The Lighthouse Mystery (The Boxcar Children Series #8)

The Lighthouse Mystery (The Boxcar Children Series #8)

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by Gertrude Chandler Warner, David Cunningham

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Renting a lighthouse is unusual, but even more so is an unfriendly boy's peculiar behavior.


Renting a lighthouse is unusual, but even more so is an unfriendly boy's peculiar behavior.

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Children's Literature - Enid J. Portnoy
Perhaps young readers will have an exciting beach adventure which includes an exploration of a lighthouse, but if not, this is the perfect introduction to the scene, with those residents who work and care for both land and sea surrounding it. The lighthouse is a focal point for this story from the popular series "The Boxcar Children" which has been around for quite some time. Once a reader becomes hooked on interesting stories in the series there are many books to acquire. Imagine every grandchild's delight in going on a car trip with a grandfather and coming upon a lighthouse for sale! It seems too difficult to try to buy one, but given a chance to rent it for a few days might be a good example to see what life is like. A family's adventure begins this way with Warner introducing colorful and friendly people who introduce the family to their village community. They participate in a Village Picnic and gather wood and articles washed up on the beach to make simple chairs. They learn how to cook homegrown food and gather fresh water to drink and make their own plates from cement and other items. At night they sit around their wood fires on the beach and listen to stories about long ago ships and unexplained mysteries on land and sea. The best part of the family's vacation is to have grandfather and their dog with the children all together, having new experiences in a new place. The children are invited to help cook some of the food and learn to wash their plates in the sea. A resident explains how people conduct experiments to turn seaweed into food that can help feed people all over the world. Suddenly unexpected weather delays family plans to drive home. They are faced with problems to solve along with village residents. Much later everyone realizes they will always carry good memories of their surprise lighthouse adventure, and have in their pockets some beautiful shells as a reminder. The text is a short one, with simple plot and vocabulary that move the action along. Another BoxCar Children's mystery has been solved! Reviewer: Enid J. Portnoy

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Whitman, Albert & Company
Publication date:
Boxcar Children Series , #8
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5.78(w) x 8.33(h) x 0.61(d)
Age Range:
7 - 12 Years

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The Boxcar Children Series was created by Gertrude Chandler Warner, a teacher, when she realized that there were few, if any, books for children that were both easy and fun to read. She drew on her own experiences in writing the mysteries. As a child, she had spent hours watching trains near her home, and often dreamed about what it would be like to live in a caboose or freight car. In each story, she chose a special setting and introduced unpredictable, unusual or eccentric characters, to help highlight the Aldens’ independence and resourcefulness. Miss Warner lived in Putnam, Massachusetts until her death in 1979.

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The Lighthouse Mystery (The Boxcar Children Series #8) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar. Now, they have a home with their grandfather, and are spending the summer renting a lighthouse. While they are there, they meet Mr. Hall, the owner of a grocery store, the Cook family, and Mr. Snow, a boat captain. Every night when the clock strikes midnight their dog Watch barks, they see a strange woman walking across the beach carrying something. The Aldens gather clues-- Larry Cook¿s, an unfriendly 17 year old boy's, peculiar behavior--going out in a boat at late at night, strange cooking in an old cottage, an uncle that collects plankton bags for him, a stubborn Dad who won¿t let Larry go to college. They soon discover that Larry is a genius trying to solve world hunger by making plankton and seaweed into palatable food. His dream is to go to college and achieve this.The Alden¿s solve the mystery, then get him enrolled at Adams¿ College with Henry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best best best best
karen regner More than 1 year ago
really good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Edge of your seat experience. I loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it please! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To go to be ture
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kevin THE LIGHTHOUSE MYSTERY BY: GERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER MYSTERY GRADE LEVEL - GRADE 4 This is a great page turning mystery! The main characters are the members of the Alden family. There is Grandfather Alden who takes care of all his grandchildren. There is Henry who is about eighteen years old and is the oldest of the grandchildren. There is also Benny who is about nine and the youngest of the Alden¿s. There is also Violet and Jessie who are both about twelve years old. This family has many strange encounters with odd characters. The Alden family was on their way home from their Aunt Jane¿s house when they saw a lighthouse for sale in the city of Conley. This lighthouse is the main setting for the story. Grandfather and the children wanted to buy it. They stopped at a nearby grocery store to ask about the sale at which time they passed a strange man. This man they come across several times in the story. Come to find out, the owner of the grocery store had already bought the lighthouse but he said he would rent it to them for the summer. One night while staying there, Watch, their dog, woke them up in the middle of the night. The Aldens saw a dark shadow walking away from the building next to the lighthouse. This happened at the same time every night for about a week. The Aldens investigated the building to find clues of who the person was and what he or she was doing. They looked inside and saw cooking materials, sacks of seaweed, and a table with little cakes on it but no one was there. One day they went to a nearby clothing store to get swimsuits and asked the lady at the store about the strange man they had seen several times. She told them that he was a rich fisherman but you would never know it. He also had a son that wanted to go to college but he wouldn¿t let him. This is a great book for you if you are looking for a good mystery book. I enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too.