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Let's Meet a Librarian

Let's Meet a Librarian

by Ed Myer

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
A group of students visit the school library to talk to Mr. Field, the school librarian. Mr. Field explains that he is an information expert. He shows them how to use the online catalog to find books about dinosaurs. Unfortunately, Only titles of the books are shown—no call numbers appear and no attempt is made to find any of the books on the shelves. Mr. Field tells the students that talking in the library is okay. He does not mind noise and then he proceeds to play some loud music. He and one of the students are shown doing dance steps. Two other students cover their ears. Mr. Field explains that librarians often give library tours and put on puppet shows. They know lots of facts and will answer all kinds of questions. (No evidence appears that they help students find answers to questions.) Librarians are technology wizards. They troubleshoot computers and save the day. Mr. Field is shown reading a book to a group of students, but it is not clear whether he is in the library or the classroom. The pictures are bright and cartoonish. Mr. Field is shown acting like a spy, dressed as a wizard, and in a superman costume—along with other depictions showing him wearing slacks, an open-collar shirt, and a sports coat. The text of the book does not support the opening premise that a librarian is an information expert, and presents a partial, sometimes distorted, description of the role of a school librarian. A "Book Hunt" page basically tells youngsters to take an adult along to help and not to worry if they do not find the books they want, the library has tons more (as though finding the desired book is not important). Includes a glossary, bibliography, and index. Part of the "Community Helpers" series. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.

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Meet the Author

Gina Bellisario is the author of several picture books. She especially enjoys writing about community workers. Gina lives outside Chicago with her husband and twin daughters. Ed Myer grew up in an artistic household. He studied ceramics at university but always continued drawing pictures. In addition to illustration, Ed enjoys traveling, playing computer games, and walking little Ted (his Jack Russell terrier).

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