Life Is a Lobster: Dig Into Your Purpose

Life Is a Lobster: Dig Into Your Purpose

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by Justinah McFadden

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Justinah McFadden is a poet, novelist, and motivational speaker. In her latest work, Life Is a Lobster, Justinah poignantly uses personal life lessons and struggles to allow readers to recognize how she overcame adversity, poverty, and a trying childhood to reach her lobster. This motivational book contains twelve powerful chapters that will allow readers, no matter… See more details below


Justinah McFadden is a poet, novelist, and motivational speaker. In her latest work, Life Is a Lobster, Justinah poignantly uses personal life lessons and struggles to allow readers to recognize how she overcame adversity, poverty, and a trying childhood to reach her lobster. This motivational book contains twelve powerful chapters that will allow readers, no matter what their walk in life, to reach the ultimate goal we are all searching for-purpose.

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Dig into Your Purpose



Copyright © 2013 Justinah McFadden
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5115-5



Life is truly a celebratory feast waiting to be devoured by humankind. The earth, with all of its pleasant surroundings, trees, nature, and animals, adds to this festive feast we call life. Further, all the things that make us who we are—love, experience, and human interaction—make life meaningful and delightful. I know what some of you are thinking as you read this first paragraph: how could life be so amazing with all the death, disappointments, and grief associated with it? Well, my dear human beings, I am sorry to disappoint you, but life is an amazing blessing given by God. Every experience, whether good or awful, is merely a way to teach us a lesson and draw us closer to God, thereby drawing us closer to our true selves and, ultimately, to this lobster we all seek.

Life is a lobster an expensive gift given by God from the day we are each conceived. This blessing is not from a religious standpoint, and it's not formed from a matter of my personal opinion. Rather, it comes from the fact that life in itself is a blessing; those of us who look at it as such recognize this gift early on and, therefore, live life differently than most. To recognize that life is a gift, you have to appreciate all that is in it—the good and the ugly.

When someone gives you a gift, what is your reaction? Do you throw away the gift? Would you tell the person giving you a gift that you did not like or appreciate the gift? Would you simply ignore the gift? Lastly, would you acknowledge the gift from the receiver? God wants us to acknowledge Him in all ways, and He wants us to acknowledge the gift He has given us—this life! Yes, this life and all that is in it. Life is indeed a delicious tasting lobster waiting to be devoured by you. We can acknowledge this gift when we choose to live lives full of the purposes God has chosen for us.

The problem is that some wait on a gold fork when life has presented them with many silver forks to dig into their lobsters. Other problems arise when some folks put down their utensils once their lobsters have presented a challenge or a struggle. I will submit to you, my friends, do not give into the trick of the enemy. The devil is the biggest liar and deceiver! The enemy wishes to rob you of your joy and steal away your positive spirit. The urging you feel to give in when things get tough and corners are closing is nothing but the lie of the enemy. Instead of giving up or doubting God, this is the time that you should dig into your lobster.

Despite what you may have been told, God wants the absolute best for your future. He is not focused on your circumstances; this is why you must trust God. For if you have His love and trust him, you will know that He would not have placed you in this circumstance had He not planned to see you through. God is able to do what He said will come to pass for your life, and He's always an on time God.

Circumstances are usually placed into our lives so that we may know we are strong enough to break through them. Are you prepared to break through your circumstance today? Are you ready to leave behind the pain of yesterday and walk into the tomorrow that God has decided you deserve? Will this be the year you decide to go into confirmation with God that you are wonderful? Will this become the year that you are in agreement with the purpose God has already written for you? I hope so, dear friends. This could, in fact, be the best year of your life rather than just another year to make it through.

Here is an idea: Why not begin the day digging into your purpose? If God decided to wake you up this morning, He obviously has more plans for your life. There is no accident, mistake, or coincidence that you woke up alive this morning. Become alive within the spirit and begin your day digging into the very purpose that God has for your life. You were created as a being for a specific reason and purpose. This is a secret that only God and your spirit knows but only if you listen and are tuned in. Perhaps it is time to tune out from the things that keep you from your purpose and the plan God has waiting for you. Oftentimes, someone or something is keeping us from bursting through the proverbial life bubble and stepping into our power.

How do you tune into life at all times? Each day make the decision that God kept you alive not to exist but to win. When you believe you are a winner, you walk, think, speak, and act like a winner. Have you ever seen an Olympic athlete win a gold medal carrying a defeated spirit? No, dear friends, they do not carry a defeated spirit at all. The athlete knew she would win; therefore, prior to the actual Olympic trial, she prepared to win. Are you prepared to win? The athlete knew that if God had brought her this far to the Olympics that He would see her through to the end.

Granted, God has not given us all the gift or ability to become Olympic gold medalists; however, he has given us all the spirits to become winners. Are you ready to win the life that is waiting for you? God has prepared the utensils for the lobster he has decided you deserve. In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells his people, "I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and never hurt you" (New International Version).

Are you prepared to tune out? In order to tune out, you must tune into your life. Below are some steps that I take daily in my personal life. I decided to share them with you, seeing that we are friends reaching for the lobsters God has promised. Explore with me some steps that may help you begin to reach your lobster this year. This is not just another year to sit around and wait and hope things will become different. Maya Angelou said in one of her famous quotes, "If you cannot change the situation, then change your attitude." It is time to do something different this year in order to receive different results. It is time to tune out from distractions and tap into your purpose.

Three Things to Do When You Wake Up in the Morning

1. Thank God for another day on earth. Thank Him for oxygen, family, friends, finances (even if they are low), and education. And, most important, thank him for what He has done and is about to do in your life. As a believer, it is important to speak in a voice of expectancy. In other words, you are expecting God to do great things in your life and, therefore, you have no time to listen to nonbelievers or the whispers of the enemy's lies. It is also important to thank Him for this very moment, meaning the present existence of yourself, because you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Even if you do not like where you are, God has you in this season for a purpose. There are no accidents with God. Believe that if your life appears to be off track, God has the ability to get your life back on track.

2. Look in the mirror after doing step one and repeat the following:

Life is a lobster, and today I will dig into my purpose. Today I declare that I can and I will do all things. I am able to conquer all the things of this land because I serve an able God. I will neither speak in a defeated manner today nor will I believe the lies of the enemy. Today will be the best day of my life at home, work, business, or wherever I am. I will be victorious.

It is not enough to simply say step two, but you have to believe it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day as you go out into the world. Positive affirmation to self is important, because as a believer, you will hear so much negativity throughout the day. It is important to know who you are in Christ and not allow others to tell you who you are going to become. You are victorious in the name of Jesus. Declare your power, because you are more powerful than you may believe.

I can remember when I was much younger there were older people in my life who were feeling defeated. I know they were feeling defeated, because they spoke with death tongues. They spoke with death over their lives and wondered why life never blossomed. Eventually, these people would begin to speak death over my dreams, goals, aspirations, and anything I said I wanted to do. They did not believe, so why should I? This was long before I knew my life had a major purpose to it. This was long before I became a Christian and gave my life to God. This was long before I decided, in agreement with God, that I was worthy because he said so.

Although this was long before I knew God and the plans he had for my life, there was something in the spirit that was alive. There was something within me that knew I was supposed to do a lot more than work, retire, and die. There was something alive in me, and that is known as hope. Friends, do not allow anyone to steal your hope based solely on his belief system. You are only defeated if you believe you are. You are not going to make it if you decide you will not make it. You cannot be a millionaire with a one-cent vision.

One thing I know about God is this: he took a young girl who was poor, abused, abandoned, dyslexic, left back, held back, mistreated, misguided, victimized, and unloved. God took that same scenario and remixed my story to worthy, able, victor, author, poet, business owner, educated, and loved. God is ready to remix your story—like a song that's not clear or clever and is remixed or premastered into something great. This is what God did for me, and he wants to do the same for you. Therefore, do not allow those without hope to steal your inner peace. Let's move on to step three of the tuning out process.

3. Friends, do not turn on the television or radio. My friends, drink your morning coffee or tea, shower, and dress for work but do not cloud your mind with traffic. Everything you do from this point forward has to be in the mindset of eating your lobster that God has given you. Any distractions should be avoided. Begin your day in prayer, meditation, and positive affirmation rather than turning on the news and hearing all the chaos of the world. Listening to the news before you listen to God does not allow you to hear his warnings, desire, and will for your life. My friends learn to tune out in order to tune in to your purpose.

Have you ever known someone who is more concerned with what is going on with the characters on the television than what is happening with her own life? We all have known this person. He will be able to tell you the score of each game, can name all the players, and follows these athletes as the compass for his life. There is nothing wrong with tuning into sports for leisure or fun. The problem is that once this becomes the major focal point of your life, then how are you planning to make your life the major focal point? Chances are those very athletes whom you are tuned in to were tuned into their purposes. You do not make the NFL by luck or because of your good looks.

God has His very own NFL waiting for your life, and it is known as your purpose. Think of it this way: the athletes whom you marvel have prepared for the lives they have. They have more than likely completed their education. More than likely, they tuned out in order to tune in to their purpose, which was to become a professional athlete. What are you doing to tune into your purpose? Great things take time, effort, practice, and determination. Your season that God has prepared for you to walk into does not depend on the NFL or NBA season.

I am always asked by others how I accomplish so much being that I'm only twenty-five young. This question always puzzles me for a few reasons. I never knew I was not supposed to be the best Justinah God has called me to be because I am young. In fact, why would I wait until I get old enough, when I do not know if God's plan is to have me live to see old age? Perhaps He does, but I refuse to waste a day, week, or moment of my life on anything other than my purpose. Another reason this question tends to puzzle me is because we are all given the same chance.

What I mean by that is that God woke me up alive, just like he woke you up alive this morning. God gave me the same 365 days this year that He has given you. In fact, you have the same 168 hours per week to tune in to your goals, dreams, and purpose. The same twenty-four hours God has given me, He has given to you. See, dear friends, it is not that God has given me something different from what He has given you. I have simply chosen to do something different with the life, time, hours that were given to me. You can make the most of your day. This can be the first in a series of great weeks. This does not have to be just another year on earth; it can be your best year ever.

This could be the year that you make history. This could be the year that you return to school to complete your education. This could be the year that you leave behind toxic relationships that are unhealthy. This could be the year that you listen to the voice of God and walk into your divine moment. This could be the year that you experience everything you have ever imagined. You are given a new twenty-four hours—a new chance, a new opportunity to be the best you that life has called you to be.

So now what? Go out into the world confident and ready for whatever might happen or not happen. The point is that you know that life is a lobster, you are victorious, God is able, and you have not listened to the chaos of the world or the lies of the enemy yet. Therefore, your day is going to be great despite the workplace gossip, traffic, and soggy sandwich for lunch. You see, dear friends, all these things are merely circumstances.

We ought to know that circumstances do not determine our outcomes and that all situations are not permanent. What is permanent is God's love and promise that He will never forsake us. We know this by paying attention to our lives, staying in the word of God, and focusing on His will rather than our own.

Sometimes it seems that we are all on this merry-go-round chasing sardines that we believe is better than the lobster God has prepared for us. I am guilty of chasing sardines that God never intended for my plate. Allow me to share a story with you.

There was a pretty dangerous position at my previous place of employment as a New York City Police Officer. I know what you're thinking. What could be more dangerous than being a police officer? Well, I wanted to become a detective, and in order to obtain a detective shield, a police officer has to complete eighteen months of investigatory work. Needless to say, the candidate has to be an active police officer, make a substantial number of arrests, pass several interviews, and then begin the process. For the most part, this is not something that can be given; it is earned. Because I am the type of woman who believes in earning my success, I worked hard toward this goal. After working hard and effortlessly for a few years, I was finally on my way to my desire.

Two weeks prior to beginning my process as a New York City detective, the enemy became busy, and as a result, the carpet was pulled from under my feet by one of the devil's serpents! I thought I would surely die and that my career, life, and desire were over. This lie the enemy told me was immediately replaced with the vision God had waiting for me.

In fact, the process of becoming a detective was not that difficult to get into, but the traps that were set were made to block my path to becoming a detective. The long and short of it is that it was not God's will for my life. Being bitter and staying the victim are easy things to do, but deciding to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome makes you a winner. When all the odds are stacked up against you, know that God has the ability to see you through. It is all for His glory. Others might take shortcuts or appear that they have won the war, but the battle is his. Just because someone has begun a war in your life does not mean that he is winning the battle. There is more than one round to the fight, and God is inside the ring. Remember that, because once you know that it was never your fight, you have already won the battle.

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