Literary Pluralities / Edition 1

Literary Pluralities / Edition 1

by Christl Verduyn

“Offers many informed and impassioned insights on contemporary Canadian Culture and literature.” — Books in Canada

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“Offers many informed and impassioned insights on contemporary Canadian Culture and literature.” — Books in Canada

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Table of Contents

Christl Verduyn: Introduction

Enoch Padolsky: Ethnicity and Race: Canadian Minority Writing at a Crossroads

Lucie Lequin: Paroles transgressives et métissage cultural au feminine

Tamara Palmer Seiler: Multi-Vocality and National Literature: Toward a Post-Colonial and Multicultural Aesthetic

Jean Jonassaint: Migration et études littéraires. Essai de théorisation d’un problème ancien aux contours nouveaux

Aritha van Herk: The Ethnic Gasp/The Disenchanted Eye Unstoried

Nadine Ltaif: Ecrire pour vivre léchange entre les langues

Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm: We Belong to This Land: A View of “Cultural Difference“

Myrna Kostash: Imagination, Representation, and Culture

Janice Kulyk Keefer: “The Sacredness of Bridges”: Writing Immigrant Experience

Eva C. Karpinski: Multicultural “Gift(s)”: Immigrant Women’s Life Writing and the Politics of Anthologizing Difference

Himani Bannerji: On the Dark Side of the Nation: Politics of Multiculturalism and the State of “Canada”

Joseph Pivato: Representation of Ethnicity as Problem: Essence or Construction

Arun Mukherjee: Teaching Ethnic Minority Writing: A Report From the Classroom

Maїr Verthuy: Pan Bouyoucas: le principe des vases communicants ou de la nécessité de «sortir de lethnicité»

Christl Verduyn: Perspectives critiques dans des productions littéraires migrantes au féminin, au Québec et au Canada

George Elliott Clarke: Liberalism and Its Discontents: Reading Black and White in Contemporary Québécois Texts

Armand Garnet Ruffo: Out of Silence — The Legacy of E. Pauline Johnson: An Inquiry into the Lost and Found Work of Dawendine — Bernice Loft Winslow

Drew Hayden Taylor: Alive and Well: Native Theatre in Canada

Smaro Kamboureli: Staging Cultural Criticism: Michael Ignatieff’s Blood and Belonging and Myrna Kostash’s Bloodlines

Sneja Gunew: Operatic Karaoke and The Pitfalls of Identity Politics

Hiromi Goto: Alien Texts, Alien Seductions: The Context of Colour Full Writing

Nourbese Philip: Taming Our Tomorrows



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