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Lion Heart

Lion Heart

4.1 10
by Tanya Anne Crosby

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A passion Elizabet has never known — and the freedom she so fervently craves — waits in the arms of the proud, virile Scotsman who now holds her prisoner.

The illegitimate daughter of a penniless English baron, Elizabet is determined never to relinquish her cherished independence by becoming some man's "property." But


A passion Elizabet has never known — and the freedom she so fervently craves — waits in the arms of the proud, virile Scotsman who now holds her prisoner.

The illegitimate daughter of a penniless English baron, Elizabet is determined never to relinquish her cherished independence by becoming some man's "property." But when she is kidnapped by a rugged clansman in the Scottish highlands, her sensations are awakened as never before. Broc of the McKinnons is only interested in doing what is best for his clan, even if it means holding an enchanting, high-spirited Englishwoman hostage in order to avert a feud. But his growing passion for the exquisitely kissable Elizabet could be his undoing. For keeping her poses a serious risk to Broc's future, while letting her go poses an even greater risk to his heart.

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A blackbird chased its mate across the sunlit sky. The pair fluttered together into a nearby tree, chirping merrily as lovers are wont to do.

Broc felt somehow empty at the sight of them. It was the second time during the span of the day that the feeling had come over him. He couldn't quite put his finger on what troubled him. He was restless.

It was a beautiful summer day with every tree a verdant green. The scent of something delightful but elusive hung in the air like an invisible mist, teasing his nostrils. Something like sweet pollen mayhap, though he couldn't name the flower of its birth.

He stopped to watch the birds upon a branch overhead. Furious little creatures, they struggled together as though battling. His brows drew together as he watched them pair off.

God's truth, it seemed everything and everybody was mating except him.

And he was the last of his clan.

It hadn't much bothered him before today. He hadn't allowed it. But after Gavin's sermon at Cohn's and Seana's wedding, he found himself remembering an old woman's blessing.

Find ye a good woman to cherish and give her strong bairns. Let your father's blood live long in your veins and those of your children! You are the last of the MacEanraig clan, lad.

The echo of her voice had faded through the years. But her words had come back to haunt him.

They left him strangely bereft.

If someone had asked him only a few months before if Cohn might ever wed, Broc would have laughed in their face and shaken his head with absolute conviction. But his best friend was now a married man, and Broc had never seen Cohn so joyful. He was pleased for the both of them. And yet... in the aftermath of their nuptials, he found himself obsessing over an old woman's last words to him and craving something he couldn't name.

He turned away from the birds and continued on his journey home. In times past, Merry, his dog, would have been at his heels, and he might have had to drag her barking away from the damned tree.

He missed the sweet mutt.

He sighed and pushed her memory away, only to be besieged by another more poignant.

Always it hovered on the edge of his consciousness — the sound of his parents laughing together.

The two of them had been deeply devoted to each other, and his da had so obviously cherished his mother that as a child Broc had felt enriched by their love. But as happy as his childhood had been, despite the hardships, his memories were tainted with the hideousness of their death.

He could never think of them without remembering the other....

He had no idea that he had stopped again, nor that he sat upon the ground, but he was left reeling by the images that accosted him. Even after all these years his kinsmen's faces haunted him. He plucked a woodland flower from the soil and crushed it in his fist, his gut burning with remembered rage.

God help him, it was better never to open one's heart at all, better never to be left so defenseless. The little boy he had been was long dead now. The man he had become was far stronger alone. His devotion was reserved for God and his clan, the clan that had embracedhim as a child and made him one of its own. Aside from the clan, he didn't want to cleave to anyone.

A wife would be nought more than a burdenone he couldn't afford.

A dog's growl startled him from his reverie.

For an instant, he forgot Merry was dead and mistook the sound for that of his old companion. He turned, expecting to find her black eyes watching him, and instead saw a strange, overgrown hound instead. The animal's teeth were bared, but something about the eyes seemed docile and harmless, mayhap even afeared. Its coat was bedraggled, wet and dirty, mayhap from a trek through the bog. It was in desperate need of a bath, food and a warm place at someone's feet.

It was just so that he'd found Merry. He'd had to win her over, as well. The memory brought a wistful smile to his lips.

But then he thought about the way she'd died and how much it had hurt to lay her to rest, and that empty feeling returned.

It was too damned difficult to lose the things you loved, and it seemed to Broc that everything he loved most, he lost.

Some part of him wanted to rise up now and brush himself off, walk away from this beast, but he didn't. He sat there, making no move either to leave it or approach it.

The animal's bright eyes stared back at him.

Broc didn't avert his gaze. He tried to convey to the beast that no harm would come to it. He removed from the pouch at his waist a small sliver of smoked meat and offered it as a token of his friendship.

He spoke to it softly, and the animal laid its ears back, cocking its head curiously. Broc smiled and continued to gaze at it, willing it to come to him. Extending his hand, he began to coo to it, and soon it lowered its head and took a step forward.

It took yet another when Broc made no move to close the distance between them.

"That a girl," he crooned, though he had no idea of the sex of the beast. Gender didn't matter much with anything that traveled on four legs, he decided, as he waved the meat at the animal, cajoling it nearer.

It wasn't long before the dog was at his side, shaking its wet coat and spattering him in the face with stinky bog water. Broc chuckled and rubbed it vigorously, rewarding it for its bravery. He handed over the meat. The poor beast snatched it, devouring it in one gulp, then peered up at him as though expecting more.

Broc laughed, patting it. "There ye go," he said again, and stood, continuing to pet it. Its coat was soft, though it was damp and dirty. It was obviously hungry as well, but he had nothing else to feed it...

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Lisa Klepas
Tanya Anne Crosby writes remarkable love stories.

Meet the Author

Tanya Anne Crosby has written ten previous historical romances, all of which have appeared on bestseller lists including the New York Times and USA Today. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two children.

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Lion Heart 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
NavyWave62 More than 1 year ago
Please read these in order. I bought the Highland Brides Bundle, and the character's flow nicely from book one through book 4. I fell in love with Broc from the previous books and why he acted the way he did in the previous books was explained in his story in book 4. Book one and three are my favorites of the 4. This is the shortest of the 4, but it was nice to have the other couples visit and I really liked our H/h. Not as much action, but it is full of passion, love and romance. There is lovemaking, that is tastefully written, not vulgar. I am not going into the premise of the story, as it has been written, just know the bundle is the way to go. (ljb)
kronan1 More than 1 year ago
Disappointing...................................... Broc deserved a better story.  He also deserved a better heroine.  He was an interesting quirky character in the previous books.  In this he is a man alone in the crowd.   He has a clan but they are not really his.  The heroine is TSTL at times and he keeps the secret of her brothers death from her way to long.  There is none of the humor of the previous books.  Too bad.  I was looking forward to Broc's story.  Unfortunately it was mundane and predictable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was a lot of repetitive writing over Broc's dilema. The characters were not well developed...especially Elizabet's. Rather hard to believe her change of heart toward Broc. It was nice having the characters from the other three books present, but beyond that i found it lacking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I honestly didn't think I would like this book based on some of the reviews but I ended up loving it! 1st 3rd and 4th are my favorites with the 2nd one being the funniest. The first is still the best in my opinion but they are all really good. Tanya Ann Crosby is an excellent writer no doubt. I wasn't very enthused when I found out Broc was the male lead for this book because I had imagined him as a big sweet ogre type in the other books. However, Broc ended up being a surprisingly passionate character.This book does not dissapoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
read2011 More than 1 year ago
Brocs story is the last in this highland brides series. I liked it well enough, a damsel in distress finds herself a sexy highland protector.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Elizabet knows she is nothing since she is from the wrong side of the sheets. Adding to insult to Elizabet is that her penniless father remarried and his new wife threw out the old, including her. Elizabet believes she has only two hopes of survival. She can become an aristocrat¿s mistress or she can pray that her Scottish cousin Piers de Montgomerie welcomes her into his home.

Broc MacKinnon kidnaps Elizabet when he thinks a deadly assailant perils her travels. He wants to keep her safe. As they begin to know one another, they fall in love. However, the assailant informs Piers that Broc not only abducted his cousin, but also killed her brother. With Piers after Broc and the real killer after Elizabet, this couple¿s relationship seems in jeopardy due to a very short life span.

Tanya Anne Crosby is one of the better authors of medieval romances, but her latest tale lacks the heart and soul of her previous novels. The story line moves fast, but lacks depth because the characters, including the lead duo, never feel real. The hyper-speed of the plot reduces key scenes to express lanes with no time to savor the scene or the moment. Hard core sub-genre fans will enjoy Lion Heart, but most historical romance readers will prefer some of the author¿s tastier tales.

Harriet Klausner

MedievalLady More than 1 year ago
Loads Of Laughter! Broc lost his family and clan to a massacre by the English when he was a child. He swore to never open his heart because it hurt too much to lose someone you love. His only commitment was to his clan that had taken him in when he lost his family. Elizabet was born to a courtesan mother. When she dies, she goes to live with her father. Several years later, he remarries and sends her and her step brother, John, to his cousin, Piers, because his new wife wants them gone. Elizabet has a dog named Harpy who is her constant companion. She is determined to never be bound to a man or be dependent upon them like her mother was, She doesn't want children or a man. Elizabet is looking for her dog who ran off when she finds Broc with her dog. She thinks he is trying to steal Harpy when he is only trying to rescue it. They get in a tit for tat argument. He thinks her a sassy shrew and she thinks him a ruthless barbarian. While they're arguing he spies an Englishman in the woods with an arrow notched and he realizes it's aimed at her. He sees the man loose the arrow and he hurls himself on her, knocking her to the ground. They get up, he with a knife, and she starts screaming. Her brother John comes to rescue her only to be knocked out by Broc. He doesn't understand why one of her own is trying to kill her so he pretends he is abducting her. He wants to keep her safe until he can figure out what's going on. She doesn't realize she is in danger. When two deaths occur, the English try to blame Broc. He hies Elizabet off to a friend's old home that's no longer in use and tries to keep her safe while unraveling this mystery. They find themselves falling hard for each other but will a secret that Broc holds come between the love she has for him? This story had me howling in laughter many times. The banter between Broc and Elizabet is top rate! One of the funniest parts is when he comes back to the cairn to find her gone and goes looking for her. Warrior woman, indeed! LOL! One of my favorite quotes is," Aye, well, simply because you are possessed of a proud cock does not mean you can leave it to crow in every barn!" Tanya Crosby never fails to move me with her words. This series has left it's footprint on my heart and has brought some wonderful characters to life for me.