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Life Everlasting: The Unfolding Story of Heaven

Life Everlasting: The Unfolding Story of Heaven

by Robert A. Peterson
Life Everlasting is about heaven—our final salvation. In looking forward to our participation in the new heavens and new earth, we often seek information in the wrong places, so what does the Bible actually say?


Life Everlasting is about heaven—our final salvation. In looking forward to our participation in the new heavens and new earth, we often seek information in the wrong places, so what does the Bible actually say?

Editorial Reviews

Sam Storms
“What makes this book so appealing and powerful is that it is grounded in a biblical view of heaven and the afterlife rather than the personal speculations of those who claim to have gone there. The Apostle Peter exhorts us to set our hope ‘fully on the grace that will be brought’ to us ‘at the revelation of Jesus Christ’ (1 Pet. 1:13). This book will enable you to do precisely that. I highly recommend it.”
Christopher Morgan
Dan Barber and Robert Peterson’s Heaven is clear, timely, and important. It is biblical, too, both in content and in structure, as it refrains from speculation and highlights the Bible’s own key themes of heaven.
Van Lees
Christians speak of going to heaven and the blessings of heaven, but often have a very vague understanding of what the Bible says about heaven and the final consummation of
God’s plan of salvation. Dan Barber’s and Robert Peterson’s Heaven with clear and careful exegesis presents what the Bible says about heaven. This is a valuable work for helping the believer understand the future blessings which God has prepared for his people.
Stephen J. Nichols
Sooner or later every theologian, pastor, and parent gets the question: Will my dog be in heaven? There is likely no subject more inquired about than that of heaven. And there's no shortage of answers and perspectives. Amidst all of the fog of careless speculation we need a sure guide. This is the book. Peterson and Barber offer us a biblically-grounded and hope-filled tour through the Bible’s teaching on heaven. Skip the books on the 42 seconds spent in heaven and the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the book you need.
Darrin Patrick
"One of the remedies for a cynical and self-gratification culture is to have a hopeful, and glorious view of eternal life with God.
Robert and Dan help us gain a view of heaven that is both hopeful and biblical. Heaven is about God.
Read this book about heaven and you will learn more about the God who loves you and wants you to be with him forever."
Stephen Wellum
What a delight to read Dan Barber and Robert Peterson's wonderful book, Life Everlasting! In a day and age when discussion of heaven is either purely speculative or mere sentimentality, this book carefully unfolds the biblical teaching on heaven in all of its depth, breadth, and wonder. Following the Bible's own storyline, and unfolding the story of heaven across the canon of Scripture, Barber and Peterson develop five beautiful pictures of our final state and what believers may look forward to in regard to life everlasting. Unpacking the Bible's own teaching on what heaven is, namely the Christian dwelling in the glorious presence of our Triune God in a new creation, enjoying our eternal Sabbath rest, ruling and reigning with Christ as subjects of God's kingdom, and enjoying the incredible presence of our holy, covenant God, this book leaves the reader with a breathtaking vision of our consummated state. Biblically faithful, theologically rich, and practically written for the church this book is must reading if you want to think correctly about heaven. In addition, it will not only encourage you to greater love and adoration of our great Creator and Redeemer God, it will also stir you anew to cry with the church in all ages, "So come Lord Jesus."
Harry Reeder- Senior Pastor
In place of today's fascination with what happens after death defined by sentimental anecdotes or near death personal testimonials Dan Barber and Robert Peterson have presented a highly readable yet thoroughly Biblical exposition of the Christ purchased and promised eternal hope for every believer. In so doing they also address the implications for the believer in the present state and then outline the intermediate and final state as described in Scripture. I highly commend this book while even now planning to use it in my own ministry.

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Meet the Author

Robert A. Peterson (MDiv, Biblical Theological Seminary; PhD, Drew University) was professor of systematic theology at Covenant Seminary for more than twenty-five years. He has served seven churches as an interim pastor and is the author of a number of books, including Hell on Trial, Adopted by God, and Election and Free Will.

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