LIFE 75 Years: The Very Best of LIFE

LIFE 75 Years: The Very Best of LIFE

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by Editors of Life

In this deluxe commemorative edition, LIFE's editors focus on the publication's achievements more tightly than they ever have before: This isSee more details below


In this deluxe commemorative edition, LIFE's editors focus on the publication's achievements more tightly than they ever have before: This is truly the best of everything LIFE has accomplished. In these pages are the best war photos ever taken for LIFE; the best photo essays ever to grace our pages (including the works of Capa and Parks and Smith); the loveliest pictures from Hollywood (in fact, the best pictures of Marilyn Monroe ever taken by such as Halsmann, Eisenstaedt and her dear friend Milton Greene), the best sports pictures, the funniest pictures we ever ran. The best pictures from the space race, and the most significant pictures to the human race, including Lennart Nilsson's "Life Before Birth."

This is a premium volume of LIFE, and beyond its 200-plus pages, which include a review of every LIFE cover ever published, there is, included here, the ultimate premium: The first-ever LIFE issue, with the Margaret Bourke-White photograph of the Fort Peck Dam on the cover, reprinted in its entirety, at actual size (which was really big 10 1/2" x 14") and able to be detached.

We've come a long way: We, you, those places, LIFE itself. This book tells, and celebrates, that voyage.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Founded in 1936 by Henry Luce “to eyewitness great events,” Life was a popular weekly then monthly magazine whose claim to fame lay in its stable of extraordinary photographers, who included Robert Capa, Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and Yousuf Karsh, and a generous selection from their work is provided here. Life’s photographers offered up-close looks into politics, popular culture (especially Hollywood; featured are shots of the very young Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen), as well as of natural and manmade wonders. At times, Life’s photographers got remarkably candid shots of celebrities, such as Ed Clark’s of JFK playing peek-a-boo with his infant daughter, Caroline, and Milt Green’s of Elizabeth Taylor shortly after she underwent brain surgery. Sullivan and his team have culled the Life archives and wisely chosen to present photos and informative (and sometimes whimsical) captions topically rather than chronologically, including “17 From the Battlefield,” “6 Faces of the Poor,” and “5 Best Kids Photos.” Their only questionable decision was to print barely distinguishable miniatures of all of Life’s covers, which feature a significant number of now obscure and forgotten figures. Still, this romp through three-quarters of a century, via what might be termed America’s scrapbook, also contains some important history and revealing trivia. (Nov.)
Meryl Gordon
Thanks to the magazine's legacy as a high-paying photographers' showcase…the book is a visual treat, offering up stunningly beautiful images that evoke smiles…and haunting photojournalism that provokes tears…To flip through the pages of this handsome book inevitably elicits a wave of nostalgia, a desire to roll back the years to a time when print was king and a dime could buy this singular curated version of the world.
—The New York Times Book Review

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