Life on Mars: A Study of NASA's Mars Photos

Life on Mars: A Study of NASA's Mars Photos

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by Michael Hunter

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Life on Mars: A Study of Nasa's Mars Photos 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MichaelGHunter More than 1 year ago
The question is one that has pretty much driven scientists up a wall, almost to insanity. However, just as insanity and genious are nearly the same, the simple answer to the question is almost too simple to believe...that the photographs show Mars as a planet teeming with life forms. This book takes NASA's photographs and enlarges them to show all the variety of life that is roaming on the red planet. In that regard, it is perhaps not exactly a first but it is a potentially conclusive attempt to resolve the question. Once a person comes to the realization that there are a multitude of animals on Mars, then there is a new question that arises: how is it possible that the species of animals on Mars are in many cases identical to those on Earth? Anyone who wishes to address that question needs to consider the possiblity that the Earth and Mars have collided in the past. This book brings one to the level in the development of the answer to the question, "Is there life on Mars?", wherein the reader must accept both of the above postulations. The second book of the series, "Life on Mars 2", then goes from there to new levels of understanding which are of tremendous significance to Earthlings today.