Let's Misbehave: 1926-1928

Let's Misbehave: 1926-1928

by Irving Aaronson & His Commanders

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  1. Don't Wake Me Up (Let Me Dream)  -  Irving Aaronson's Crusaders
  2. I Dare Not Love You  -  Irving Aaronson's Crusaders
  3. All For You  -  Irving Aaronson's Crusaders
  4. Goodnight (I'll See You In the Morning)  -  Irving Aaronson's Crusaders
  5. Wimmin Aaah!  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  6. Poor Papa  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  7. He Ain't Done Right By Nell  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  8. Spring is Here  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  9. Ya Gotta Know How To Love  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  10. What Good is Good Morning? (There's More Good In "Good-Night!")  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  11. The Pump Song  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  12. Hi-Ho the Merrio (As Long As She Loves Me)  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  13. I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  14. Hoodle Dee Doo Dee Doo Doo  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  15. Waffles  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  16. Do You Believe In Dreams?  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  17. What! No Spinach?  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  18. Hard-To-Get Gertie  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  19. Give Me a Ukulele and a Ukulele Baby and Leave the Rest To Me  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  20. Ev'rything's Peaches (For Peaches & Me)  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  21. I Never See Maggie Alone  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  22. Crazy Words-Crazy Tune (Vo-Do-De-O)  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  23. Let's Misbehave  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  24. An' Furthermore  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
  25. The Land of Going To Be  -  Irving Aaronson & His Commanders

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Irving Aaronson & His Commanders   Primary Artist
Irving Aaronson   Indexed Contributor,Vocals
Jack Armstrong   Vocals
Stanley Johnston   Vocals
Sal Cibelli   Vocals
Frank Cornwell   Vocals
Bob Leitner   Vocals
Ralph Napoli   Vocals
Phil Saxe   Vocals
Franklyn Baur   Vocals
Red Stanley   Vocals
Harold Saliers   Vocals
Jimmy Taylor   Vocals

Technical Credits

Hugh Aitken   Composer
Sigmund Romberg   Composer
Milton Ager   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Arthur Freed   Composer
Bud Green   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Roy Turk   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Gene Williams   Composer
Jack Yellen   Composer
Fred Rich   Composer
Joseph Young   Composer
John Leifert   Source Recordings
Joe Busam   Cover Art
Sam Coslow   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Harry Woods   Composer
Harry Link   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
William Tracey   Composer
Sammy Lerner   Composer
Jack Little   Composer
Everett Lynton   Composer
Abel Baer   Composer
Addy Britt   Composer
Dan Dougherty   Composer
Buddy Fields   Composer
Mabel Wayne   Composer
Randy Skretvedt   Liner Notes
Rich Conaty   Source Recordings
Roger Robles   Source Recordings
Billy Rose   Composer
E. Ray Goetz   Composer
Bryan Wright   Executive Producer,Source Recordings
Paul Small   Composer
Walter Kollo   Composer
Billy Mack   Composer
Harry B. Smith   Composer
George J. Bennett   Composer
Harry Squires   Composer
Samuel Lewis   Composer
Dick Howard   Composer
Adam Dubin   Source Recordings
Carl Hohengarten   Composer
Koppel   Composer
Henry Santly   Composer
Harry Tilsley   Composer
Dinty Moore   Composer
Jimmy Gallagher   Composer
William Roettger   Composer
Stephen Hester   Photo Courtesy
Sean Miller   Source Recordings
Sam Carlton   Composer
Joseph Russel Robinson   Composer

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