Life Support (The Breathe Series, #2)

Life Support (The Breathe Series, #2)

4.8 5
by Zoe Norman

WARNING: This novel contains explicit language and sexual situations. It is intended for a mature reader.

Olivia Burke is ready to risk everything to be with Owen Maxwell.  She’s determined to discover his dark secrets, mend his broken soul, and convince him to make their relationship more permanent. Owen is hell bent on not losing his sense of


WARNING: This novel contains explicit language and sexual situations. It is intended for a mature reader.

Olivia Burke is ready to risk everything to be with Owen Maxwell.  She’s determined to discover his dark secrets, mend his broken soul, and convince him to make their relationship more permanent. Owen is hell bent on not losing his sense of self, all the while trying to alleviate Olivia's fears that he'll leave her for any of the warm bodies ready to throw themselves at a sexy fireman.  For Olivia, the past interferes with the future she wants.  For Owen, the future he wants is being assaulted by his past.

With hard work and a commitment to love each other, their budding relationship continues to blossom until one fateful day when their utopia comes to a crashing halt and threatens the future they've been working toward.

Will the challenges life continues to deal them keep them together or push them further apart?  Is their love strong enough?  Right now, both of them are in need of some life support.

Life Support is the conclusion of Olivia and Owen's story that began in Rescue Breathing.

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Zoe Norman is the brainchild of Stephanie K. and Heidi H., two women with one very important thing in common--their love of good erotic romance novels.  After a year of writing fanfiction and developing a swoon-worthy friendship from across the country, the decision was made to write their own novel. 

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Life Support (The Breathe Series, #2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
mkcooke More than 1 year ago
Life Support by Zoe Norman is an utterly fantastic conclusion to the story and characters they created in Rescue Breathing. This book picks right where the last book left off, and in about 2.5 seconds you will be fully engrossed again in Owen and Olivia’s story. This book will capture you in, and it won’t let you go until well after you’ve finished the last word. Life Support is a new chapter in Owen and Olivia’s relationship, and it follows the many ups and downs they face as they once again try to figure out all that is between them. I cannot rave enough about this book. It had so many outstanding aspects to it, and I couldn’t get enough of the characters, their story, and all the amazingness that was this book. Life Support had it all and more to make it a beyond outstanding reading experience. I just loved how hard and passionately Owen feels. Owen and his highly charming self just about melted my heart on every page. Literally. He feels with everything he’s got, and he owns every single thing he feels. I loved that about him. The fierceness and the level with which he feels towards Olivia is exceptional, and it just made me love him to death. These authors do an outstanding job of capturing those feelings and weaving them so thoughtfully throughout the entire book so that you can’t help but love this hot as all get out fireman who feels so deeply from the heart. I absolutely adored how real and authentic Olivia’s character was. I could imagine her so easily, and the thoughts, doubts, questions, and emotions she had surrounding her relationship with Owen felt so real that I felt like I was actually experiencing them. Feeling and experiencing those things through Olivia’s eyes made me love and care for her character so fiercely from the beginning. Olivia is a real female character with flaws and quirks and so many things that just make her fantastic. She just blew my mind with how fabulous her character was, and I enjoyed every single second I got to spend in her spunky and very authentic head. The chemistry and connection between these two is off the charts. I certainly felt that when reading Rescue Breathing, but it’s amped up a notch in this book. The heat, spark, and connection between Owen and Olivia fires off the page and you will feel that on every page. That makes it truly easy to get and love these two because you feel everything that’s going on between them. The past that these characters have individually rear their not so pretty heads in this book. The fears, doubts, and questions that come with those pasts are definitely something that is remarkable to read, but it explains so much about both Owen and Olivia. It was wonderful to read how that past incorporates into the present story, and reading how these characters face that past, made me love them even more. I like that this book put Owen and Olivia and their relationship through some things. They have to work for that happy they both want together. It also puts them in some pretty interesting situations that are highly engaging to read. I loved and lived for those ups and downs because it made me want to fight like hell for these two, while they faced the understandable and highly believable ups and downs that came there way. This book is chalk full of moments that made my heart skip a beat. Some of those moments were from pure pain and emotion, while others were from sheer joy and happiness. And some of those heart stopping moments were from the electric heat between Olivia and Owen that fires off the page. Those moments made this book unstoppable. I even found myself thinking back to these moments’ days after finishing, and they still made my heart stop, while flooding me with the same level of emotion I felt when reading the 1st time. To feel that much days later is so freaking powerful, and made this book unforgettable for me. (I may or may not have started tearing up on the 95 north thinking about moments in this book…) The level of emotion and feeling in the book is outstanding. You get both characters perspectives, and you feel the huge level of ranging emotion they both have. It makes you feel every single little thing that happens so deeply. That level of emotion is well thought out, and extremely well developed and conveyed through this story. These writers did a magnificent job of making you feel it all, and you will love that. The charm that weaves its way through this book is fantastic. You feel it in the banter and connection between Owen and Olivia. You feel it with the supporting characters that make this book shine. You feel it with every fiber of your body while reading every page. This book is bursting with charm, and that will make you feel oh so happy with a genuine smirk on your face throughout your entire reading experience. There is also a phenomenal balance between the many different kinds of moments in this book. The moments of pain, vulnerability and emotion will make your heart stop and have you instantly feeling and caring for the characters. The moments of heat and fire just exemplify what it is these two are fighting for. The moments of humor and fun just bring a real smile to your face, and the moments of love and happiness will fill you with so much bliss that you won’t know what to do with all the glow you’re feeling. These authors balanced all of that phenomenally, and that level of balance sets this book apart because it gives you everything you could want and need, from this one exceptional book. This book isn’t a second chance romance, but let’s just say Olivia and Owen get some additional chances. They both have their flaws, their pasts, and they both make some not so fantastic choices, but what they do when given a new opportunity or chance took my breath away in the best possible way. Those chances exemplify what makes these characters so wonderful to read, and why this entire book was out of this world. Life Support has every single aspect that makes a book a 5 star read. The characters are so real you feel like you know them, and you will be fighting for them something fierce. The story will satisfy you in so many ways, and all of the intricate and well thought out pieces will come together in such an unforgettable way that will captivate you fully. I HIGHLY recommend this book and its predecessor Rescue Breathing, because Owen and Olivia’s story has cemented itself as one of my all-time favorites. These books just burst with their amazingness. These two will engage you with their fiery magic from the moment you meet them, and you will be very sad to let them go, but that in no way lessens the fact that they will blow you away with everything they’ve got. The story and characters that Zoe Norman so wonderfully crafted may come to an end, but something tells me the reading magic they created in these books will stay with me long after reading the end, and that is something I will always love and remember.
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
This is book two in the Breathe Series. I gave this book 5 stars. It is the continuing story of Olivia and Owen. When we left Owen and Olivia in the last book Both had been hurt by relationships in the past and both didn't want anything to do with them ever again. Olivia has some major trust issues and who could blame her with the last guy she was with for three years and he did what he did to her. Owen is a hot NY firefighter! He is a playboy .. a love em and leave em kind of guy. But when he meets Olivia in the airport bar sparks fly. I was so captured yet again by Owen and Olivia's love story. This is another great story from this Author it was great to get right back into Owen and Olivia's story. They love each other so deeply and this story shows how much. Even when problems arise and they have to deal with them, you see their strength and deep love they have for each other. Make sure to get your cup of tea and a warm blanket and curl up and read the conclusion to this wonderful series.
LoriC5 More than 1 year ago
I didn’t think it could get any better than Rescue Breathing. I was wrong! Owen and Olivia stole my heart all over again in Life Support. This book just endeared them to me even more, made me connect with them as real people. In this book, we get to see what comes after the HEA! Life isn’t all candy hearts and roses just because a book ends. Owen and Olivia are now in a committed relationship. And, it scares the hell out of both of them. They have to stumble through this uncharted territory, while working through unresolved insecurities.  It’s a rocky road, but Owen and Olivia find their way through together. Along the way, they explode with passion! I wouldn’t expect anything less of this combustible couple. Owen may be a firefighter, but he knows how to burn up the sheets…or the wall…or the floor. You get the idea! Owen is a sexy alpha with a dirty mouth and a dirtier mind. You’ll be turning up the air conditioning and wishing you were Olivia! While Owen and Olivia define sexy, that isn’t the only the reason to love them. They both leap off the pages with their fun and bright, but complex personalities. Their humor had me chuckling out loud (eliciting looks of confusion from those around me) and their depth of emotion resonated through me. I was so wrapped up in their story that the world around me disappeared. I want to know these two. To have them as friends in my life. Well, at least I have the book to read again and again… What makes this book stand out is Zoe Norman’s ability to create characters that are real (with the exception of their stunning good looks of course. But who wants to read a romance without the sexy hero and beautiful heroine?).  I was frustrated with Olivia’s level of anxiety and her almost constant fear that Owen would leave her. It caused her to make some very poor decisions that could have driven Owen away for good. Like any of us, she doesn’t always have her crap together and lets the worst of a situation obscure her view of things. Owen almost lost his hero card a couple of times. He was on the brink of decisions that would have ruined my love for him (no matter how luscious he is). In the end, he showed me why I came back to read more of his story. Once again, it came from the genuine quality of his character. Like anyone, his mind can slip out of his control, but in the end, his love for Olivia and his strength of character, prove that he is worthy of my love and hero worship.  Owen and Olivia are worth every single page. I was loathe to say goodbye to them. The last pages were beautiful but I found myself reading every word as slowly as possible. When I could not draw it out any longer, and I reached that last page, I took comfort in the fact that I could go back to the beginning and take this journey with Olivia and Owen over and over again. 
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Incendiary and emotive Favorite Quotes: “He and I have had many good times, a handful of bad times, a few too many drunk times, and a considerable number of times I promised not to talk about.”  “A smile that could make angels weep comes across his face.  It’s so infectious that I have to smile back.” “I found what I didn’t know I was even looking for in you.  When I’ve found my other half, why would I need to continue looking?  I want you and only you – forever and always.  I may be the guy who’s out there saving people every day from burning buildings, but you save my life every single day.  You give me life.  You give me confidence and strength I didn’t know I had.  And more importantly than all of that, you give me your love, which I know, without hesitation, I would die without.”   “You are my bucket list.  Everything I never thought I’d have, I have in you.  You will forever be my always.”   “It didn’t come easily to us, the healing of our hearts.  But how lucky, how unbelievably lucky, are we that we got to do that together.”   My Review: I thought it would be impossible for these freshly minted authors to improve over their first effort Rescue Breathing – which I absolutely adored and still feel is near perfection.  But they have – and I am in a total meltdown over their sequel Life Support.  I found I had marked so many wonderful passages for favorite quotes, that considerable time was required to narrow the list down to 5 before I write this review, as so much of this book qualified as being a favorite passage.  On top of the intriguing characters, titillating and absorbing story line, the writing is so deliciously steamy, that while I was less than half way through the book, I was forced to make a trip to the store to purchase new underwear.  I have the receipt to prove my claim!  I bought 15 pair as judging from the rate I was going through them, I knew I would not be able to keep up with the laundry needs, and I do believe more than a few pairs were beyond salvage after igniting into flames.   I loved returning to the story of the O’s as I call them -Owen and Olivia - and the multiple Big Os they shared… which ultimately caused considerable feelings of jealousy and inadequacy for this old cougar.  The characters are smart, funny, witty, beautiful and handsome, filthy talking, well-endowed, insecure, limber, multi-talented, and imperfect - yet perfect for each other.  While I would love to know these people, I would not want to be their neighbor, I would bet good money they would be extremely loud.  
megpie93 More than 1 year ago
If you have not read Rescue Breathing, which is the first book, then you probably don't want to read this review.  My Thoughts... 4 solid stars I thought Life Support was a good ending to Owen and Olivia's Story… Owen has grown as a character, in my Opinion in this book. It was a great continuation of their story. I can say that Olivia and Owen are a perfect couple together. They still have the Chemistry that they had in the first book. This book has some steamy parts, and it also had some funny parts- which they usually had to do with Owen.  Owen did get on my nerves a few times in this book because he needed to open up to Olivia about his past. Olivia was insecure a few time thought out the book. Usually that would drive me nuts, but I could totally see why she was, with what happened to her history, and Owen being previous manwhore. Overall, It’s a great series. I really don’t like to read where there are more than one book about the same couple, but I really enjoyed these books. Their story need two. I love where Owen was a fire fighter. Love fire fighter books. If you like hot fire fighters that talk dirty, then this book is for you.  Remember, this is the second book. Make sure you read Rescue Breathing first.  I can’t wait to see what’s next from Zoe Norman.