Like Magic

Like Magic

by Todd Denman

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Aniar Records


  1. Woman of the House/The New Moan Meadow/The Bag of Spuds
  2. Kit O'Mahony's/The Price of My Pig/The Butcher's March
  3. Barge Inn/Hanley's Tweed/Sean McGrath's
  4. Lagan Love
  5. Con Cassidy's/The Foxhunter's Jig/To Limerick We Will Go
  6. The Old Blackthorn Stick/Shepherd's Daughter
  7. Maud Millar's/Gan Ainm/In Memory of Michael Coleman
  8. McGovern's Favourite/The Liffey Banks/Séan O'Cealleigh's/Courting Them
  9. I'm with You
  10. Helvic Head/Trip to the Fair
  11. The Blackbird/The Jolly Seven/Gan Ainm/Master Séamus
  12. Din Tarrant's No. 1/The New Roundabout/The Cappamore
  13. The Limestore Rock/P. Joe's/The Beauty Spot/The Spiddal Reel
  14. Sporting Paddy/The Custom House/The Bloom of Youth
  15. Looking Back

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