Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry

Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry

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Disc 1

  1. Lit Up  - Nick Gironda
  2. For the Movies
  3. Check Your Head  - Steve "Budgie" Warner
  4. Crazy Bitch  -  Slashtones
  5. Sorry  -  Loaded Dice
  6. Pornostar
  7. Helpless  -  Kungfu-Grip
  8. Slammin  - Infinite Staircase
  9. Crush
  10. So Far  - Chaz West
  11. Carousel  -  Littleman
  12. Late Nights and Voodoo  - Chaz West
  13. Timebomb
  14. Related  -  Littleman
  15. Rescue Me  -  High Strung
  16. Feeling Alive
  17. California
  18. S.C.H.O.O.L.  -  Rebel Rebel
  19. All
  20. Gotta Get Drunk
  21. Next Time
  22. Raindrops on My Windsheild
  23. Fire Inside  - Andrew Santagata
  24. Price You Pay
  25. Shotguns N Gasoline
  26. Needle in the Vein
  27. Moving On

Disc 2

  1. Suicide Love Machine
  2. All in a Day
  3. Bliss
  4. America
  5. Better off Dead
  6. America Inc
  7. Autum Again
  8. Carousel of Whale
  9. Invisible No More
  10. Penny Black
  11. Rock This World
  12. Calling Your Name  -  Indulge
  13. Mrs. Upsidedown
  14. First Offense
  15. Sell It All
  16. She's a Drug
  17. Protect Your Temple
  18. Smokey Belly
  19. Rx
  20. Pocket Full of Sand
  21. Epitaph  -  Nightwatch
  22. Funky Fingers
  23. Live for Today
  24. Make It Go Away
  25. All the Same
  26. Soul Turned Ghost
  27. Hurricane
  28. Running Nowhere
  29. One Way Ride
  30. The Closing Curtain
  31. Nebraska
  32. Rock N Roll
  33. The Harder They Fall
  34. Jolly

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Poland   Guitar,Soloist
Pierce   Vocals
Ed Black   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Curtis Johnson   Percussion,Drums
Dave Lombardo   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Parlee   Guitar,Vocals
John Beverly Randolph   Bass Guitar
Brian Archer   Drums
Jannel Rap   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Pittman   Bass,Guest Appearance
Mark Anthony Williams   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Derek James   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Kendrick   Bass,Guitar,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Slide Guitar
Riley Baxter   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Burdette   Drums,Group Member
Tony Alany   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Background Vocals
Eric Bryant Rhodes   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Jessi Canning   Background Vocals
Danny Jones   Bass
Ira Black   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Rev. George and Congregation Jones   Bass,Vocals
Troy Patrick Farrell   Drums
Derrick LeFevre   Vocals
Daniel Rogers   Guitar
Chas West   Vocals
Joe Reilly   Keyboards,Sampling,Group Member
Jeremy Simon   Bass
Marko Pukkula   Bass
Keri Kelli   Guitar,Soloist
Andrew Santagata   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Steve "Budgie" Warner   Drums
Riley Baxter   Guitar,Vocals
Rev Jones   Bass,Vocals
Anthony Fragnito   Bass
Dave Pittman   Bass,Guest Appearance
Jessi Canning   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Scott Rockenfield   Producer
Mike Baumgartner   Engineer
Joe Viers   Producer,Mix Control
Jake Brown   Producer,Executive Producer,Concept,Mix Control
Harry Slash   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Randy Pevler   Engineer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,Digital Editing
Tony Alany   Producer,Engineer
Rev. George and Congregation Jones   Producer
Rob Hovey   Engineer
Harry Slash   Producer,Engineer
Andrew Santagata   Producer
Steve "Budgie" Warner   Producer,Engineer
Rev Jones   Producer

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