Light on the Web: Essentials to Making the 'Net Work for You / Edition 1

Light on the Web: Essentials to Making the 'Net Work for You / Edition 1

by Wendy G. Lehnert

ISBN-10: 0201737345

ISBN-13: 9780201737349

Pub. Date: 02/23/2001

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

1. First Things First.
Taking Charge.
Computer Basics.
Units of Memory.
Speed and Bottlenecks.
The Internet.
Host Machines and Host Names.
The Client/Server Software Model.
The World Wide Web and Web Browsers.
How to Get Online.
Browser Tips and Tricks.

2. Personal Safety Online.
Taking Charge.
Acceptable Use Policies.
Password Security.
Viruses, Trojans, and Worms.
E-mail Viruses.
Shopping Online.
Protecting Your Privacy.
Internet Scams.
Online Auctions.
Libel and Lawsuits.
Threats and Harassment.
Software Piracy and Copyright Infringements.
Pornography and Other Lapses in Good Taste.
Hoaxes and Legends.

3. E-mail Management.
Taking Charge.
Basic Client Operations.
MIME Attachments and HTML-enabled Clients.
E-mail Netiquette and Netspeak.
SMTP and Mail Servers.
Filtering and Routing.
Web-Based Mail Accounts.

4. Basic Web Page Construction.
Taking Charge.
Web Page HTML Elements.
Basic Web Page Formatting.
Basic Web Page Graphics.
Three Types of Hyperlinks.
Page Layouts with Tables.
Navigation Maps with Frames.
A Web Site Construction Checkist.
Installing Web Pages on a Web Server.
Copyright Law and the Web.

5. Find What You Want-Fast!.
Taking Charge.
More about Subject Trees and Clearinghouses.
General Search Engines and Meta Search Engines.
Successive Query Refinement.
Advanced Search Options.
SpecializedSearch Engines.
Search Bots and Intelligent Agents.
Pull and Push Technologies.
Assessing Credibility on the Web.

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