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Life in the North During the Civil War

Life in the North During the Civil War

by Timothy Levi Biel

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Gr 6 UpSimilar in arrangement and appearance to other books in the series and quoting from a wide variety of primary sources (poems, newspapers, speeches, circulars, etc.), this title successfully refutes the common stereotypes often held about the Civil War. Readers learn that blacks were discriminated against in the North; that Harriet Beecher Stowe also decried the poor treatment given northern factory workers; and that, far from being unified, the Union experienced draft riots and a widening gap between the rich and poor. Biel examines life in a Union army camp, city life, and rural conditions through economic, social, and political lenses. Saturday night dances, feeding an army, "blood and thunder" dramas, child labor, fashion, sports, technological evolutions, mansions, and sod huts are all described. Well illustrated with black-and-white drawings and photographs and well organized with lots of interesting sidebars, an annotated bibliography, and a good index, this readable volume covers a great breadth of material in a thoughtful and enjoyable way. Better than just a "report book," it can be braced by two of Biel's well-chosen sources, James I. Robertson's The Civil War: Tenting Tonight, the Soldier's Life (1984; o.p.) and Donald Dale Jackson's The Civil War: Twenty Million Yankees, the Northern Home Front (1985; o.p., both Time-Life). An excellent addition for any Civil War collection.Cindy Darling Codell, Clark Middle School, Winchester, KY

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