Linguistics of American Sign Language: An Introduction / Edition 3

Linguistics of American Sign Language: An Introduction / Edition 3

by Clayton Valli, Cecil Lucas, Ceil Lucas

ISBN-10: 1563680971

ISBN-13: 9781563680977

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

New 4th Edition completely revised and updated with new DVD now available; ISBN 1-56368-283-4  See more details below


New 4th Edition completely revised and updated with new DVD now available; ISBN 1-56368-283-4

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Gallaudet University Press
Publication date:
Edition description:
Third Edition
Product dimensions:
7.20(w) x 10.30(h) x 1.20(d)

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Basic concepts
Defining language1
Pt. 2Phonology
Unit 1Signs have parts17
Unit 2The Stokoe system23
Unit 3The concept of sequentiality in the description of signs28
Unit 4The Liddell and Johnson movement - hold model34
Unit 5Phonological processes40
Unit 6Summary44
Pt. 3Morphology and syntax
Unit 1Phonology vs. morphology49
Unit 2Deriving nouns from verbs in ASL51
Unit 3Compounds56
Unit 4Lexicalized fingerspelling and loan signs62
Unit 5Numeral incorporation70
Unit 6The function of space in ASL74
Unit 7Verbs in ASL76
Unit 8Simple sentences in ASL84
Unit 9Classifier predicates90
Unit 10Classifier predicates and signer perspective100
Unit 11Temporal aspect105
Unit 12Derivational vs. inflectional morphology110
Unit 13Syntax113
Unit 14Basic sentence types127
Unit 15Time in ASL135
Pt. 4Semantics
Unit 1The meaning of individual signs141
Unit 2The meaning of sentences152
Pt. 5Language in use
Unit 1Variation and historical change161
Unit 2ASL discourse169
Unit 3Bilingualism and language contact177
Unit 4Language as art184
Pt. 6Supplemental readings
Analyzing signs193
File 1.1Why study language?213
File 1.2Course objectives215
File 1.3"Good" language218
File 1.4Arbitrariness in language224
Signs have parts : a simple idea230
Introduction to A dictionary of American sign language242
File 3.1What is phonetics?258
File 3.2Representing speech sounds260
File 4.1What is phonology?265
File 4.2The value of sounds : phonemes267
File 4.3Phonological rules273
American sign language : the phonological base280
File 5.1Morphology : words and word formation320
File 5.3The hierarchical structure of derived words325
File 5.4Morphological processes328
The confluence of space and language in signed languages336
Indicating verbs and pronouns : pointing away from agreement365
Syntax : sentences and their structure378
Syntax : the analysis of sentence structure382
Semantics : the analysis of meaning412
File 10.1Introduction to language variation440
File 10.2Variation at different levels of linguistic structure444
File 10.3Language and socioeconomic status446
Analyzing variation in sign languages : theoretical and methodological issues451
Sociolinguistic aspects of the black deaf community473
Variation : basic concepts486
Discourse analysis490
Language contact in the American deaf community516

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