Life and Works of Ludwig van Beethoven

Life and Works of Ludwig van Beethoven

by Jeremy Siepmann

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Disc 1

  1. Childhood and Youth
  2. Finale
  3. Excerpt
  4. Beethoven as a pianist
  5. Finale
  6. Beethoven as pianist
  7. German Dance for orchestra in B flat major, WoO 8/4
  8. Beethoven's Vienna
  9. 1st movement
  10. Beethoven as Friend, Pupil, and Artist
  11. Finale
  12. Finale
  13. The Onset of Deafness
  14. Finale

Disc 2

  1. The Crest of the Wave
  2. Scherzo
  3. Excerpt
  4. Beethoven in Love
  5. Excerpt
  6. A Winning Streak
  7. Finale (Excerpt)
  8. Beethoven in Crisis: The Heiligenstadt Testament
  9. Funeral March (Excerpt)
  10. Beethoven and Heroism
  11. Finale (Excerpt)
  12. Beethoven the Revolutionary
  13. Adagio (Excerpt)
  14. Beethoven and Women
  15. 1st movement (Excerpt)
  16. Beethoven the Performer
  17. Finale (Excerpt)

Disc 3

  1. Beethoven and Suffering
  2. Coriolan Overture, Op. 62
  3. Beethoven and Fate
  4. 1st movement
  5. Finale (Excerpt)
  6. Beethoven and the Transcendence of Suffering
  7. 1st movement (Excerpt)
  8. Beethoven, Goethe, and Self-pity
  9. Beethoven on his method of Composing
  10. Beethoven and Unrequited Love
  11. 1st movement
  12. The Immortal Beloved
  13. 1st movement
  14. To the Brink of Suicide - and beyond
  15. Excerpt
  16. Prisoner's Chorus

Disc 4

  1. Excerpt
  2. Beethoven 'kidnaps' Karl
  3. Beethoven's manner & appearance
  4. Excerpt
  5. Beethoven as a Parent
  6. Excerpt
  7. Beethoven and Friendship
  8. His attitudes to Publication
  9. Beethoven as Conductor
  10. Scherzo (Excerpt)
  11. His final works
  12. Cavatina
  13. Beethoven's Death
  14. Ode to Joy (Excerpt)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jeremy Siepmann   Primary Artist,Narrator
Kenneth Jean   Conductor
Capella Istropolitana   Performing Ensemble
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Stephen Gunzenhauser   Conductor
Csaba Onczay   Cello
Takako Nishizaki   Violin
Barry Wordsworth   Conductor
Neville Jason   Spoken Word
Jenö Jandó   Piano
Claudio Otelli   Bass (Vocal)
Oliver von Dohnanyi   Conductor
Karen Archer   Spoken Word
Kodály Quartet   String Quartet
Béla Drahos   Conductor
Manfred Fink   Tenor (Vocal)
Budapest Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia   Performing Ensemble
Nicolaus Esterházy Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Stuttgart Piano Trio   Ensemble
Hasmik Papian   Soprano (Vocal)
Stefan Vladar   Piano
Ruxandra Donose   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Michael Taylor   Engineer
Alan Smyth   Engineer
Jeremy Siepmann   Producer,Liner Notes,Text

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