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Lindsey Lost

Lindsey Lost

4.5 2
by Suzanne Phillips

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The Bourne Identity meets I Am the Cheese in this taut thriller

Even though Micah's a star pitcher, his older sister Lindsey is the real deal—a runner so good, she has a shot at the Olympics. The two of them urge each other on, and are each other's best support. Then the unthinkable happens: Lindsey is murdered, and Micah may have been the


The Bourne Identity meets I Am the Cheese in this taut thriller

Even though Micah's a star pitcher, his older sister Lindsey is the real deal—a runner so good, she has a shot at the Olympics. The two of them urge each other on, and are each other's best support. Then the unthinkable happens: Lindsey is murdered, and Micah may have been the last person to see her. But he can't remember what happened, no matter what their parents tell him, no matter what the police say. Did he witness his sister's murder—or commit it? Can he recall the truth before his life is sentenced to end, too?

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Amy Wyckoff
Lindsey is an all star who is on track to qualify for the Olympics in a few short months. Her brother, Micah, has always supported her goals even while working hard to achieve his own dreams of playing baseball on a full ride in college. When Lindsey goes missing one afternoon, everyone becomes a suspect, including Micah who may have been the last one to see and possibly argue with Lindsey. Would Micah be jealous enough of Lindsey's success to murder her with his own bare hands? The problem is that Micah has no memory of that afternoon and even doubts his own innocence. He is also surprised to learn through the investigation that Lindsey was involved in other activities besides running and she was beginning to think her running career was coming to an end. Short snippets of that afternoon slowly start to flash back to him, allowing him to piece together the details of his sister's gruesome murder. This suspense-filled mystery features believable dialogue and likable characters and will be an enjoyable read for high schoolers who enjoy mysteries but are ready to move on from series mysteries like those by R.L. Stine. Moving further into the story, readers have a chance to connect the clues and solve the puzzle before Micah's memory returns. The writing style is clean and easy to read. This is a worthwhile mystery to add to high school library or public library bookshelves. Reviewer: Amy Wyckoff
Children's Literature - Jennifer Lehmann
Sixteen-year-old Micah has a record-breaking pitching arm, and his eyes are on the major leagues after a college scholarship. His older sister, Lindsey, is a runner with Olympic talent and plans to try for the 2012 London games. But now she is missing and Micah cannot remember anything about that day. He may have been the last to see her, and he may know what has happened to her, but his mind has blacked out those memories. The longer he goes without remembering, the more suspicious he looks to the police and even his family. As Micah works to remember, he and his girlfriend Vivian try to solve the case, but both his father and his sister's coach are caught in lies. Are they protecting themselves, or are they protecting him from what he is afraid to remember? Though the book is divided according to the days, Micah tells about some events in flashbacks, making the chronology disorienting. This mirrors Micah's mindset effectively, but may also be a hindrance to some readers. The warmth of Micah's relationship with his sister comes through clearly, and his relationship with Vivian is an understandable anchor for him. He is distant from the other characters though, including his parents. Some of the motivations of Micah and his father would have been clearer if the bright parts of their relationship had been shown. While the cover and title are similar to books aimed at young adult girls, this suspenseful novel will appeal to both genders. Sports and school are both present, but not all-encompassing, and the tension of the mystery and Micah's lost hours carry the reader through the pages quickly. Reviewer: Jennifer Lehmann
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—Micah and Lindsey Hamilton are impressive athletes. Micah is a pitcher with a "rocket arm" and Lindsey, a track-and-field star, is on pace to compete in the London Olympics. Both feel the pressure involved in their athletic success and lean on each other in order to push on. On January 12, 2011, Lindsey goes missing. Micah has no memory of half of the day but is left with some clues: Lindsey's handprint in paint on his shirt and a note from her in the back pocket of his jeans. When the police arrive to tell the family that she has been murdered, Micah must put the puzzle pieces of his suppressed memory together. Deep down, he fears the dark memory that places him with Lindsey when she dies, but his father and the police pressure him to remember. To cope with this new stress, Micah has created a device from twisted nails that he uses to prick his fingertips in order to feel a tension-releasing pain. He also tries a night of coping with Jack Daniel's. As his memory slowly comes back and clues are revealed, Micah's suspicions lead readers to different suspects, including the siblings' father, Micah himself, Lindsey's coach, and her current and ex-boyfriends. Phillips sets an immediate, steady pace that explodes through the finish. The somewhat thin page count and tight plot will leave a broad range of readers satisfied.—Adrienne L. Strock, Maricopa County Library District, AZ
Kirkus Reviews
Life, death and suspicion in the pressure cooker of high-stakes teen athletics.Siblings Lindsey and Micah, premiere teen athletes, look forward to lives of athletic greatness: the 2012 London Summer Olympics in track and field for Lindsey and a major league pitching career for Micah. Lindsey is especially focused, maintaining excellent grades and working closely with Coach Kelley—herself a (nonmedaling) Olympian—while Micah struggles a bit academically and is content to bask in Lindsey's reflected glow. Lindsey's murder crushes her family's dreams, casting amnesia-stricken Micah and their cagey father as prime suspects. Micah has lost his entire memory of the day of Lindsey's death, and he both fears and distrusts his father's attempts to help him recover it. As Lindsey's secrets unravel and Micah's memories of Lindsey's last afternoon alive slowly return to him, red herrings pile up, but ultimately only Micah—so tormented by the idea that he might have killed the sister he loved and admired that he resorts to increasingly drastic methods of self-cutting—is sufficiently three-dimensional to inspire the page-turning mix of reader sympathy and suspicion essential to a good thriller's success. When the murderer is ultimately revealed, the result is not so much a satisfying clicking into place of clues carefully planted in past chapters as a shrug-inducing narrative thud. Readers looking for a twisty, satisfying mystery should look elsewhere. (Mystery. 12-15)

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Penguin Publishing Group
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5.86(w) x 8.38(h) x 0.84(d)
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12 Years

Meet the Author

Suzanne Marie Phillips lives in Oregon and California.

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Lindsey Lost 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is boring but it dnt start to get good intill the end it was a really good ending and at the same time it qas kinda confusing wen wen they were talking about moving forward then all of a sudden she is gone and at the ending wen they say the way she was supposing had left dnt really go with the end
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recommended