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Life at Night

Life at Night

by Mary King Hoff

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
People are diurnal animals, performing most of their activities during the day. Adaptations allow creatures who are active at night to survive in their dark environments. Some animals are active at night to avoid enemies. Some want to hunt at different times than their competitors for food sources. Some need to rest and refresh themselves during the heat of the day. Owls, cardinalfish, and the loris all have big eyes for better night vision. Some animals have a membrane, the tapetum, behind their retinas that performs a similar function. Barn owls and bats have super hearing to help them hunt for food in the dark. Kiwi birds, aardvarks, and moray eels have a well-developed sense of smell as their adaptation. Hairs on tarantulas' legs, loreal pits on rattlesnakes' jaws, and stiff hairs on tigers' faces help them by enhancing their sense of touch. Fireflies and fireworms use light they generate themselves to attract mates. Animal world adaptations are indeed amazing! This 32-page book includes a glossary and an index. Stunning photos of nocturnal animals in their habitats greet you with every turn of a page. Other new titles in the "World of Wonder" series include Fighting Back, The Food Chain, and Pollination. 2004, Creative Education, Ages 8 up.
—Chris Gill

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Creative Company, The
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World of Wonder Series
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9.06(w) x 10.24(h) x 0.36(d)
Age Range:
7 - 11 Years

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