Liberty Style: The Classic Years, 1898-1910

Liberty Style: The Classic Years, 1898-1910

by Mervyn Levy, Rizzoli Staff

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Liberty & Co. of London employed a team of artists to create designs, distinguished by simplicity and functionality, which came to be known as the Liberty Style. This book's abundant illustrations depict not only the familiar fabrics and wallpaper, but also silver, copper and pewterware, furniture, jewelry, pottery and glassware. Unfortunately, most of the pictures are in black-and-white, minimizing their effect, the prose is dense and wordy and the scanty explanations of the various artistic movements of the period won't suffice for lay readers. Nonetheless, this celebration of the Liberty Style movementespecially the directories of Liberty artists, designers and manufacturers, and a crash course in identifying Liberty marks and numbersmay be a valuable resource for collectors. Levy is the author of The Artist and the Nude, etc. (July 18)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This visual documentary brings to light the artistic craftsmanship of entrepreneur Arthur Lasenby Liberty, and the talented colleagues he employed, that made the decorative items produced by Liberty & Company a trendsetting rage in England and throughout Europe. Purity, simplicity, and clarity of design, rooted in Japonisme , Celtic motifs, and geometric elements, were embodied in all objects from pewterware and jewelry to furniture and textiles. Levy traces the history of the company and its affiliation with W. H. Haselar, as well as displaying the glorious products of their efforts. Liberty Style fills a void in the decorative arts literature between Victoriana and Art Nouveau. A delightful addition to any collection. Stephen Allan Patrick, East Tennessee State Univ. Lib., Johnson City

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