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Like Honey (Saffron Nights Series #3)

Like Honey (Saffron Nights Series #3)

3.8 4
by Liz Everly

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"You may never think of exotic foods in the same way again." --Joan Chandler

Wanted: A Hot Honey of a Man

Love brought Jennifer D'Amico to Scotland, but it's honey that makes her stay. Her honey farm is all the beautiful widow has left of her brief marriage. All she needs is a master beekeeper to get the flailing business back on track. What she


"You may never think of exotic foods in the same way again." --Joan Chandler

Wanted: A Hot Honey of a Man

Love brought Jennifer D'Amico to Scotland, but it's honey that makes her stay. Her honey farm is all the beautiful widow has left of her brief marriage. All she needs is a master beekeeper to get the flailing business back on track. What she gets is Grayson McGhilly, a boldly sexy stranger who knows his honey--almost as well as he knows how to bring Jennifer to the brink of passion. . ..

From the moment Gray lays eyes on Jennifer, he's hooked, mind and body. But his mission isn't just to savor every succulent inch of her, but to keep her from harm. For Gray isn't just a beekeeper, but an undercover agent investigating criminal activity at her farm. And now he'll do just about anything to keep the sweet and oh-so-satisfying Jennifer safe in his arms. . ..

Praise for Liz Everly's Saffron Nights Romances

"A sensual tale with a bit of mystery, Cravings is packed with heat." --Marina Adair, national bestselling author

"BUY THIS BOOK!!! You will thank me later. Yes, it's that good." --Harlie's Books on Saffron Nights

"Very hot!" --Readaholic's Reviews on Saffron Nights

61,500 Words

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Saffron Nights Series , #3
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Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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Like Honey 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
REAL READER I SURE HOPE I didn't pay for this one. No cohesiveness , made it to page 65 and put it down. Actual sex scenes from previous lovers weird not my cup of ( honey)
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Julie Like Honey was very interesting. I liked reading all about the honey and although it didn't get too technical, I learned that not all honey is the same and that beekeepers really love their bees. It's almost an art form and this author really showed the love. Like Honey was a good romance rolled into a good mystery with some murder and a happy outcome. I also liked that even though it's based in Scotland, it was still easy to follow since it didn't get into a lot of Scottish history or the Scottish brogue. There was a piece of information that was left unanswered but apparently not necessary to the outcome of the story. Source: Author (in exchange for an honest and unbiased review) Rating: 4.5
CaryMorganFrates More than 1 year ago
Hot! Would you like to take a wild ride to Scotland? Silly question. This particular hot and wild ride revolves around a pair of ex-pat Americans, so the reader doesn’t have to put up with Scots-speak writing, which can make for stop-and-go reading at best. Auch-aye! Happily, Liz Everly still gives the reader a rich sense of the rugged beauty that is Scotland, as her heroine, Jennifer D’Amico, tries to save the honey business build by her late husband’s family. But there is something odd going on, and when bee expert and undercover Homeland Security agent, Grayson McGhilly shows up and offers to help her out, she is forced to trust a man she knows nothing about. Mystery, murder and danger lurk around every corner, and the story will keep you pinned to your reading perch until the final page is turned. Well done.
gaele More than 1 year ago
I requested this title on NetGalley, and never really expected to be granted early access  - but I am OH SO Glad that I did.  Liz Everly has a wonderfully written, evocative story that is full of honey and bees and redolent with the Scottish countryside.   Jennifer was widowed after a short marriage, and now finds herself managing her dead husband’s family business: a honey farm.  Completely unprepared for both life as it has twisted, and learning slowly about beekeeping as she is struggling to pay bills, she still hasn’t really dealt with her losses, merely struggling to put one foot in front of the other and make the business and the estate desirable for a buyer.  Jennifer’s farm and business are under watch however, and Grayson is the agent sent to ferret out the possible drugs and China connections to the D’Amato Honey Farm.  Gray comes from a long line of beekeepers, and as he is singularly placed to infiltrate as her Head Beekeeper and be able to investigate from inside.  So – the premise was great – there were a few issues that I did have, but overall I did enjoy the story so much that I had to get to the end (which came at 1 am, mind: for someone who is always in bed far earlier I’m paying for it today).  Gray and Jennifer are hot together – they are both a touch on the oversexed side: her fantasies are odd, and there are several from them both that involve sex with former partners.  While I can sort of relate to the comparison or the fantasy when one is alone as long as Jennifer had been, there was just too many questions raised by those fantasies.   The story is told in alternating points of view, and that makes for some strange transitions that don’t always flow forward into the next revelation.  While I did appreciate the moments of getting into each of the characters thoughts and feelings, there could have been transitions that were smoother and fit together a touch better.   My last issue is a dubious consent issue: Gray is often slipping into Jennifer’s house in the middle of the night – that alone is creepy enough, no matter his stated intention.  And when his boss / ex-lover appears before Jennifer understands their history he not only sneaks into her house, but proceeds to seduce her, without taking her NO into account.  Considering that Jennifer’s life is in danger, and an employee had tried to strangle her – I was nonplussed.  For the positives – it was fun to learn about bees, beekeeping and honey: and Everly did a wonderful job describing the countryside, the textures, and even the emotions of the characters.  While I had some issues with pieces, the whole story managed to wrap up nicely and provided a logical and thoughtful ending, even if it seemed that the relationship with Gray was accelerated.  I didn’t miss much of the background: there was enough information provided through flashbacks, thoughts and discussions to give a solid sense of the events that happened before this book.  I’d happily read more from this author, and will have to get the first two in the series to see if this installment fits the earlier books. I received an eBook copy from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.