Literacy Research Methodologies

Literacy Research Methodologies

by Nell K. Duke

ISBN-10: 1593850603

ISBN-13: 9781593850609

Pub. Date: 08/06/2004

Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction1
Ch. 2Case-study research7
Ch. 3Inferences from correlational data : exploring associations with reading experience28
Ch. 4Discourse analysis : conversation46
Ch. 5Discourse analysis : written text62
Ch. 6Ethnographic research92
Ch. 7Experimental and quasi-experimental design in literacy research114
Ch. 8Connecting research and practice using formative and design experiments149
Ch. 9Doing historical research on literacy170
Ch. 10Developing affective instrumentation for use in literacy research197
Ch. 11Meta-analysis in reading research227
Ch. 12Neuroimaging in reading research252
Ch. 13Survey research287
Ch. 14Verbal protocols of reading308
Ch. 15Toward a pragmatics of epistemology, methodology, and other people's theories in literacy research322
Ch. 16Conclusion345

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