Let's Meet Harry, Ted and Mike

Let's Meet Harry, Ted and Mike

by Lynda Mill

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Let's Meet Harry, Ted, and Mike is a book about friendship and adventure. All adventures are more exciting when they are shared with those we like.


Let's Meet Harry, Ted, and Mike is a book about friendship and adventure. All adventures are more exciting when they are shared with those we like.

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Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Lynda Mill
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9321-1


Harry's flying his kite. He is holding on tight. The wind's beginning to blow. His kite puts on a colorful show. It's a magnificent sight, as it reaches great height. It gets caught in a tree. Harry fights to get it free. He brings it right down, way down to the ground. The tree was a scare. It could have caused his kite to tear!

Harry's in the garden digging for worms "Wear some gloves, don't get germs!" His mum likes to scare. Harry's not listening, he just doesn't care. He starts to dig. The hole he makes gets deep and big. He eats the worms. They don't have germs! But soon he feels sick. He enters the house nice and quick. Enough worms for today. In his bed he now must lay.

Harry sees a thick brown log. It's much too big to throw to the dog. So he throws Spot a stick. Spot fetches it quick. His dog stops to pant, but gets bitten by a mighty ant. Spot claws at a brick, to show Harry a trick. Harry says "No!" There's no need for a show. It's getting quite dark. They walk home tired from the park.

Harry finds his friend Mike. He's been riding his bike. The bike's put away, hide and seek they will play. They go for a run, they want to have fun. Mike goes to hide, Harry finds him with pride. Then another hiding place, Harry times it like a race. Ten minutes and the game is done. They roll in long grass under the sun.

Harry sees them on the sand, not at sea and not quite on land. But on the sparkling golden sand, giant footprints made to withstand, the changing tide from sea to land. He follows the prints until he finds a man. He has to ask him, yes he can. "Are you the giant on the sand?" The fisherman laughs, "Oh, yes I am." There is no mystery anymore. Harry runs home to finish his chores.

Harry sees a temple ahead. No noise surrounds it, the place seems quite dead. He looks towards the painted ceiling. This place gives him an eerie feeling. He goes outside, he wants to hide. Above flies a witch, Harry's eye starts to twitch. He runs and hides in a nearby ditch. It's the strangest thing he's ever seen! He wants to tell Mike where he's been. When the witch flies away Harry rides off on his merry way.

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