboards
Billy Griffin   Leader
Gene Page   Conductor
David T. Walker   Guitar
Miracles   Track Performer
Dan Ackerman   Trumpet
Jack Ashford   Kazoo,Marimbas
Harry Bluestone   Concert Master
George Bohannon   Trombone
Eric Dolen   Background Vocals
Leroy Emanuel   Guitar
Chuck Findley   Trumpet
Ed Greene   Drums
Rene Hall   Conductor
Paul Hubinon   Trumpet
Willie Hutch   Background Vocals
James Jamerson   Bass
Marvin Jenkins   Piano
Uriel Jones   Drums
Bobby Keys   Saxophone
Madeline   Background Vocals
Dean Parks   Guitar
Donald Peake   Guitar
Emil Richards   Mallets
Fred Ross   Background Vocals
Richard Street   Leader
Earl Van Dyke   Piano,Celeste
Ernie Watts   Flute,Saxophone
Eddie Willis   Guitar
Arthur Wright   Guitar
Bobby Rogers   Band
Julia Waters   Background Vocals
Wally Cox   Background Vocals
Sandra Fagin   Band
Louis Shelton   Guitar
Ronald White   Band
Gemi Taylor   Guitar
Michael Torrance   Background Vocals
Robert White   Guitar
Michael J. Henderson   Bass

Technical Credits

Marvin Gaye   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Leslie Drayton   Arranger
Victor Feldman   Vibe Master
Steve Smith   Engineer
Gene Page   Arranger
Hamilton Bohannon   Composer
Jack Ashford   Vibe Master
David Blumberg   Arranger
Mel Bolton   Composer
Harvey Fuqua   Producer
Gwen Fuqua   Composer
Anna Gordy Gaye   Composer
Rene Hall   Arranger
Michael Henderson   Composer
Rudy Hill   Engineer
Glenn Jordan   Original Album Producer
Marilyn McLeod   Composer
Larry Mizell   Composer
Emil Richards   Vibe Master
Ken Sands   Engineer
Bill Schnee   Engineer
Art Stewart   Engineer
Ed Townsend   Producer
David Van De Pitte   Arranger
Harry Weinger   Producer,Annotation
Ron Jackson   Original Album Producer
Robert Gordy   Composer
Sandra Greene   Composer
Elgie Stover   Composer
Ezra Bolton   Composer
Edward Gordon   Composer
Calvin Harris   Engineer
Edward Townsend   Composer

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Let's Get It On 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just about everything Marvin Gaye has ever released from The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye to Let's Get it On (deluxe edition) and I still never get tired of hearing this man sing. As well reconized as Marvin Gaye is world wide, I still think he is underrated. I say this because this man was the biggest selling artist in Motown history with mega hits like What's Going On, Let's Get It On and Got to Give it Up and if they were giving Grammy's out in 1968, I Heard it Through the Grapevine would have definitely gotten some nominations, yet he didn't win his first Grammy until he was with Columbia Records for the song Sexual Healing. Let's Get it On is a prime example of that. That was and still is one of the greatest songs not just as far as R&B is concerned but pop, rock, country and whatever other musical category out there, selling well over 4 million copies back in 1973 and is still selling. I like everything on this two cd set and I especially like the Just to Keep you Satisfied version done by the Originals and I Love You Secretly done by the Miracles. I say this because we all know how great a singer Marvin Gaye is but to hear other singers and singing groups perform his music is fascinating to listen to. You actually hear him singing with the Originals in (Just to Keep You Satisfied) and you can hear his influence strongly in the Miracles(I Love You Secretly). I also liked the original demo of Let's Get it On. Alot people including myself didn't know that there was a different version of that song until now. The Let's Get it On song as we have all grown to love and appreciate was totally improvised. He actually recorded the first version before he met his second wife to be Janis Hunter but once she walked into his life, he resung the song with a passion unlike none before or since for that matter. As far as the demos and alternate versions, I like them all. It shows you the progression and work leading up to the final product. We as fans take for granite the work that it takes to put together a final album but with this cd it takes us into the studio and makes us feel like a part of the sessions. I read one persons review and they wondered why they wait 30 some odd years to release material and thought it was just a way to make money. My answer is I am glad that they do because hearing new music from Marvin Gaye makes me appeciate him even more and gives me something to always look forward to plus if you read anything about Marvin Gaye, you know he was a perfectionist and would have never allowed them to release it while he was alive. If you only like the commercial hits of Marvin Gaye you might not enjoy this cd but if you are a true fan like myself, get this cd and get it fast. Also get the What's Going On Deluxe Edition, it is a great cd as well. Marvin Gaye is the best artist ever and that includes rythym and blues, rock, pop, country, jazz, folk, easy listening, new wave, techno, heavy metal, hip hop, etc.