Life Span Perspectives of Suicide: Time-Lines in the Suicide Process / Edition 1

Life Span Perspectives of Suicide: Time-Lines in the Suicide Process / Edition 1

by A.A. Leenaars

ISBN-10: 0306436205

ISBN-13: 9780306436208

Pub. Date: 01/31/1991

Publisher: Springer US

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I. Introduction.- 1. The End of Development.- 2. A Brief Introduction to the Stages of Development.- 3. The Developmental Perspective of Suicide.- 4. The Commonalities of Suicide across the Life Span.- II. Epidemiology.- 5. Epidemiology of Suicide in the United States.- 6. Suicide across the Life Span: A Look at International Trends.- 7. Suicide at Symbolic Ages: Death on Sktaking Occasions.- III. Suicide by Time-Lines.- 8. Suicide in the School-Age Child and Adolescent.- 9. Child and Adolescent Suicide: From the Nomothetic to the Idiographic.- 10. Suicide in the Young Adult.- 11. Suicide in Middle Adulthood.- 12. Suicide and the Elderly.- IV. Correlates of Suicide.- 13. Biological Correlates of Suicide across the Life Span.- 14. Social Correlates of Suicide by Age: Media Impacts.- 15. Suicide in Different Ages from a Cross-Cultural Perspective.- V. Survivor Issues.- 16. Child and Adolescent Survivors of Suicide.- 17. Adult Survivors after Suicide: Research Problems and Needs.- VI. Preventing Suicide.- 18. Developmental Perspective on Prevention and Treatment of Suicidal Youth.- 19. The Prevention of Suicide in Adults.- VII. Concluding Remarks.- 20. A Life Span Perspective of Suicide.

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