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Letters to Penthouse XXXXII: Hot and Horny in Class

Letters to Penthouse XXXXII: Hot and Horny in Class

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by Penthouse International

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To eager students of human sexuality in all its wild and amazing forms: Welcome to Penthouse University, the premier center of higher learning in carnal knowledge. It's a place to explore-from making love in the library to steamy oral exams behind closed classroom doors. A place to experiment-with



To eager students of human sexuality in all its wild and amazing forms: Welcome to Penthouse University, the premier center of higher learning in carnal knowledge. It's a place to explore-from making love in the library to steamy oral exams behind closed classroom doors. A place to experiment-with bi-curious coeds in the dorm and nubile sorority sisters at sex toy parties. A place to graduate-to shower room liaisons with the curvy phys ed teacher and thrilling threesomes with the seductive work-study housesitter. Class is about to start. Can you handle the hot and heavy workload?

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Letters to Penthouse XXXXII

Hot and Horny in Class
By Penthouse International

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Penthouse International
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446583732

Leather-Clad Biker Ignites a Lifetime of Lust for One Lucky Lady

My obsession with leather began when I was in college. During my freshman year, I was the perfect picture of a bright-eyed coed in my preppy clothes, with dean’s list grades and an impressive list of extracurricular activities. In the years that followed, I managed to keep up my grades, but there was a subtle shift that took place. I still looked the same to my friends, but my erotic introduction to leather opened up a whole new world of sexy possibilities and changed my life forever.

I spent my first academic year strolling the leafy paths of the venerable campus with the captain of the football team, a polite, affable guy who quite frankly was the most boring fuck of my life. Deep down, I recognized that I wasn’t happy, which is why I probably picked a fight with him right before spring break. He wanted to go to Cancun, while I wanted to do something more productive with my time. Naturally, neither of us would budge, so we broke up. And while he went off to Mexico, I dedicated my time to building housing for the homeless—well, some of my time, that is. But either way, I did learn an important life lesson that week, and isn’t that what higher education is all about?

The project manager to whom I reported at the construction site was a gruff, muscular man who was only a few years older than me, but the tattoos on his arms and his sun-burnt skin bespoke of adventure and experience that I could only imagine, having been wrapped in the safe cocoon of academia for so many months. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Caleb. I was standing near the employees’ trailer, drinking a soda and enjoying the sunny morning, when I heard a low rumble in the distance. Actually it seemed like I felt it vibrating up through the ground before it registered in my ears, the sensation traveling up my tanned legs to tease my pussy with its rhythmic pulsations. Looking for the source of the noise, I turned to see Caleb pulling up on his Harley. I was mesmerized as I watched him park his bike and pull off his helmet, his wavy black hair glimmering in the sunshine. He was wearing a black leather jacket and tight jeans, and I continued to stare as he dismounted, his work boots kicking up clouds of dust as he moved about the bike. Dressed as he was, he looked like the stereotypical bad boy, and he set my pulse racing from the second I laid eyes on him.

To be honest, I didn’t know the first thing about construction. During my first two days on the job, Caleb seemed to vacillate between annoyance and amusement as he supervised my tasks. Inexperience aside, I’m a fast learner, and his direction took on a teasing tone as he sensed my growing expertise. It didn’t take long before our days were filled with flirtation and innuendo, even as he continued to chide me about being a “slumming Ivy Leaguer.”

As our relationship developed, however, one thing stayed the same: I couldn’t take my eyes off him when he was wearing his leather motorcycle jacket. The mere sight of it turned me on. And even when he wasn’t wearing it, I noticed that his tanned skin still seemed to hold its faint, earthy scent. It was almost as if a lifetime of wearing it permanently perfumed his masculine flesh, and I’d never encountered anything like it before. The sight and scent of Caleb seemed to have me perpetually in heat.

As much as I enjoyed our playful banter, I really wanted to prove myself, so I worked extra hard at every task I was assigned. Every night it seemed that I was the last one to leave the site, except for Caleb of course. I was standing alone in a partially finished home one night, looking over my work. When I heard the front door open, I peeked over my shoulder and smiled sexily at Caleb before turning back to recheck the molding I’d recently measured.

“Hey, you’ve done enough for the day,” Caleb said. “It’s way past quitting time.”

“I know. I’m wrapping it up.” I glanced over my shoulder again and saw him slowly closing the space between us. He was wearing that damn jacket again, along with his leather driving gloves. He must’ve been ready to hop on his bike and head home when he’d noticed I was still hanging around. The sex vibe between us had been even hotter than usual that day, and as he neared me, it seemed that tonight it was going to boil over—and I was right.

Caleb gently embraced me from behind, pushing my hair to the side with one hand. His stubble felt delicious as he dragged his lips along my neck, its scratchy sensation igniting my pussy. He brought his gloved hand to my face and turned my lips toward his. He kissed me fiercely, plunging his tongue into my mouth, wrapping his other arm around me and pulling me against him. I felt the teeth of his jacket’s zipper and its chrome buckles digging into my back as he held me tight. They were a delicious contrast to the well-worn leather covering his chest and arms. His hands climbed up my torso and under my T-shirt. I was nearly ready to beg when he teased the undersides of my breasts through my bra, but there was no need. He soon pushed it up over my tits, his gloved fingers pinching and twisting my nipples until I cried out into his mouth. One of his leather-clad hands then slid down my flat stomach to unfasten my jeans and dive into my panties. I gasped when his fingers found my slit, giving my clit a cursory rub before plunging into my hole. That initial thrust literally took my breath away. I was aware of every wrinkle in the leather, every stitch on the glove’s seams, as he drove his fingers in and out of my pussy. My knees buckled slightly, and he renewed his grasp on my waist, keeping me on my feet. I was panting, never having been so turned on in my life. This late-night adventure didn’t compare to the polite, missionary-style sex I’d been having on the eyelet lace-trimmed sheets of my dorm-room bed.

Switching hands, Caleb brought his pussy-flavored hand up to my mouth. My lips parted hungrily as I took his leather-clad digits into my mouth, sucking my juice off his fingers. My senses were suffused with the medley of scents: my own desperate arousal and the heady aroma of wet leather. I moaned around his fingers as he began finger-fucking me with his other hand. I was groaning and grinding down on his extended digits, feeling an orgasm starting to swell deep inside me.

“That’s right, princess,” he growled in my ear. “If you want it, take it. I want you to come all over my fingers.” His words made me shiver. No one had ever talked to me like that before! I was past the point of thinking. There, in the half-finished structure with the moonlight streaming in through the windows, I acted solely on animal instinct. My hips seemed to move of their own accord, rising and falling as I fucked myself on Caleb’s fingers. He continued murmuring dirty encouragements in my ear until I was shivering in his arms, my moans echoing off the sheetrock walls.

I was about to turn around when Caleb walked me two steps forward and bent me over a nearby sawhorse. Its wooden surface was rough and scratched my forearms, but I didn’t notice at the time. All I knew was that Caleb was pulling my jeans over my ass and down to my knees. I grabbed the sawhorse to steady myself, and with my bra pushed up over my breasts and my jeans banded around my knees, Caleb plunged his cock into me. He bent his body over mine, the scent of his jacket enveloping me as we fucked. Grabbing my shoulders, he pulled me back onto his cock over and over, and I groaned at the sensation of his gloved hands tightly clutching me. Wanting more of his hard cock, I tried to buck back toward him, but Caleb was totally in control. He wrapped one of his hands in my long, blonde hair, using it as a rein as he rode me until he came with a roar.

I continued to fuck Caleb for the rest of spring break and all through the following summer. We took quite a few road trips together, and nothing thrilled me more than riding on the back of his Harley, with my face nestled in the fragrant leather of his jacket while the vibrations of his bike tickled my pussy until I was dripping wet. We never traveled all that far because it wasn’t long before I was demanding we pull over and fuck. Caleb would toss his jacket on the grass and lay me down on it. I would wriggle on top of the butter-soft leather while he plunged his cock in and out of my cunt until we both came deliriously.

Caleb and I eventually parted ways. It was an amicable split, but from that time on, I always sought out men who could appreciate the primal eroticism of leather. Over the years, I’ve collected a stunning wardrobe of leather clothes. And though my days in the office are spent in business suits, my nights are spent luxuriating in leather with handsome men who share my passion.

—Ms. T.R., Boston, Massachusetts

Shush! Students Are Trying to Have Sex in the School Library

I am a graduate student at a large, prestigious southern university. I’m not the best-looking guy on campus, but I do all right with the girls. My latest adventure took place in the school library yesterday.

I was doing research for a term paper, and because I had been in the library for several hours studying, I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. That’s when I spotted her. She was about five-feet-two-inches tall with blonde hair, pert breasts and the nicest ass I’d seen in some time. My cock stirred in my pants as my eyes followed her into the library.

I stayed outside for a few minutes, and then went back to the second floor of the library to finish up my studying. Well, guess who was sitting at my table? Yep, there was the cute blond with the great body, and as I sat down she looked up at me and smiled. She was engrossed in the book she was reading and I was eager to complete my research, so we didn’t say anything to each other for a couple of hours.

We were the only two people left on the floor when I closed my books and got ready to leave. It was then that she said, “Hi, my name is Cassie. I was wondering if you’d help me with something.” Being a true southern gentleman, how could I refuse such a pretty girl?

Taking me by the hand, she led me to the far corner of the library. There—surrounded by shelves of books—she unzipped my pants and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock. Dropping to her knees, she wrapped her sensuous lips around my erect organ and proceeded to blow me beautifully. This was a girl who not only loved sucking cock, but one who’d obviously had a lot of practice!

I was harder than hard and close to coming when Cassie suddenly stopped sucking me. Still kneeling on the library floor, she quickly took off her blouse and her perky little tits wriggled into view. I got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around one of her cute nipples, giving it a good tongue bath before moving on to the other one. Cassie moaned and unbuttoned her cutoffs, then reached down into her panties. My hand quickly joined hers, and I wasn’t surprised to discover she was soaking wet.

Together we got rid of her cutoffs and panties, and then she got on her back on the library floor. I positioned myself between her legs and began lapping up her flowing juices. She had one of those perfect pussies with dirty blonde hair covering her mound. As I zeroed in on her clit, she really started to moan and told me she needed my cock in her mouth. I swiveled around so that she could suck me while I ate her. I would have preferred to be in a nice warm bed with Cassie instead of on a cold library floor, but what the heck, great sex happens wherever you find it, and I wasn’t about to complain.

We were going at it hot and heavy when the PA system came on with the announcement that the library was closing in five minutes and that security would be checking to see that everyone left. Just then Cassie started coming like crazy. I followed close behind, shooting gobs of creamy semen down her throat. Then for the first time we kissed, Cassie’s tongue slipping into my mouth as I tasted my come on her lips.

As I knelt over her head, my new friend took my cock into her mouth and began reviving it. In no time I was ready to go. Spreading her legs wide, Cassie begged me to fuck her. Her pussy greeted my cock with a hug, and then I was pumping into her slowly and steadily but she wanted it harder and faster. “Fuck me good,” she pleaded. “Really make me feel it.”

I picked up the pace, having completely forgotten about the library closing and the security guard making his rounds. Lost in the moment, I pounded my cock into Cassie’s hotly gripping cunt as she grunted and groaned in approval. We came within seconds of each other, both of us shouting out our pleasure. And then the security guard showed up.

For like, five seconds, you could hear a pin drop. Then Cassie, bare-assed naked, got to her feet and gave the guard a big smile. He returned it, saying, “Cassie, you up to your old tricks again?” Placing a hand on my butt, she said that she’d found a new love, and then she asked the guard if he would care to join us. The guard had his uniform and underwear off in no time, and suddenly there I was, watching the girl I’d just fucked hungrily sucking another guy.

Frankly, I didn’t much like being left out of the picture, so I got myself hard again and entered Cassie from behind as she put herself on all fours and continued to suck on the security guard’s cock. We got into a nice rhythm as we did Cassie fore and aft, and then the guard suggested a DP, which the sexy blond found appealing. “She loves getting her two holes plugged at the same time, don’t you, baby?” Cassie removed the cock in her mouth to answer, “God, yes. Do me that way, guys. Please.”

I got down on my back and Cassie impaled herself on my cock. She then hunched over so the guard could penetrate her asshole, which he did with surprising ease, I thought. Stuffed full of cock, Cassie moaned with delight.

I couldn’t move well, so I sort of lay there and let Cassie ride my rod while the guard sawed his cock in and out of her ass. Her pussy muscles soon had me shooting my load, and after a few moments I wriggled out from under her and moved to the sidelines, where I watched the guard ass-fuck my new friend until they both came explosively.

All three of us got our clothes back on and left the library together. Outside, the guard introduced himself as Joe and with a grin said it had been nice to meet me. I walked Cassie to her dorm, where we exchanged phone numbers before kissing good-bye. We’re going out tomorrow night, and I can only wonder what kind of an adventure that’ll turn out to be.

—Mr. C.R., Charleston, South Carolina

Young Intellectuals Get Naked to Test an Interesting Theory

My boyfriend and I were recently married after living together for many years. Eric and I met when I was a graduate student at a local university. After we had been dating for a while we decided to make the big move to cohabitate. There didn’t seem to be any reason not to: We got along well and saw no need to pay two rents, but most importantly, we’re both very sensual people who love to explore and expand our desires and boundaries. Sexually, we are perfect together, but there is one occasion in particular that stands out in my memory.

By that point in our relationship Eric had finished school, so while he spent his days toiling as an accountant, I went to classes to earn my doctorate. I was studying to be a psychologist and was a couple of courses away from being ABD—“all but dissertation.”

Soon after moving in together I was assistant-teaching an undergraduate course in human behavior. There was a big exam coming up, covering chapters and lectures on sexuality. The other TAs and I usually got together to prepare the exams, and this time it was my turn to play host and provide the snacks and caffeine. That night Julie and Mark were there, and we were wrapping up our break and returning to our books when Eric walked in from the gym. He stopped to say hello then excused himself, heading to the bathroom to shower and change.

Continuing, Mark, Julie, and I began a discussion of sexual attraction and what causes it, specifically the theory that men generally seek many partners while women seek commitment. Julie laughed out loud at this, saying that theory certainly didn’t apply to her. Of course, Mark and I were curious and asked her to elaborate. We got more information than we bargained for, as Julie started in on a graphic description of some of her sexual conquests. Just then, Eric walked back through the living room on his way to the kitchen, toweling his damp hair.

Stopping abruptly, he stood open-mouthed as Julie described a rather steamy session she’d recently had with two male lovers. Eric was wearing loose-fitting sweatpants, and I could clearly make out the erection beginning to tent the front of his pants. Also somewhat aroused by Julie’s frank descriptions, I got up and went over to my boyfriend, putting my arms around his neck.

“That might be fine for you, Julie,” I teased, pressing my groin slightly into his, “but I’ve found my man, and I couldn’t imagine wanting anyone else, or wanting to share him. The same goes for you, right, honey?” I looked at Eric expectantly, but he merely looked down, blushing slightly.

“Looks as though we might be able to change that,” Julie replied, looking over at Mark and raising her eyebrow. “Should we give it a shot?” Mark shrugged, smiling, and pulled Julie down to the floor so that she was lying on top of him. Not to be outdone, I pulled Eric over to the couch and, once we were settled in, began a steamy make-out session. I figured that things would end at this, but when I finally opened my eyes and looked back down to the floor, I was shocked by what I saw.

There were Mark and Julie, arms and legs entwined as ours were, but he had his hand up the front of her shirt and hers was down his pants. I heard the soft gasps as their searching hands teased one another and couldn’t bring myself to look away. Seeing them together, enjoying each other, made my pussy tingle and dampen, and I began clawing at Eric’s shirt. He was as turned on by them as I was, and within seconds we were a mess of disheveled, half-buttoned clothing.

I was sitting in Eric’s lap, stroking his hard cock through the front of his sweats, when Julie looked up and made eye contact with me. Smiling at her, I gave Eric’s bulge a squeeze, as though showing off my toys. She gave a little laugh and then turned back to Mark, nuzzling and sucking on his neck while I slid my hand under Eric’s waistband.

Running my fingers through his thatch of thick pubic hair, I soon encountered his warm, pulsing manhood. Pulling it out, I leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip before running my tongue around it as though enjoying an ice-cream cone. When I finally enveloped his cockhead with my lips, Eric reached back and placed his hands behind him on the couch, pushing himself up and sliding into my mouth. All the while, his eyes remained firmly glued to the action on the floor.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and by the tangle of arms and legs writhing beside us, I could see that Mark and Julie were getting along fine. Then I caught a flash of pink as Mark managed to get Julie’s T-shirt over her head and her small, braless breasts sprang free. I admired her firm, athletic figure as Eric reached forward to undo the front clasp of my bra so that he could handle my larger, heavier breasts. As he pinched and twisted my nipples, waves of heat shot straight from the tips of my breasts right to my pussy, and I was sure that I was leaving a damp patch on the couch.

Rising off Eric’s cock, I quickly tore off my jeans, shirt and panties, throwing them over an armchair, and then settled back in his lap. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I leaned back as he placed his palm on my mound and began rubbing around my clit with his thumb, teasing me in ever-increasing circles. Each time he got close to that sensitive little button, my body jerked slightly and I felt the warm sex flush that rushed through my body, signaling my rising sexual excitement to everyone there in the room.

I shimmied closer to him, loving the feel of his rock-hard cock as it pressed against the moist flesh of my pussy. Closing my eyes, I bit down on my lip, but still could not hold back the moan that escaped.

As my breathing grew more and more ragged and my body twitched under Eric’s knowing touch, I felt another pair of hands caressing my heaving breasts. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was Julie, now completely naked as well. I tried to smile at her but had little control over my actions, as Eric chose exactly that moment to slide his long index finger into my slickened cunt. I gasped as Julie covered my mouth with hers, sliding her tongue between my teeth. Being pleasured by two lovers at once was exquisite, and I wrapped my arms around Julie’s neck to draw her closer to me.

Her erect nipples grazed mine as our breasts flattened together, and I ran my fingers down the soft skin of her back. When I reached her ass I hit a bump, and when that bump squeezed my hand I realized that it was Mark, fingering Julie’s pussy like Eric was fingering mine. Reaching into his lap, I found his cock and wrapped my fingers around the base and began to pump, using his own precome as a natural lubricant. Mark then grunted as Julie tensed above me, a shudder running through her body as Mark brought her to a fabulous orgasm.

Meanwhile, Eric had withdrawn his finger from my wet cunt. I sighed in disappointment, since I had been about to come as well. My disappointment didn’t last long, however, as he placed the head of his cock at my opening and with a quick thrust embedded himself deep inside me. I drew in my breath as his shaft ran along the springy walls of my vagina, his balls pressed up against my ass.

Since my position made it impossible for me to move much, my boyfriend held my hips and rocked back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of my slippery channel as Mark mimicked Eric’s movements in my hand. Soon I was quivering and shaking uncontrollably, overwhelmed by all the sensations around me.

Julie’s face still hovered above mine, but we were no longer kissing. Neither of us was able to control our actions any longer. When it seemed as if this erotic circle could last forever, Mark jerked forward with a grunt, and I felt his warm release splash all over my arm and hand. Slipping out of my grasp, he quickly lowered himself to the floor and slid his face under Julie’s body, sucking her moist pink folds and bringing her to one long, final orgasm with his mouth.

This sight must have been too much for Eric, because he pulled out of me and wrapped his fist around his cock, slick with my juices. As he pumped himself he once again placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing furiously until I was screaming with the force of my own orgasm. Then Eric was coming as well, streams of his sticky seed shooting out all over me. Some I was able to catch with my tongue, the rest Julie excitedly lapped up off my body.

We were a mess. Tangled in a heap half on the couch and half on the floor, we all struggled to catch our breath, smiling and laughing. Julie brushed a stray hair out of my eyes as I licked up a drop of sweat that was running over her breast. “Wow,” was all I could say as Eric placed a kiss on my still-trembling stomach. It was Mark, however, who really summed it all up.

“I don’t know about the rest of you guys,” he said, looking at each of us in turn, “but I know that I’ve certainly learned a lot today!”

—Ms. R.W., Oyster Bay, New York

She Finally Gets What’s Coming to Her from the Hottest Professor on Campus

All semester long, I’d been fantasizing about Professor Carter, who was only a few years older than me and absolutely gorgeous. The way he walked around the room, spoke authoritatively about history and current events and, most of all, the way he made eye contact when he called on me, had my nipples hard and my pussy wet every time I stepped into his classroom. I’d imagine him taking me over his knee and using a ruler to whack my bottom. The more I thought about him spanking me, the more I squirmed around in my seat while he lectured, my clit hardening at the naughty image forming in my mind.

I knew it would be highly inappropriate to pursue him while he was still my teacher, so I waited until the last day of class to bake him some of my special chocolate-chip cookies. I’ve wooed boyfriends with them in the past and knew he’d be hard-pressed to resist them. I’d heard through the grapevine that he was single and couldn’t help but sense the simmering attraction between us during my visits to his office. To top things off, I dressed like the slutty schoolgirl I saw myself as: in a little white button-down shirt, pleated plaid skirt, white cotton panties, knee socks, and shiny black shoes.

I could barely wait until class ended and stared at the clock the whole time, but finally the bell rang and it was official—he was no longer my professor! I stayed in my seat until everyone else had left, and then I heard him say my name and felt shivers rush through my body. “Well, Jane, I want to commend you on being such an excellent student. You’ve been a pleasure to work with.”

I smiled at him, and then stood up so he could experience the full effect of my outfit. I resisted peeking down at his crotch to see if it had made him hard; I’d have to trust my instincts. I walked toward him with a seductive smile on my lips. “You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. And while I’m sorry that our class time has to end, I was hoping that might mean we could get to know each other on a more… personal basis.” My cheeks were flaming—I could feel the heat—so I quickly thrust the tin of cookies at him. “I made these for you,” I said, and then bit my lip, hoping I hadn’t been wrong because my pussy was absolutely dripping with wetness.

He gave me a slow once-over, his eyes taking in every detail of my outfit. “Why don’t we step into my office, and I’ll taste your… cookies,” he said. His pause spoke volumes, and I made sure to brush against him as we walked toward the door, with me in front so he could admire my ass, which was barely covered by my short skirt.

When we got to his office down the hall, he closed and locked the door. “Sit down,” he said, his voice sounding suddenly serious.

“Am I in some kind of trouble?” I asked, for a moment fearing that I had misread his signals.

“That depends, Jane,” he said, making my name sound like a dirty word. “Do you want to be?”

I swallowed hard, my nipples now pebbles as my pussy gushed. “If it means getting a spanking from my favorite teacher, then yes, I’m in big trouble,” I replied, batting my eyelashes at him.

“Then I suggest you get over here right now,” he said, patting his lap as I stood up. We’d moved quickly from our formerly cordial, flirtatious relationship to one where our desires were out in the open; since I had been imagining him mentally undressing me all semester. I walked over and positioned myself across his lap. Even though this was our first intimate moment, I’d dreamt about him touching, spanking, and kissing me for so many nights that it felt perfectly natural. He lifted up my skirt and whistled when he saw the panties I’d picked out just for him. On the seat of my undies were the words “Bad Girl.”

“You really came prepared today, didn’t you?” he asked, as he lifted his hand and then brought it down onto my ass. A whoosh of air left my lungs as his hand made contact, and I pressed my hands against the floor to brace myself. He rubbed his palm against my bottom, making me moan.

“Nobody’s going to hear us, are they?” I asked, the concern popping into my head even as he explored my lower half, his fingers pressing against the cotton between my legs.

“Not if you keep quiet,” he said, and then smacked my other cheek. He kept going, delivering a series of loud, hard, steady blows, rather than quick slaps. He seemed to be deliberating over each one, calculating where his hand would have the maximum impact. My face kept getting warmer as my ass got hotter, until I simply had to do something. I began pinching my nipples into even harder points, while he kept on smacking my ass. I spread my legs slightly, needing him to touch me there, but he ignored my cunt for the time being. Then he glanced down and saw me touching myself. He turned me over, cradling his arm beneath my head so I could look at him. “What are you doing, Jane?” he asked, and I flushed again.

“I was touching my nipples. You made them so hard,” I said.

“I want to be the one touching your nipples,” he said. “You keep your hands at your sides.” He pulled me up and around so I was straddling him, my hot butt cheeks resting against his legs while he lifted my shirt over my head. “And what pretty nipples you have,” he said as he unhooked my bra to reveal my large breasts in all their glory. He leaned down and sucked each nipple, giving them lots of tongue as his hands tugged me closer to his erection. I started to hump him, torn between wanting to taste and touch his cock and wanting to keep getting spanked.

When Professor Carter finally got done feasting on my nipples, I was on the verge of coming. “I need your cock,” I blurted out, even though I knew he wanted to be the one in charge.

“How badly do you need it, Jane?” he asked, moving one hand to my lower back to press my body against his.

I wiggled my pussy against his hardness for a few minutes, and then dropped down to my knees and unzipped his pants, pulling out a cock that was as thick, stiff and enticing as I’d hoped it would be. I opened wide and took the head between my lips, quickly followed by half the shaft. “Oh, Jane…” he said, his voice trailing off as I ran my tongue along his hard length. Part of me couldn’t believe this was actually happening, but I knew from the way his dick stiffened in reaction to my blowjob that this was all real. I swallowed his entire cock, feeling a pleasurable sensation as the head hit the back of my throat. While I had all of him inside me, I looked up at the man I’d idolized for four months, and our eyes connected passionately.

Then I slowly eased up, letting his slick cock emerge from my lips. “Please, Professor, can I touch myself? Sucking your cock has made me so wet, I really need to touch myself. Pretty please?” I was begging him shamelessly, and it worked!

“Okay, you can touch yourself, but you can’t come until I say it’s okay.” As much as I wanted to come, I wanted to follow his orders even more. I went back to deep-throating him, while he pushed upward into me, fucking my face as I plunged my fingers into my pussy. I was thrusting so frantically that I almost forgot what I’d promised, but I forced myself to slow down, wrapping one hand around the base of his cock as I focused almost all my energy on his blowjob. I hoped that if I did it well, he’d spank me again.

“Jane, you’re going to make me come,” he said, patting my head in approval. I abandoned my cunt and sped up my actions, suctioning my way up and down until his dick moved easily through my throat. Then he grabbed hold of his cock, taking it from my hand as he slowly pumped his fist along it and offered me his come to swallow. I greedily gulped every last drop, disappointed when the flow of his hot cream ended. But Professor Carter wasn’t selfish in any way. As soon as I’d taken the last of his load, he pulled me up and then pressed two fingers into my waiting cunt. “You’ve been so patient, and I know you’ve been on the edge of orgasm ever since class started, haven’t you?” He didn’t need a verbal response as I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him as I burrowed my face into his neck while his fingers stroked me in all the right places. He only needed a few minutes to have me whimpering in pleasure.

We kissed passionately, and as his tongue entwined with mine, I felt my ass tingling again. “We’re not done yet, Jane,” he said, sensing my need for more spanking. This time, when I laid across his lap, I knew exactly what to expect, which made every smack all the more exciting. He hit me harder this time, knowing that I was the kind of girl who needed to be spanked thoroughly. When he was done, he literally kissed my ass, his soft lips soothing my tender skin.

“Thank you for the cookies, Jane,” he said, rather formally, when we were done, as if suddenly realizing that we were actually in his office and that any of his colleagues might’ve heard him spanking me. I offered him my hand to shake, and even that formal touch set me off again. Then he handed me a card on which was his first name and his home phone number. “I hope you’ll call if you feel the need for further lessons.” I walked out, knowing that my reddened cheeks were visible as my skirt swished behind me. I tucked his card into my backpack, knowing I’d be calling him soon. I’ve never been so happy to be done with a college class as I was with his. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has to “teach” me, hopefully in the privacy of his bedroom. If that’s how racy things got in his office, I can only imagine what we’d get up to in a more intimate setting.

—Ms. J.T., Via Email

Hot House-Sitter Has Torrid Threesome with Suburban Couple

This afternoon I received a phone call that made my wife, Liz, and I as horny as hell. Let me explain.

Last summer our next-door neighbor’s friend Tim house-sat for him while he was away in Europe for two months. Liz and I didn’t meet Tim until a few days after he had arrived. It was a Saturday afternoon, and we were in our pool when suddenly we heard someone say, “Looks great in there.” We looked up to see Tim peering over our tall backyard fence. I invited him over so we could become better acquainted and suggested he bring his swimming trunks and join us in the pool. He was startlingly handsome, about five foot ten, with a beautiful tan, black wavy hair, a delicious smile, and sexy brown eyes.

Tim joined us for a swim, and we invited him to stay for dinner and drinks. Over the next couple of weeks we got to know him well. He made frequent use of our pool and stayed for dinner almost every night.

One balmy Friday night, with thunderstorms gathering, Tim came over to go for a dip. I decided to join him while Liz stayed inside to read. Once it was dark, I got up to turn on the deck lights and get another beer. When I returned with the beer, Liz came out behind me wearing a short silk robe. She stood on the diving board, the spotlight pointing directly on her, her pink-tipped areolas and dark pubic hair slightly visible beneath the pale peach fabric.

Cupping her hand over her eyes to shield them from the intense light, she asked, “You guys want to skinny-dip?” I was so surprised by my wife’s invitation that I almost spit out my mouthful of beer. Then, feeling my cock swell, I looked at Tim to see his reaction. An ear-to-ear grin adorned his face and a bulge not unlike my own had appeared in his shorts. Before I knew it, Tim had thrown his swimsuit down on the deck and was jumping into the pool. I was quick to follow, and then, lastly, my sexy wife removed her robe and dove in.

In a curious way, I was aroused by Tim’s near-perfect body. As for Liz, she stared at our young friend with a look of longing on her face. Tim swam across the pool toward my wife, his chiseled body gliding across the water in smooth, effortless strokes. I was right behind him, and soon we were at my wife’s side. Our cocks had shriveled from the shock of the chilly pool water, but Liz quickly fixed that. She turned and kissed me, then Tim, going back and forth between us until we were both stone-hard.

Liz reached between Tim’s muscular legs and took his cock in her hand. Obviously excited by her touch, he groaned with pleasure. Then she turned to me, dipped her hand under the water and scooped up my erect cock to playfully stroke me as well.

I knew my wife was eager to get busy with our new studly friend, so I drifted away to give them time alone. Besides, watching my wife with another man was a lot more arousing than I could have ever guessed it to be. In fact, I had been hesitant to try a threeway before because I thought it would disturb me to see my wife with another guy. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I watched in heated anticipation as my wife stroked Tim’s eager cock, her naked breasts bobbing in the water, nipples at full attention. He reached his hand underneath the water and found her pussy. He massaged it slowly, kissing her neck and ears. Soon they were splashing about in the water, grabbing and clutching at each other’s unfamiliar body parts.

An ominous rumbling in the sky interrupted their fondling, and once the rain started coming down we hurriedly made our way out of the pool. We ran to the house for cover and stood in the kitchen, puddles forming on the floor from our dripping bodies. My wife quickly handed out towels, and Tim gently rubbed her body dry, rubbing the towel between her legs and staring at her firm breasts and erect nipples.

My wife started toward the stairs, saying that she was going to prepare the bedroom. Once Tim and I were completely dry, we made our way upstairs. We found the bedroom illuminated by the soft flicker of candles. The spicy scent of cinnamon wafted through the room. The storm was really blowing up outside, wind crashing against the windows and thunder echoing throughout the sky; the room was so peaceful in contrast. My wife was lying on the bed, her damp hair clinging to her shoulders.

Climbing into bed, I kissed her neck and then ran my tongue down to the hollow between her breasts. I outlined her areolas with the tip of my tongue, and finally made my way down to her sweet pussy. Burying my head between her soft thighs, I lapped away at her clit. She moaned softly, but before I could really get going, she stopped me so she could lean over and grab Tim’s hand.

Without hesitation, he reached for my wife’s nipples and tweaked them one at a time. I went down on Liz once again, her musky scent mixed with the faint smell of the pool water’s chlorine. It wasn’t long before my wife was writhing in the throes of an intense orgasm. Once she had recovered, she got on her knees and took Tim’s cock into her mouth. She licked his full length from below his ball sac to the tip of his shaft, making him groan. I took my cock in hand and slowly stroked it as I watched my wife caress this young man’s ass, balls, and thighs.

Liz continued sucking Tim until he announced he was going to come. Then she pulled his stiff member from her mouth, and we both watched as his fully loaded cock let loose spurt after spurt of creamy come all over her face.

I took that as my cue to fuck my sexy wife. We put on a great show for Tim, with me driving my cock into Liz as she grunted and groaned with delight. When we paused to change positions, with Liz getting on top, Tim, who was erect once again, positioned himself behind my wife. After a few minutes of back-rubbing, his hands made their way down to her ass. He licked his index finger and started working it slowly into her anus. Soon I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock and saw her shudder with release. I came moments later, pulling out of her pussy to shoot come all over my wife’s belly and breasts.

After that I stood behind Tim to massage his balls and play with his asshole while he fucked my wife from behind. It was arousing to touch another man, and even more arousing to be rocking to the rhythm of another couple’s fucking. Tim came after a few minutes, painting my wife’s ass cheeks with his creamy load. Afterward, we all collapsed into an exhausted pile of limbs on the bed.

Tim spent the night with us, and the next morning we had a threeway again, only this time Tim pummeled my wife’s vagina while I fucked her in the ass. Liz and I even introduced Tim to the wonders of sensual massage.

Our favorite technique was to have Tim lie naked facedown, so I could massage his legs and back while Liz attended to his head and arms. Then we had him roll over so my wife could massage his thighs and ever so slowly graze her hands past his balls to his always-ready dick. We’d take turns unmercifully arousing him until we knew he was ready to shoot.

Needless to say, we were sorry to see Tim leave for grad school last fall, but we call him occasionally and made a point of visiting him at the university. And today we got a phone call saying that he’ll be coming next week to spend the summer—we can’t wait!

—Mr. P.T., Hot Springs, Arkansas

Graduate Student Passes Oral Exam with Flying Colors

The first thing I noticed about Kerri was her mouth; she had plump pink lips, white teeth that would bite her bottom lip daintily and a delicate-looking tongue that would snake out to wet the bowed tip of her upper lip. Oh, the rest of her was equally attractive. She had endless waves of long, blonde hair, blue eyes and firm, perky tits. At least that’s how I imagined they’d look without the tight blouses she always wore to class. But no matter what she was wearing, I always kept coming back to that mouth.

I am a graduate student and a teacher’s assistant for a professor who’s been at our university for as long as anyone could remember. He gave the same lectures during his hour-long classes year after year, so I was free to let both my mind and my eyes roam from my seat off to the side of his desk. And somehow, no matter what else was going on in class, they always stopped at Kerri.

She usually sat in the front row of the professor’s graduate-level class last semester, which is how I ended up developing a preoccupation with her mouth. The day she clamped her pen between her teeth and began unconsciously swirling it around, I had a hard-on so resilient that I was forced to stay in my seat for a good fifteen minutes after the students had left. It’s no wonder that I began to fantasize about my cock sliding in and out of those sweet-looking lips. In fact, that’s exactly what I was thinking about when she approached me after class one day.

She seemed a little hesitant, so I smiled brightly, ignoring the throbbing of my dick. “What can I do for you?” I asked.

She caught her delectable lower lip between her teeth and swung her hair away from her face. “I was wondering if you might like to come over to my place for dinner tomorrow night.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, or my luck, and I stared at her for a moment without responding. Kerri shrugged and shifted. “I mean, you seem to be looking at me a lot, and I figured that since I’m majoring in the same thing as you, we’d have a lot in common.” Her tongue came out to wet the dip above her top lip, and again, I was speechless. Then her face reddened slightly and she lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry. Maybe this was a mistake.”

“No,” I assured her quickly. “I’d love to have dinner with you.” Kerri’s mouth curved into a smile and she leaned forward and scribbled her address—an apartment off campus—on the corner of my notebook. “Six o’clock?” she asked.

I nodded eagerly, and I would have risen to walk her to the door if my cock hadn’t been a noticeable swell in the crotch of my pants. She said good-bye and left for her next class.

When I knocked on Kerri’s door the next evening I expected her to open it dressed in the same sort of clothes she usually wore to class. Instead, Kerri stood there in a revealing white sundress, and I could most definitely see the duskiness of her nipples beneath the thin material. Her lips, painted hot pink and looking almost obscenely glossy, curved into a devilish smile. “Come right in,” she said, her voice a little breathier than usual. She didn’t move from the doorway as I stepped inside, so I was forced to brush against her body as I passed. She smelled delicious—spicy and sweet—and I found myself mesmerized again by her mouth.

Taking me by the hand, Kerri led me through the apartment, and I hesitated as we walked past the kitchen. “Where are we going?” I asked.

She looked over her shoulder. “Do you mind if we eat dinner a little later? Right now, I’m hungry for something a little more… substantial.” Without another word, she took my hand and led me straight into her bedroom.

I wasn’t about to argue with that, especially when a moment later Kerri pushed me up against the wall, wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned into me. She ground her pelvis against my dick, which strained to escape from the prison of my pants. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice how you stare at my mouth when I talk?” she asked. “How you shift in your seat when you watch me during lectures?” As I searched for an answer to her questions, she traced the outline of my ear with the tip of her tongue. I let out a groan. “I’ve been dreaming of this since I noticed your erection one day after class.” Her hand slid down my chest and squeezed my cock.

I stood there, still unable to speak, as she slithered down my body and made quick work of unbuttoning my pants. She didn’t bother pulling them all the way off. She merely let out a sigh of pleasure when my cock sprang free and stood at attention before her.

I watched as she licked her pink lips and then placed them over my throbbing cockhead. Her warm, wet mouth was heaven, and I threaded my hands through her hair as she began slowly pumping my shaft in her fist.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I whispered before she plunged her mouth down over my length and swallowed me to the balls. I moaned and tightened my hands in her hair. I’d been deep-throated before, but never so vigorously or enthusiastically. And when my orgasm began to build and my balls were aching and twitching with the impending explosion, Kerri slowed her pace and licked me like an ice-cream cone.

Her tongue flicked over my shaft and around my throbbing head, and she scraped her teeth erotically against my ultra-sensitized skin. It was such sweet torture that I began to tremble. I was aching for release, but the ache was such a good one that I endured the agony, my head falling back as I groaned from deep in my throat.

Kerri’s hands began to roam as she continued licking my cock. First they were on my thighs, and then they moved to my ass, where they teased my crack. It wasn’t long before she plunged her fingers between my cheeks and discovered my asshole. I sucked in a breath as her forefinger played at the surface of that tight pucker. By that time, her tongue had worked its way down my shaft and she was now licking and sucking my balls.

I looked down at her and she met my gaze. Her blue eyes were glazed over with intense desire, while her pink mouth played prettily at my sac. I’d never been so turned on in my life. That is, until her tongue left my balls and she nudged my legs apart with her face. That’s when her tongue joined her finger at my asshole and she alternately licked around the opening and pushed her finger inside the smooth canal.

I was ready to explode. I began to groan, pant and tug at her hair. Sensing my imminent eruption, Kerri pushed her finger farther into my asshole and plunged her mouth back onto my cock. It took me all of two seconds to send my come spurting down her throat, and she held me there for a while longer and sucked me until she’d swallowed every last drop of my load.

The pleasure that Kerri had given me with her mouth had been so intense that I was light-headed. I looked at her in amazement as she rose from her kneeling position and then pushed me down on her bed.

“My turn,” she said as she climbed up next to me and pulled up her white dress. When I caught sight of her neatly trimmed bush and glistening pussy, almost unbelievably I felt my cock getting hard again. I started to rise, dying to fuck her, but she pushed me back to my horizontal position. “Only your tongue needs to work now,” she said, and her boldness turned me on even more. Then she pulled her dress the rest of the way over her head. Her tits were as high and firm as I had imagined, and I groaned as she climbed on top of me.

Spreading her legs, Kerri settled herself over my mouth, and I inhaled the musky scent of her cunt. Then, closing my eyes, I stuck my tongue into the depths of her slit. It was the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted, and I licked over her pink folds and from her clit to her asshole while she moaned and writhed atop me. Then I grasped her hips and held her still so that I could flick at her sensitive nub with the tip of my tongue. I could tell the pressure was right when she began to whimper and dig her fingers into my shoulders.


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