Let's Start the Action: An Electronic Tribute to D.O.A.

Let's Start the Action: An Electronic Tribute to D.O.A.


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Sudden Death

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  7. Dead Men Tell No Tales  -  Hyperdriver
  8. Prisoner
  9. I Know Who You Are  -  Zeroism
  10. War in the East  - Satan Braten
  11. I Know Who You Are
  12. Fuck You (I Got Life in Me D.O.A.)  -  Aversion
  13. Unchained Melody  - Nadin Katrin
  14. You Can't Walk All Over Me  -  Ellende
  15. Get Away  -  Karaoke Vomit
  16. General Strike  -  Contra
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  20. Dead Men Tell No Tales  -  Noize Punishment
  21. Dead Men Tell No Tales  - Ambassador 21
  22. Watcha Gonna Do  -  Last Letter

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Natalia   Vocals
Jindrich Brejcha   Sampling
Vlad Buben   Keyboards,Vocals,Sampling
Buht   Group Member
Bunker   Group Member
Burik   Sampling
Donzi   Sampling,Group Member
Max Lukashevitch   Keyboards,Sampling
Moron   Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Munslow   Noise,Sampling

Technical Credits

Evidence   Engineer
Jindrich Brejcha   Programming,Engineer
Vlad Buben   Programming,Engineer
Bunker   Engineer
Burik   Programming
DJ Jesus Christ   Producer,Engineer
Donzi   Programming
Ryan Griffin   Engineer
Nadin Katrin   Engineer
Max Lukashevitch   Programming
Meconium   Engineer
Moron   Programming
Steve Munslow   Programming

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