Liberty Defined

Liberty Defined

by Jim Limber Davis
Liberty Defined

Liberty Defined

by Jim Limber Davis



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There is no true accountability in government when the idea of violence is rejected completely. When we who are beneath self proclaimed republican forms of government, with ballot boxes, vote out those who rained debt and death upon our lives, are they who were replaced actually being held accountable?

Absolutely not! Those removed individuals usually walk away with nothing more than a mere slap on the hand. In due time they often return with even grander plans and bolder promises that they rarely intend to keep. That's not accountability. In fact that's simply the enabling of tyranny by ignorant voters and timid citizens.

If we want real accountability among those we choose to lead us then we must be willing to hold these individuals accountable at rifle point. Ultimately though that makes little sense if the sought after leadership were actually voluntary; for if it were voluntary we could say "no" and peacefully walk away. If we truly want real change so that we may know real hope we must reject the idea of centralized authority in the form of national governance. There is no greater responsibility in the maintenance of the individual's life than to be his own leader.

We have every natural and moral right to choose leaders for ourselves. We have no moral right to choose leaders for others. We currently perpetuate the legal right to choose leaders for others; but morality should always take precedence over legality. Morality is the basis for legalities. Therefore, if it is wrong to choose leadership for others against their wills then even republican forms of government are immoral.

So what are we to do about the trillions of dollars in debt that have been placed upon our shoulders of which we still bear the burden from as far back as the 1860s? That's for society to decide on the individual level. At some point the economy as we understand it in the United States will collapse due entirely too unsustainable spending, printing, and the generational continuance of placing the burden of problem solving on each successive generation.

The answer is simple but its accomplishment is terribly difficult. We cannot morally affect real change through the same system, we know as government, which encourages the immoral justification of the use of unwarranted coercion against others in the pursuit of compliance and obedience. We must teach each successive generation how to think critically, maintain personal responsibility, how to understand wealth and what the definition of liberty really is.

That is what Liberty Defined is all about.

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About the Author

Jim Limber Davis was born to an American woman and a European father. He grew up in the Southern United States. Eventually he moved north, to Indiana, to be with his adopted daughter in 2005. Since then Mr. Davis has become very fond of history, economics, and fixing the terrible conditions that plague humanity. After being struck with a couple of layoffs beginning in 2010, Mr. Davis began rejecting government welfare entirely and set out to understand the problems that were causing his terrible luck.

Above everything else, Mr. Davis is a man devoted to the principles of voluntaryism and nonaggression. In personal debates he is very passionate. He means what he says and he says what he means. He is very much the product of two systems set in eternal conflict with one another; tyranny and liberty. His life is nothing compared to that of characters such as Edmond Dantes, V, or Frodo Baggins. Jim Limber Davis is more of the individual who was caught up in a storm and pulled himself up without the aid of a priest and his treasure map, a special biological enhancement, or even the friendship of a wizard and might fellowship, but his own will and determination.

Mr. Davis is a man like so many of us who is forgotten and left to fend for himself while the rest of society’s vultures pick what they can off his weaken state. He is one individual who is determined to make a positive change through voluntary and peaceful means or die trying.

Mr. Davis is an avid reader and mostly self educated with some college experience. His self educated background is comprised mostly of spending hours searching and reading the documents that are scattered throughout American History. While most with a passion for history outside of a standard educational setting are avid readers of information compiled by others, Mr. Davis compiled the information himself by digging through the resources listed in the books written by others; and by spending hundreds of hours on the phone and personally going through several state archives.

Many of his works he gives away for free. So if you're interested in encouraging more or just want to show a little appreciation, feel free to visit and donate!

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