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Like A Memory

Like A Memory

4.4 9
by Abbi Glines

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Abbi Glines
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5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

Meet the Author

Abbi Glines (born Abigal Potts) is the bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, new adult, and young adult novels. Her popular book series include Rush of Love, The Vincent Boys, Existence, Sea Breeze, Rosemary Beach, and The Field Party series. A devoted booklover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama.

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Like A Memory 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 20 hours ago
Omg this was the best connection of two of my favorite series...i hope it is only the beginning of seeing the children from thes wonderful series. Please more!!! Abbi we need more
Anonymous 20 hours ago
Anonymous 1 days ago
I loved this book. I hope it's just the beginning. The best part is the connection of Rosemary Beach and Sea Breeze. It definitely left me wanting more!
Anonymous 4 days ago
Having read the earlier series it was great to see them tied together. I enjoy these characters and their children's stories are just as awesome! This was Nate and Bliss story that showed glimpses of the other characters we've grown to love.
Jlmonty4 4 days ago
'm honestly not sure why this book is getting all the negative reviews? It was a great start to a new series. I loved Nate. He's a little bit of Rush and Blaire. He's got Blaire's heart. When he loves,he loves. He got his heart broken one summer,and never really got it back. Watching him sort his feelings and make mistakes made this book. Bliss, I loved her. She's a fighter. She's been through alot,and is still full of life and caring. She gave up heart once,and now she's fighting to get it back. I can't wait to read more!
Books6565 5 days ago
I was definitely disappointed and I soooo wanted to love this book! The story is rushed and as a result, I did not feel that the characters ever connected. I've read all the Rosemary Books (loved each and every one!!!!) and just started the Sea Breeze but not sure I'll continue because the offsprings annoyed me so much! What's with the names?! Saffron??? You might as well name a character Cinnamon.....Anyway, I digress. Both characters esp Bliss didn't seem to care all that much about Nate being engaged.....esp since Bliss is supposed to be this innocent pure soul. If it's done right, one can feel sympathetic towards this type of romance(Karina Halle's Love in Spanish), but both characters acted so juvenile. Bliss totally acted like she was 15 rather than 22. When Bliss tells Nate to leave then flip flops and tells him to stay and "forces"/"begs" for a date, I totally lost all respect for her. I don't mind meek/shy female leads in fact I sometimes prefer them to feisty annoying heroines, but Bliss was too much. She is supposed to be this shy blushing girl and when they go on this date she acts like a porn star and Nate's dirty commentary is just as bad. I love hot sex scenes as much as the next person but it just didn't mesh with these 2 characters. Again it just felt rushed. Then in the final 3rd of the book, tragedy strikes and instead of shock and sadness for the victims, Bliss immediately blames Octavia. Eli was better in being sympathetic to the situation. I felt Bliss was supposed to be this goodhearted soul, yet she did not have much compassion for someone who was in a very dark place. Ultimately Octavia was to blame for her actions but there were extenuating circumstances too. And while Nate felt the burden of guilt, Bliss really didn't acknowledge the part she played in this tragedy. As you can tell, I had a problem with Bliss.....and I don't know why Nate had such commitment/intimacy issues. The book kept hammering on about how good the home relationships were for all the kids. It would have made a better story if what happened with Octavia came before he met up with Bliss.....because then he would have a reason to be distrustful of relationships. Again there was a disconnect there with the Nate character. I finished the book because it is like am extended epilogue for the Rosemary beach series but I wished I liked it more.
Anonymous 5 days ago
Abbi Glines has done it again. I hope she does a follow up to where they are now. Hope to see more of Rosemary Beach and Sea Breeze.
Anonymous 5 days ago
Omg... This was the best way to connect the two series . Word can't describe how good it was
Anonymous 6 days ago
Well done Abbi!