Let's Think About Livin'

Let's Think About Livin'

by Bob Luman

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Bear Family

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Disc 1

  1. Stranger Than Fiction
  2. You're the Cause of It All
  3. That's Alright
  4. Hello Baby
  5. In the Deep Dark Jungle
  6. Let Her Go
  7. Let It Happen
  8. No Use in Lying
  9. That's Alright
  10. Hello Baby
  11. Shadow Rock
  12. Jumping with the Shadows
  13. The Creep
  14. All Night Long
  15. Amarillo Blues
  16. Wild Eyed Woman
  17. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache
  18. Blue Days, Black Nights
  19. This Is the Night
  20. The Creep
  21. All Night Long
  22. Whenever You're Ready
  23. You Love
  24. Make Up Your Mind Baby
  25. Make Up Your Mind Baby
  26. Red Hot
  27. Guitar Picker
  28. Your Love
  29. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache
  30. Your Love
  31. Make Up Your Mind Baby

Disc 2

  1. Everybody's Talkin'
  2. Chain of Love
  3. I Know My Baby Cares
  4. Try Me
  5. A Lover's Prayer
  6. Precious
  7. Svengali
  8. My Baby Walks All Over Me
  9. Class of '59
  10. Loretta
  11. Loretta
  12. Class of '59
  13. You're Like a Stranger in My Arms
  14. Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya
  15. Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya
  16. My Baby Walks All Over Me
  17. Dreamy Doll
  18. Lonely Road
  19. Buttercup
  20. Lover Creator
  21. Let's Think About Living
  22. You've Got Everything
  23. Meet Mr. Mud
  24. Throwin' Kisses
  25. Oh Lonesome Me
  26. Everytime the World Goes 'Round
  27. Why, Why, Bye, Bye
  28. You Win Again
  29. Jealous Heart

Disc 3

  1. Bad Bad Day
  2. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  3. I Love You Because
  4. The Great Snowman
  5. The Pig Latin Song
  6. You Turned Down the Lights
  7. Boston Rocker
  8. Old Friends
  9. Private Eye
  10. Lousiana Man
  11. Rocks of Reno
  12. Big River Rose
  13. Belonging to You
  14. You're Everything
  15. The Fool
  16. Envy
  17. Hey Joe
  18. You're Welcome
  19. I'm Gonna Write a Song About You
  20. (Can't Get You) Off My Mind
  21. Interstate Forty
  22. Too Hot to Dance  - Sue Thompson
  23. I Like Your Kind of Love  - Sue Thompson
  24. The File
  25. Can't Take the Country from the Boy
  26. (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room
  27. Run on Home Baby Brother
  28. Bigger Men tha I (Have Cried)
  29. (I Get So) Sentimental

Disc 4

  1. Old George Dickel
  2. Tears from out of Nowhere
  3. Fire Engine Red
  4. Go on Home Boy
  5. Freedom of Living
  6. Freedom of Living
  7. Love Worked a Miracle
  8. Poor Boy Blues
  9. Poor Boy Blues
  10. Poor Boy Blues
  11. Five Miles Away from Home (Soon I'll See Mary)
  12. The Beast Years of My Wife
  13. So Happy for You
  14. Hardly Anymore
  15. Yes Dear, There Is a Virginia
  16. Come on and Sing
  17. Come on and Sing
  18. Something Special
  19. Love Stay Away from Me
  20. It's a Sin
  21. It's a Sin
  22. Almost Persuaded
  23. Saving It for You
  24. Night Without End
  25. Running Scared
  26. It's All Over (But the Shouting)
  27. Still Loving You
  28. If You Don't Love Me (Then Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob Luman   Primary Artist,Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Sue Thompson   Vocals
Roy Buchanan   Guitar
Eddie Cochran   Guitar
James Burton   Guitar
Pete Drake   Steel Guitar
Merrill Moore   Piano
Anita Kerr   Choir, Chorus
Grady Martin   Guitar
Glenn Barber   Guitar
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Sharkey Hall   Drums
Buddy Harman   Drums
Jimmie Haskell   Leader
Hoyt Hawkins   Choir, Chorus
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Jackie Kelso   Leader,Saxophone
Millie Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Moss   Guitar
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
Earl Palmer   Drums
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Billy Sanford   Guitar
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Gene Garf   Piano
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Reed Hubbard   Guitar
Fred Carter   Guitar,Leader
Dean Manuel   Piano
Ray C. Walker   Choir, Chorus
Mel Rogers   Drums
Joe Osborn   Bass
Rene Joseph Hall   Guitar
James Carlisle Isbell   Drums
David Briggs   Piano
Jerry "Chip Young" Stembridge   Guitar
Johnny Parker   Bass
Donald R. "Ritchie" Frost   Drums

Technical Credits

Doug Kershaw   Composer
Bobby Bare   Composer
Don Gibson   Composer
Bob Luman   Duet
Mickey Newbury   Composer
Sue Thompson   Duet
Mel Tillis   Composer
Floyd Tillman   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Composer
Zeb Turner   Composer
Leon Payne   Composer
Dorsey Burnette   Composer
Melvin Endsley   Composer
Felice Bryant   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Jenny Carson   Composer
Carlos "Budd" Ford   Composer
Naomi Ford   Composer
John D. Loudermilk   Composer
Huey P. Meaux   Producer
Ben Raleigh   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
Wesley Rose   Producer
Winfield Scott   Composer
Glenn Sutton   Composer
Ernst Mikael Jorgensen   Illustrations
Billy Mize   Composer
Troy Shondell   Composer
Anna Carter   Composer
Cliff Crofford   Composer
Merle Kilgore   Composer
Earl Sinks   Composer
Howard Cockburn   Reissue Producer,Tape Comparison
Diethold Leu   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Jurgen Crasser   Mastering
Fabor Robison   Producer
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Hans Peter Zdrenka   Illustrations
Judy West   Composer
Bo Berglind   Illustrations
Joe Melson   Composer
Jim Shell   Composer,Producer
Bobby Stevenson   Composer
Don Wolf   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Billy Graves   Composer
Lew Chudd   Producer
Erich Hülsenbeck   Photo Restoration,Photo Scanning
Claes Olofsson   Illustrations
Jimmy Isle   Composer
Horst Zimmermann   Illustrations

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