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The Lipstick Laws
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The Lipstick Laws

4.2 25
by Amy Holder

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At Penford High School, Brittany Taylor is the queen bee. She dates whomever she likes, rules over her inner circle of friends like Genghis Khan, and can ruin anyone s life with a snap of perfectly manicured fingers. Just ask the unfortunate few who have crossed her.For April Bowers, Brittany is the answer to her prayers. April is so unpopular, kids don t know she


At Penford High School, Brittany Taylor is the queen bee. She dates whomever she likes, rules over her inner circle of friends like Genghis Khan, and can ruin anyone s life with a snap of perfectly manicured fingers. Just ask the unfortunate few who have crossed her.For April Bowers, Brittany is the answer to her prayers. April is so unpopular, kids don t know she exists. One lunch spent at Brittany s table, and April is basking in the glow of popularity.But Brittany s friendship comes with a high price tag, and April decides it s not worth the cost. Inspiring and empowering, this is the story of one girl who decides to push back."

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"Holder presents the teen milieu through realistic dialogue and situations, and lightens heavy moments with humor. The protagonist is well developed, and her struggles and gradual self-realizations are believable as she ultimately finds true friends and the self-confidence to make the right choices."--School Library Journal

Children's Literature - Heather Robertson Mason
April Bowers is a nobody, invisible. Over the summer, her only friend Haley moved away, and April starts school alone and lonely. So when Britney Taylor asks April to sit at her table at lunch, April cannot say no. Despite Britney's reputation for meanness, despite Britney's back handed compliments and demeaning attitude towards April, and despite Haley's warnings against it, April joins Britney's clique. But in order to stay in the club, Britney has to agree to obey the Lipstick Laws, a group of rules that demand a certain level of dress, looks and behavior that April soon finds impossible to follow. Unlike all the other Lipstick failures that Britney has ruined socially, though, April fights back. This book reads like an afterschool special. Although the story is solid, it is made of stock characters and a stock storyline. Shy girl who is transformed, evil popular girl everyone hates but no one stands up to, cute guy who shy girl has a crush on, big confrontation where mean girl gets her comeuppance and shy girl learns to be herself. The author starts a backstory on Britney, but it falls short of making her real. The book is geared towards high school, but the simplicity of the storyline makes it is more appropriate for middle school and perhaps ninth grade. While there are references to drinking and making out and a cross-dressing character that has little to do with the storyline, there is nothing that would be inappropriate for a younger audience. Reviewer: Heather Robertson Mason
VOYA - Marlyn Beebe
It is April Bowers's sophomore year at Penford High School. Her only friend, Haley, moved away, so although April is not "the new girl" anymore, she sure feels like it. When April is paired up with the popular Britney Taylor in gym class, April is thrilled. When she is asked to sit at Britney's table in the cafeteria, April hopes that the problems with her social life are over. Britney inducts April into her clique and forces her to sign an oath they call "The Lipstick Laws," a set of seven rules restricting the group members from gaining weight, socializing with geeks, or keeping secrets. It is the seventh rule that bothers April the most, though: "Every individual decision must be made for the good of the group to benefit our popularity stock as a whole." April realizes that if she does not sign, she will be relegating herself to being ostracized and persecuted for the rest of her high school life. What April does not realize is that she will be forced to live the laws to the letter, even having to date an unpleasant boy because Britney has a crush on his brother. When April finally rebels, she is tormented, harassed, and embarrassed by Britney's group. But when she realizes she is not the only one who has been victimized, she gathers a group of "Lipstick Lawbreakers" to get revenge. This is yet another cautionary tale about the "mean girl" syndrome in high schools. Try recommending it to girls on both sides of the popularity line. Reviewer: Marlyn Beebe
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—April Bowers is entering 10th grade at Penford High, and it appears that she will spend another year without friends. That changes, though, when she is paired with the most popular girl in gym class. Britney invites April to become a "friend in training," meaning that she must prove herself to be socially worthy. Reluctant to do so, but desperately wanting to belong, April eventually signs the "Lipstick Laws," ensuring her spot with the in-crowd. Things go well until she realizes that the pact means that she can no longer be herself but must become a sycophant to Britney's every whim. After April is dropped, she decides to become a "Lipstick Lawbreaker" and get back at Britney. When things go too far, both girls need to step back from the brink, but only one does. Focusing on some of the serious aspects of high school, this book is about teen angst and how unrelenting peer pressure and subtle bullying can dominate and ruin a person's life. Holder presents the teen milieu through realistic dialogue and situations, and lightens heavy moments with humor. The protagonist is well developed, and her struggles and gradual self-realizations are believable as she ultimately finds true friends and the self-confidence to make the right choices.—Sharon Morrison, Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library, Durant, OK

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
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Product dimensions:
5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.60(d)
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12 Years

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Sitting near Darci Madison on the school bus is enough to put anyone with woman-sprout
issues over the edge. Sure, she might wear a push-up bra, but the point is that she has more
than enough there to push up. I, on the other hand, don’t. I glance down to critique my
Kleenex sculpture...and can’t help but compare her jiggle to my stationary tissue wads.
 Tormented by the abundant boobage sitting across from me, I hesitatingly admit to
myself that yes, I am an addict. I’m not a drug addict—no, too risky and expensive. I’m
not a sex addict—please, I haven’t even had a decent make-out session sans drool and
cheap cologne. Something that others blow their noses into happens to be my addiction
of choice. I, April Bowers, am a tissue-wasting, size-34C-obsessed bosom sculptor. Yes, I
confess...I am a bra stuffer.
 As I ponder the injustice of having a bellybutton that sticks out farther than my
34AA chest, I begin to wonder if instead of growing out, my boobage is growing inward.
Maybe if I were inside out I’d have the body of a goddess.
 What a fantastic theory.
 My brief smile is abruptly halted by a speed bump that makes Darci’s ginormous
boobs heave from her chest. A panic bubble lodges in my throat as the bus slows to a
stop. The bus driver opens the door with a shrewd grin. She watches me in the rearview
mirror as I approach the exit.
 “First-day jitters?” she says.
 I glance down at my chewed fingernails, smiling passively. First-day jitters doesn’t
quite describe where I’m at right now. Early-life crisis is more like it.
 With heavy feet, I slowly slink down the steps to emerge onto the hazardous war
zone that most refer to as Penford High School. The ominous sand-colored building
stands before me like a large enemy barrack. Déjà vu hits me at warp speed. It seems like
just yesterday I was making the same brutal walk of shame as a brand-new freshman with
no friends. This year two things have changed: I’m a sophomore, and I’m not new
anymore. But one thing remains the same: I have no friends.
 I feel vulnerably alone making my way through the groups of bubbly girls conversing
about their summer hookups, vacations, and shopping sprees. This is the moment I’ve
been dreading since Haley Lucas, the one good friend I made last year, moved to
Dorothy’s wonderland in July.
 Delaying the inevitable, I stop to pull out my compact to make sure my war paint is
still intact. A wave of relief comes over me. My makeup still looks okay. It’s amazing what
superficial reassurance can do for someone marching to her social death.
 Just as I’m shutting my compact, I notice a reflection that I’m not at all happy to
see—Delvin McGerk. Also known as King Stalker McGerk of Loserhood. I walk briskly,
hoping to slip into the sea of students unseen by his radar eyes. My hopes are smashed
when he catches up to me, waving excitedly. Frustration floods my body as I glance over
at him. His creepy eyes look like huge silver dollars lurking behind his thick magnifying
 “April Bowers, you’re looking rather illustrious today,” he says.
 Why does he talk like that? More important, why does he talk to me?
 “Thanks, Delvin,” I mumble, looking to the left to avoid eye contact.
 “Guess what?”
 “What?” I huff irritably.
 Predictably, he grins and croaks, “My mom talked to your mom yesterday.”
 Bingo. I knew he was gonna say that. After all, it’s the only thing we have in
common. Yes, we both have moms...and yes, they know each other.
 “No way, McGerk. I don’t believe it.” My sarcasm is so thick, I could spoonfeed it
to a baby.
 “It’s true,” he insists, adjusting his lopsided glasses.
 I stare at his ruler-parted floppy brown hair, wondering what planet he came from.
 An uncomfortable silence ensues.
 It just so happens that my mom and Delvin’s mom are old sorority sisters. Before the
move here last year, I had high hopes that Delvin would have movie star looks and a
playboy reputation that would skyrocket me to popularity as soon as I stepped foot in
the school. Having heard stories about how pretty and popular Patty McGerk was in
college, I couldn’t help but believe her attractiveness and social skills would be passed
down to her only son. My disappointment was monumental when during our first
introduction, Delvin spent a half hour explaining aeronautics while obsessively adjusting
his lopsided glasses. Lucky me. Since then, he has convinced himself that our mothers’
friendship gives him the right to be a total stalker.
 “Sooo....” He chuckles, nervously twisting his backpack straps. If I were up for it,
he’d spend the whole day exchanging awkward glances.
 “Delvin, I’ve gotta go,” I say sharply, leaving no room for mixed signals.
 He winks, like he’s about to say something über suave. “Well then, I guess I’ll see ya
 I pray he’s wrong.
 His chapped lips curl into a ridiculously cheesy smile before we part ways. I’m
blinded by the sheen of ten pounds of metal securely fastened to his teeth. Why couldn’t
my mom be old friends with Troy Hoffman’s mom? Probably the same reason I have
boobs the size of sesame seeds.
 I clutch my class schedule tightly and continue my march through the double doors
of doom. The hall is bustling with all the personalities one would expect to find in a
recipe for teenage stew:

Deliciously Dramatic Teenage Stew


– Athletic muscle-head beef types
– Tall, gangly carrot types
–  Self-conscious round potato types
–  Angst-ridden emotional onion types (with too many layers to peel)
– Bully shredded-cabbage types who leave you with stomach cramps and gas
– Shy bouillon cube types who dissolve into obscurity
– Social butterfly bean types—beans, beans, the magical fruit; the more you eat, the more you toot...or in this case, talk
– And finally (drumroll, please), stuck-up acidic tomato juice types who cover all the abovementioned with their gossiping slime

Cooking Directions:
Stir together until uncomfortably blended under the high heat pressure of a social nightmare. Let simmer for nine months out of the year, but please don’t overcook...Rumors have the tendency to become vile if cooked too long. Remember to store in an airtight container to ensure drama does not become stale.

 In my former life, I was a social butterfly bean type. However, upon transferring
schools, I immediately transformed into a shy bouillon cube type. Being comparable to a
cube of evaporated meat extract is disheartening to say the least.
 After hustling through the strong whiff of simmering personalities, I find my
homeroom. I beeline it for the first empty desk I see to sit my socially suffering butt down.
 “Pssst—April,” an annoying voice calls out from the back of the classroom.
 I look back at my older brother. He loves to humiliate me in groups. Sadly for me,
homerooms are alphabetized, not separated by grade level. Apparently living with him isn’t
punishment enough.
 “Hi, Aaden.” I cringe.
 “How was your ride on the yellow honker?” He gestures his scrawny arm like he’s
honking a horn. “Honk! Honk!”
 Obviously he feels totally superior because Jeffrey Higgins drives him to school every
 day. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not jealous that my brother doesn’t have to put up with
the tortures of the school bus...mainly because Jeffrey laughs like a goat. And really,
would I want to be stuck in a car every morning with a goat? No, probably not.
 “Fabulous,” I say listlessly, refusing to indulge my brother’s humiliation attempt.
With a swift flip of my long curls, I turn to face forward again. I stare at the clock on the
front wall counting down the seconds until school is out, while the rest of my homeroom
fills with gossip and hearsay.
“Settle down, kids, settle down!”
 Holy crapoli! Why is Mr. Stuart in my homeroom? My stomach lunges to my feet at
the sight of him. Where is Mrs. Clark? Did he lock her in a janitor’s closet? God, please let
this be a joke.
 “Mrs. Clark is on maternity leave. I’m your new homeroom teacher,” he says,
looking like a constipated Marine general set on going to the bathroom.
 “Another year, fresh faces, and plenty of learning to fill those hungry, young, partially
 corrupted minds...”
 Muffled laughter comes from the middle of the group.
 “Something funny, Mr. Baker?” his voice booms.
 “No, sir. Sorry, sir.” The husky jock slouches in his chair.
 “Don’t let those girly giggles follow you to football practice, or you’ll be doing extra
sets!” He glowers at the jock.
 Mr. Stuart puts the scar in scary. I find myself staring at the graffiti on my desk that’s
immortalized teen POWs from years past. I’m pretty sure that eye contact with this
beast may result in physical harm.
 “As many of you know, I am Mr. Stuart.”
 By the way, he so does not look like a Mr. Stuart...maybe a Mr. Gladiator
Man, Mr. Warlord, Mr. Roid Rage, or even a Mr. I Want to Eat Your New Puppy for
Lunch...but not a Mr. Stuart.
 He paces the front of the classroom with his brawny arms crossed against his inflated
chest. A large vein bulges from his forehead as he lectures. “I’m a champion on the field
and in the classroom. This is my show, and if any of you think otherwise, you’ll be cast in
a little reality show that I like to call detention!”
 Mr. Stuart pauses to scan the room for victims.
 “If any of you are lucky enough to have me as your history teacher too, well, kudos
to you.” He claps his enormous hands contemptuously. I marvel at the huge meat hooks,
imagining their past casualties. Images of broken bones and ripped flesh twirl around my
mind like a carousel.
 Mr. Roid Rage sits in a chair at least four sizes too small behind a desk that is
comparatively tiny against his massively muscular frame. His right hand engulfs a red pen.
Silence gags the room.
 “Time for attendance,” he grumbles through gritted teeth.
 One by one, names are announced and acknowledged by their owners with a “here,”
 “present,” or a trembling raised finger. I start sweating the closer he gets to my name.
 “Aaden Bowers.”
 “He-re.” My brother’s voice quivers with fear.
 “April Bowers.”
 Gulp! Dear Lord, save me. I raise my hand in recognition since my mouth is paralyzed
 with anxiety.
 “Siblings, I presume. Double the Bowerses, double the fun. I’ll have to keep an eye
on you two.” Mr. Stuart cracks his knuckles.
 My gosh, this year is going so much worse than I had predicted. So much worse until
 “Matthew Brentwood.”
 “Second chance—Matthew Brentwood,” Mr. Warlord repeats, looking up from the
sheet of names.
 A couple seconds later the door swings open and the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever
seen in my life walks in...looking rather perplexed, I might add.
 “I went to the wrong room.” His words are like melted chocolate. His smile is to die
for. His model face tops off his perfectly tall, lean, tanned body...like frosting on a
delectable cupcake. He is purr-r-r-r-r-fect!
 “Let me guess. Matthew Brentwood?”
 Surprised by the nasty tone of Mr. Gladiator Man’s voice, he mutters, “Yeah.”
 “You’re late!” Mr. Stuart snaps.
 “Sorry. I’m new here.” Matthew’s sparkling green eyes become tense with worry.
 “Well, take a seat already! What do you think, Brentwood, you’re on stage or
something? This isn’t the drama club!”
 Matthew hurries to the first seat he finds. His delicious hot-guy aroma overwhelms
my nostrils as he speeds past me. I can’t help but look back at him. He looks like an
Abercrombie model. Sure, after walking into the flames of wrath in homeroom 119, he
looks a little like he’s just choked on a corkscrew. Nevertheless, he is BEEEE-
 Mr. Stuart continues taking attendance. However, in my mind, his booming voice
slowly drones and morphs into a symphony of sappy love songs. The next ten minutes fly
by with thoughts of Matthew grabbing me in a passionate embrace of lust. By the time the
bell rings for first period, I’ve planned steamy make-out sessions, the spring formal, a
wedding, children, and the rest of my natural life with Mr. Hottie-Body Brentwood.
Then, reality strikes. I have gym class first period, and I’d rather drill a screw through my big

Meet the Author

Amy Holder has worked in the early education, social service, and freelance writing and design fields prior to being published. Originally from upstate New York, Amy resides in the Philadelphia area with her many adopted pets. To find out more, visit her website at www.amyholder.com.

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The Lipstick Laws 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
ReadergirlReviews More than 1 year ago
The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. I hate to say that I'm the kind of person who will judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to books, well, I do sometimes. A good cover will often have me picking up the book and buying it, and I am often pleasantly surprised by what I find inside. This is the case with The Lipstick Laws. This was a highly enjoyable, light, and cute read. The pacing is really fast, so I was able to read through this one in a relatively quick amount of time, and I really loved it. April was a character I, or anyone, could relate to. If you've ever been to high school, you understand the dynamic involved in this story. A little-known girl who wants to be popular. The group of untouchable girls who you both hate, but at the same time, want so badly to fit in with in order to achieve social status at school. At first, I thought Britney and the other "mean girls" were going to be very cliche, but the author brought a great uniqueness to them. They invent The Lipstick Laws, which brings a new twist into an older story, but she also gave the girls their own flaws that make their behavior more understandable. They aren't mean just for the sake of being mean. Maybe they might act the way they do because of their own insecurities, pasts, or issues. I thought this gave a great lesson to the reader on why you should "walk a mile" in someone's shoes before judging. I enjoyed the romantic element in the story, although it was rather secondary to the main story. I am a gal who really loves her romance, so I thought it would disappoint me that the romance wasn't the main focus. It didn't, though. I was too busy rooting for April in the awesome actions she takes against the "laws." All in all, this was a very fun, light-hearted story, and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to future stories from this great new author!
epicrat More than 1 year ago
The Lipstick Laws follows along the same lines as Mean Girls and starts on a promising note with a sarcastic, instantly lovable narrator by the name of April Bowers. I especially loved the recipe for Deliciously Dramatic Teenage Stew that Amy Holder dreamed up - it definitely gives new meaning to food for thought :) The Lipstick Laws puts its own unique spin on the whole high school clique theme and definitely has a lot of fun with paybacks. Brittany definitely tops the cake as far as ultimate Mean Girl goes - I don't think I've encountered another quite like her in any other books! She was cruel, she was superficial, she was really really really into her crazy Lipstick Laws and bending everyone to her whims. Again, it baffles me to think that these girls get away with such nonsense! It was fun to see April gather a following of her own to give Brittany a run for her money! Their sabotage schemes were absolutely diabolical - but when the critical moment arrived to truly ruin Brittany, I was quite pleased to see how everything turned out! There's nothing like discovering who your true friends are and how supportive they can be in the midst of your humiliation! I do wonder if bra-stuffing is still a major to-do for this generation of girls - and even if it isn't, I still think April's "boob sculpting addiction" is hilarious! I never considered how complicated tissue-stuffed bras would be at a swimming pool. I wish all the characters had more face-time, especially the girls who had been scarred by Brittany as well as April's crush on "Mr. Hottie-Body" who needed a little more brain to make me swoon. The Lipstick Laws is pretty entertaining read that can brighten up one's day or keep company on the beach. It won't change your life dramatically, but it might make you think twice about sculpting your boobs out of tissues and chicken cutlets!
Dazzlamb More than 1 year ago
The story of THE LIPSTICK LAWS circles around the loner April Bowers who gets to be part of the popular clique around Britney Taylor and her friends. It is about the life of a high-school girl and the social game of popularity she has to play everyday. It also shows the backgrounds of who you were, are and want to be. An ice queen has a past, a nerd a personality aswell and there should always be a moment you realize who you and the people around you really are. THE LIPSTICK LAWS is just one out of many funny chick-lit novels and I wouldn’t call it one of my favourites but it is definitely a welcome change to all my paranormal and fantasy novels. There is a real girl with real and everyday problems. We all could have been April Bowers in High school or known someone like her. I couldn’t stand laughing out loud several times, because Amy Holder has such a funny writing and hilarious expressions and statements. The best thing: flaws can actually be funny if we are willing to accept them as part of our body and our personality. I wish THE LIPSTICK LAWS would have featured a few more romantic scenes. It is more a book about making new friends than about finding love. Amy Holder could have filled a few more pages with the hunt after April’s dreamboy to satisfy my romance longing heart. With THE LIPSTICK LAWS you get the chance to feel again like a 15-year-old teenager who has yet to choose who he or she wants to be. Reading this novel I felt like being in High School again, because Holder pictured all characters and incidents so very appropriate. Her young writing spirit supports the story and makes April Bowers such an adorable character you can’t but sympathize for. By creating THE LIPSTICK LAWS Amy Holder had a great idea of a new level of highschool war. A funny and cheeky read! THE VERDICT Become a Lipstick Lawbreaker yourself. Make new friends, accept yourself as the person you are, start reading THE LIPSTICK LAWS. Don’t dare not sharing it with your friends, you’ll have a lot of fun!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could read it every day
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's a light, funny, girly read. It's not the type of book that I usually read, I really just wanted something to laugh at. It was good for that I guess.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I went to a book signing with 15 friends from school in the 7th grade and every single girl bought this book. To my knowledge, this book hasnt disappointed anyone, which includes me. Ive read it three times in the past two years and it is sooo realistic.
Lauren817 More than 1 year ago
It's no secret that I absolutely adore the movie Mean Girls, so when I found out that Amy Holder's The Lipstick Laws was similar to it, I was even more excited about it. As it turns out, I had every right to be that way, because The Lipstick Laws is pure gold. It's the book for every girl or boy out there who wanted to fight back when the "popular" girls tore them done but didn't know how to. The Lipstick Laws tells the tale of April Bowers, a girl who's so not looking forward to her sophomore year of high school. For one, her best and only friend just moved away. Secondly, her parents just took away her cell phone, and she's obsessing over the fact that she has absolutely no boobs. Though, everything changes the day she gets pared up with Brittany Taylor, queen bee of Penford High School, in gym class. Brittany, who is always looking for a charity case to support, swoops April up into her evil grip, promising popularity, friends, and boys galore. Though, is Brittany as perfect or as nice as she appears to be? Plus, what will happen when she finds out about April's biggest secrets? Will she be there or manage to throw April to the dogs? And if the later occurs, will April fight back? Only time will tell in this highly addicting book of high school hierarchy. April Bowers was naive but funny, loyal, and as it turns out, the perfect choice to lead this story. April was someone who while I liked and related to in many ways, I still wanted to shake on the shoulders sometimes for her silly decisions at times. Though, I have to admit, I could understand why she made the choices she did, and since she learned from most of them, I'll let her slide on it. One of the things I loved most about her was that when Brittany threw her to the dogs so to say, April didn't sit back and cower about it, instead she fought back ten times harder. I also loved the addition of the side characters such as Haley and the other Lipstick Lawbreakers as well. All were just as funny and loyal as April. Another high point of this book was the premise and the execution was even better, thankfully! I loved the idea of The Lipstick Laws, especially every little plot line that came with it because they always managed to keep me on my feet, curious to see what would occur next. I loved Brittany's little group because while they were evil and self absorbed to the max, they still managed to be a blast to read about. In all, Amy Holder has a fantastic debut within The Lipstick Laws, one that makes me excited to see what she has next for us, especially if it's a sequel to The Lipstick Laws. Grade: A
Beth_Rodgers_Author More than 1 year ago
'The Lipstick Laws' by Amy Holder reminded me a lot of 'Mean Girls'. The plot is based around April Bowers, a sweet girl who doesn't hold much popularity, and whose best friend has just moved away. She has a boy who likes her, but she'd rather be seen with anyone other than him from a romantic standpoint. There is another boy she has a big crush on, but she's a bit too shy to approach him right away. When April's path crosses with that of Britney Taylor since they are stuck together as gym partners, her luck seems to be changing. Britney is pretty, seemingly friendly, and most definitely popular. However, April knows that all isn't necessarily quite what it seems, since her best friend who moved out-of-state – Haley – has always been very vocal with April about how awful Britney is, with warnings to stay away from her at all costs. April's interest in popularity wins out, though, as it is wont to do in contemporary young adult novels like this one, and she finds herself captivated by the attention she is receiving from merely sitting at Britney's table for one lunch period. Not eager to tell Haley about her relationship with Britney, but not wanting to keep her in the dark, April shares some of the goings-on, but Haley only warns her about something regarding lipstick. When Britney finally deems April “worthy” of being a full-fledged member of her clique, April is happy, despite feeling like she's been handed back-handed compliment after back-handed compliment to get there. The final test to gain “entrance” is to basically sign your life away to Britney and the other two girls who later come to be termed the “Lipstick Lawlords.” You agree to a number of rules, and then put on red lipstick and kiss the paper as a sort of contract signing. Despite immediately regretting her decision, April finds herself thrown headfirst into the melee of high school hierarchy, not sure how she can cope with how life as she knew it is now something she isn't even allowed to even think about, based on Britney's ridiculous and aggravating “laws.” With the help of several other girls whom April finds to be in the same boat as her – discontent with Britney Taylor and her dictatorial nature – Britney's queen bee status may soon become a thing of the past. That is, if the “Lipstick Lawbreakers” have anything to say about it. Even though I wasn't necessarily a fan of how April sought her revenge on Britney as the story went on, I don't necessarily see how it could have been done otherwise. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and April proved herself strong enough an adversary when Britney decided to be the “b” that Haley had always warned April she truly was. A story chock full of the messiness that high school can bring out – from the claws of those ranked higher on the popularity scale to the parental talks that aren't listened to, to sibling relationships and finding friends and relationships that you never even knew could be – 'The Lipstick Laws' captures a side of high school that I never knew, but I can definitely believe existed in some capacity. Popularity is not all it's cracked up to be, and it can certainly come at a high cost. Amy Holder has shown how high school can truly bring out at least a smidgen of class warfare, and how certain people classify and stereotype others based on the silliest and most juvenile terms. Beth Rodgers, Author of 'Freshman Fourteen,' A Young Adult Novel
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JenBibi23 More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book. It had the familiar story arc of unpopular girl, makes friends with the popular girl, gets kicked out and wants revenge, but it still felt fresh. I laughed A LOT and thought about the book throughout my day. I will definitely read more from this author. Awesome, quick read, and hilarious!
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have ever read that was chosen for me to read by a random method. I wasn't sure what I would think of this book, but I have to admit that I was quite pleasantly surprised. This is almost the perfect YA book. No sex scenes, some mild profanity (yes, I could have done without that), and a very positive message. This book deals with female bullying, and the book is quite realistic. It is written with pathos and humor, and I found myself truly loving April, and Brittany was the perfect snob. I have often said that as a teacher, I could handle boys much better than girls, and this book illustrates why. Boys tend to be silly, immature, and physical. Girls are mean, conniving, and vicious! My only real complaint is there is no sequel! I hope that Amy Holder writes another book to continue on with the adventures of April. I would love to find out what her next chapter is. I got this book from the library, and I wasn't paid for this review in any way. It is my absolutely honest review of this fantastic book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Penford High School is a typical school with the stereotypical cliques. And Britney Taylor rules the A-list here. She rules her friends, and boys, and can easily make anyone's life miserable. She even has a set of laws that she's created - The Lipstick Laws. April Bowers is the opposite. It's not that everyone hates her, it's just that no one knows she exists. She knows that if she can just find a way to get Britney to like her, then her life will turn around. And luckily, she is paired up with Britney during gym class, much to Britney's dismay. But then Britney takes April under her wing, thinking that she's a new girl. Soon, though, April sees that Britney's way of ruling her friends just isn't right, and sets out on her own. This book was the typical "Mean Girls" style of book. There's the clique of girls with a ringleader who had some trauma growing up and has now turned into an evil witch. Then there's a new girl introduced into the group, who becomes part of them, only to be later shunned. She then realizes that the group is morally wrong and stands up to them and the ringleader. THE LIPSTICK LAWS pretty much went through all of these stages. I liked April, the new-ish girl. She was funny and had a pretty good head on her shoulders. And Britney was a great girl who we all love to hate. I really loved the Lipstick Lawbreakers; they were a great group of girls. If you've read any kind of "Mean Girls" books, then you already know the story - but it's an amazingly fun one, nonetheless!
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his book was a huge reminder as to why you couldn't pay me to repeat high school. There are so many things about it that can be hard for a teenager. April is struggling to find out who she really is. Her best friend (and only) friend has moved. So she's basically back to feeling like the new kid. She wants to be popular, but how can she when no one knows she exists. I liked her, although I think she tries way to hard. I think if she would have waited patiently, she wouldn't have had to put up with the clique. But, at the same time the clique is what lead her to her true friends. The actual "lipstick laws" were a hilarious set of rules that the group must follow. As we learn more about Britney, the rules she has set up begin to make a lot of sense (not in their use but in why she did it). How Britney became the "it" girl is beyond me. It seems like there were a lot more people who disliked her than actually thought she the queen bee. Maybe the popularity was really all in her head. I was happy to see April stand up to the group. She didn't loose herself completely in the rules and her desire to be popular. Although, I wonder how long she would have put up with them if the events at the party hadn't occurred. I was a little disappointed in the need for revenge. While some of them were fun and games, a few were also something Britney would do. And April had a habit of treating others just like she was treated by Britney. But, in the end she learns her lesson. Overall, a quick story that I think is suited towards younger teens.
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The Lipstick Laws is a relatively simple story that, while a bit clichéd, still has enough witty dialogue and personality behind the main character to be a nice read. The mean girls are mean, the geeky kids are geeky, and a good amount or moral dilemma and dawning realization make this fade into the sea of YA books a bit, but not enough for me not to read it through. April, the main character and an all-around no one, suddenly finds herself creating a lie about who she is so she can have some friends. Her best friend moved away and she capitalizes on her anonymity at school, falling in with the mean - but popular - girls and becoming more and more like them. To start off, April is very likable, but she gradually becomes exactly like the people she claims to hate. There's a moment of predictable realization, but Amy Holder is able to keep the story fun enough with the characters snarky one-liners. My biggest problem with the book was that April claimed to have hated the way the mean girls treated her and others, but she turned around and did the same exact thing. The starts another group - much like seemingly evil Britney Taylor's Lipstick Laws - with the sole intent for revenge. In the end, lessons are learned and people 'change,' but I had a hard time swallowing April and her new friend's schemes at revenge. At times they were funny, but then they just got to be too much and took things too far. The Lipstick Laws is a sometimes light, generally funny, but surprisingly deeper book that young teens could easily relate to. A lot of it felt like a young teen's journey to find herself and where she fit in her school, with her friends, and the kind of person she wanted to be. There is mild swearing, but the story and the message is very much age-appropriate to new high school, and even older middle school, girls.
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This book was fantastic! I could see the entire book play out in my mind as I was reading it, and did not want to put it down, because I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I would have to agree with another review that stated it would make a great movie!
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The Lipstick Laws is a very fun, funny, fast-paced read that most teens (and those of us who remember those days) will be able to relate to. It's also the perfect read to recommend to anyone dealing with insecurities or bullying. April, the main character is a likable and funny protagonist. She was the perfect narrator to take the reader through the trials and tribulations of high school popularity. She starts off as a nobody, gets sucked in by queen bee Britney, and then spit out only to seek revenge. Will she succeed or not? That's for you to find out, but I guarantee you'll be laughing throughout her hilarious journey.
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Ms. Holder is able to capture many of the issues that teenage girls face in an exciting, funny, easy to read best seller. The mean girls lose and the good girls learn lots of lessons.
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The Lipstick Laws of high school?. I think as you read this book all girls could relate to it. It is easily a book that one all can enjoy. It is also a book that bring back memories of mean, catty girls in high school who do nothing else but ruin other girls lives. Only this time, the girls fight back. This book totally rocked! The Lipstick Laws are no secret. In high school, we all had a set of rules all girlfriends used or followed. The Lipstick Laws is a great read that had me from the very first page. It was a simple plot. One used over and over again, but with the way Ms. Holder wrote it, it was definitely different and above all others. What I liked most about this book, is April finding the strength with others to fight back. To not be the girls who runs away scared, but to be the girls who stood up for what it right. April is an amazing character. She is so innocent and wanting to be included in the popular group that she did anything to get in. She also did everything to get back at them. I love her snarky comments and loved her revenge ideas. April is super funny and had me laughing a lot. I think the love interest in this book is super sweet and lovely! April had a admire for a long time and didn't even realize it. I'm glad that she did what is right and was nice to the boy. He is a sweet boy I would love to spend time with and deserved much better than that. The Lipstick Laws is a super fun, super cute, and not a dull moment was in this. Ms. Holder had a way with catching the reader and keeping them entertain all the way through. Overall it is a fantastic debut that you must read.
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Perfect for: Older Middle Grade - 16 (Adults will also enjoy!) April Bowers is freaking out her only friend has moved away and now she is starting her sophomore year all alone. While in gym class April makes a friend, but this isn't just any friend. April clicks with Britney the "it girl" who thinks that April is new to her school and could possibly have friend potential. Britney is the queen of mean and her idea of nice is a backhanded compliment. April decides that being Britney's minion is better than being alone. She also keeps reminding herself that Britney can't be that bad After a makeover and plenty of hoop jumping April is presented with the Lipstick Laws and she is officially part of Britney's crew, which means life should get easier right? Well, April quickly breaks the rules and makes Britney so angry that she creates new rules based on April. Britney doesn't feel that kicking April out of her group is enough and sets out to destroy her. Only April decides that instead of going back to being the girl that nobody knows exists, she fights back and decides that everyone needs to know what Britney is really like. Throughout the book you come to realize that Britney and April aren't that different and this can be both good and bad, but makes for a great and funny story. The entire time I was reading this book I thought, man this is the kind of stuff Taylor Swift writes songs about. Also if you enjoyed The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg than you will really like this book. The only thing that kept me from giving this book a 5 star rating is some of the slang felt like to much info like when she refers to her sesame seed chest. I think this story is going to be a win for older middle graders to about 16 year olds, but I am convinced that anyone will enjoy this book. Amy Holder told a great story and I'm looking forward to many more books from her.
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First of all, the cover of this book was part of the reason I wanted to read it, because it's pretty and I'm a girl and girls usually like pretty things. Plus, the whole premise of the book just sort screamed one word out at me: FUN! And I was so very not disappointed, either. The Lipstick Laws is sort of like Mean Girls plus Clique equals a world of fun, flirty, sabotage. Also, who doesn't want to be one of the most popular girl's in high school, sitting with the best and the prettiest girls at lunch, and hanging with them at the mall on a Saturday afternoon? The main character of the book is extremely relatable and pretty much down to earth, witty, an all around good girl just trying to get through high school unscathed without experiencing more humiliation than possible, while trying to end up dating the hottest boy in school. Oh, and she's got to have friends. The lipstick law's themselves, oh my lord; I don't even think I could have lived by them. I mean, seriously, I think they'd probably have to invent a few more just to accommodate me. Those laws were hilarious and heinous at the same time and way too crazy. Everyone has flaws and these girls are no exception to the rule, in fact that's why a few of these laws were designed around those flaws. The "mean girls" aren't just mean for the sake of being mean, there are reasons why they act out. In a lot of ways, the book sort of reminded me of that old saying, "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes." It's a good message to be sending to the younger generation or anyone in general. Plus, by telling the story this way and having each of the girls invent a law wrapped around their issue, past, or whatever the case may be, it gives the story a new twist on an already older story that's been told. For me, personally, one of the things I enjoyed most about this book, is how realistic the author wrote each one of her character's, from the mean girl Britney to the geek who actually turned out to be a hottie after all, Delvin McGerk. It was just really fun to sit back and watch the feud between the Lipstick Lawless and the Lipstick Lawbreakers unfold, with all of their crazy schemes and antics all to the tune of a Taylor Swift song, "she took him faster than you could say sabotage." In the end, after all of the feuding, the schemes, and the crazy shenanigan's April showed that she was the better person, by taking the high road and refusing to let Britney and the leftover Lipstick Lawless lackeys ruin the rest of her senior year, when presented with a chance to stoop to her level - she simply didn't. It was a nice wrap-up to a story that I was half afraid would end up being a bit cliché, I was very pleasantly surprised and happy with the how quickly I became engrossed with the story and just didn't want to put the book down until I'd read the last page to make sure that April did end up with the hottie of her dreams and a group of really fantastic friends to round everything out. Oh, and the boobical cubical was pretty damn funny. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that might be looking for a fun, fast-paced, light summer read or just in general. It gets four stars from me easily and is a book that I will re-visit every summer or at random times during the year for a re-read, when I need something to make laugh out loud hysterically and root for those crazy rebel Lipstick Lawbreaker's. All in all, I was happy to receive a copy of this in e-
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As a sophomore at a new school (she was a freshman there too), April Bowers is tragically not cool. Not nearly as cool as Brittany Taylor, the most popular and prettiest girl in the whole school. So when Brittany turns her attention to April, she is more than just thrilled. But April's best friend Haley warns her that Brittany is a lot meaner than she seems, a message that April ignores until it's too late. Being shunned from the Lipstick Lawlords stings, but with the help of a few others like her, April develops a plan for revenge. It's a good thing this book was short, because I am not sure I could have stomached the plot any longer. Besides being gaggingly cliched, the shallow characters made my eyes roll. Even as the underdog, I didn't see any reason to root for April. Sure there are terrible girls in high school, but Brittany is extraordinarily mean. And I'm not entirely convinced April fully learned her main character lesson. The dialog had been done before and was predictable. The one cute bit was that April had dreams related to what was going on in her life, and they were genuinely funny. For girl readers out there looking for a breezy spring break book without much depth, this is a good one for you. However, if you expect a little more from your reads, I would pass.
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This is a fun and funny must read that every teen girl will love!
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My thoughts...This debut by Amy Holder will appeal to fans of ChickLit and younger YA readers. The story reminds me of the movie Mean Girls. There is a really pretty, popular girl who rules the school. Boys love her, and the girls love to adore her, but also fear her. April finds herself in the right place at the right time, gets noticed by Britney, and is suddenly immersed into the land of the beautiful people. Of course, pretty and popular don't equate to sweet and kind, so the drama unfolds, leaving April with a dilema. The pros...The story is very fast paced laced with plenty of humor. There is a moral to the story and I think this would be a good book to be used for discussions with teens about peer pressure and the need to fit-it with their peers. While many of today's teens are not wearing runway fashions or designer shoes, the issues are the same. I think Amy Holder did a good job of writing these issues using humor and a bit of romance. The cons...While I enjoyed the style of writing and the humor in the story, the characters fell short for me. While I can normally relate to YA stories, this one was too young for me. The characters were too shallow for me to enjoy.